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[QUOTE=KatiMomKat;5284777]I have RSD on about 20% of my body, including on my torso, and am in constant pain, especially if I wear any type of clothing. I'm reading about the Ketamine Infusions and am very interested. I have found websites for centers in Pennsylvania and in Florida, and have seen through threads on this site that there are also treatments at the Cleveland Clinic (is the Mayo clinic? or something else?). [B][COLOR="black"][COLOR="Magenta"]Does anyone know of any other treatment centers in the US?[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B] I'm in Austin, TX, so it would be great if there was something in Texas. I'm willing to travel to anywhere I have to, but I don't think I could bear wearing clothing long enough to fly anywhere, so would probably have to rent a motor home so that my husband could drive me while I lie on the bed with nothing touching the skin on my back. California would be another good option for me as I have family both in Southern CA and Northern CA, so I wouldn't have hotel costs there. Thanks for your help. (I'm new to this site and this my first post. :wave:)[/QUOTE]
Hi, just saw your post. I'm in Marble Falls, about an hour away. I'm seeing a doctor in San Antonio who does ketamine infusions for RSD. I haven't started yet, but plan to. Did you ever find anyone?

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