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[QUOTE=snowman2;5308926]Has anyone tried ketamine treatment and how is it working?[/QUOTE]
I have had 3 outpatient ketamine infusions, each time with increased dosage (now up to 400 mg), in addition to taking oral ketamine (also in increasing amounts, now up to 600 mg/day). I have had GREAT success with ketamine. My last infusion gave me 100% pain relief for one week and 80% pain relief for the following two days. It's been the best results I've had from any treatment (had 8 lumbar sympathetic blocks with the longest lasting 36 hours). With ketamine, it's like having my "old body" back. I CRPS II in my left foot, ankle, and knee and have had it spread to my back (from a pain doctor not giving enough numbing medication while doing a nerve block). My next step in treatment is going to an inpatient ketamine program where they will do a constant infusion of ketamine for 5 days straight. Then there will be follow-up boosters in order to maintain "remission". I know someone who has gone to the doctor who runs this program and she has been in remission for 5 years now. I am praying for the same :).

I wish you the best at FPH's 10 day outpatient program. You'll have to keep me updated on how it goes! That's where I am going for my 5 day inpatient infusion. I chose the inpatient infusion vs. the outpatient infusion because of all of the reading and research I have done on ketamine. From what I have found, they say the inpatient program provides the longest lasting relief, because there is no "start/stop" of the ketamine. One of the pioneers of the ketamine infusion likened it to healing a broken bone. He said the ketamine was a like a splint that provided the time necessary for the brain to heal and "reboot". When you take the ketamine away (after the 5 day infusion) the brain has had the necessary time to heal.

However, I too have another doctor's studies on his 10 day outpatient program and he did have some successful results. I guess it all depends on the doctors and the person.

I truly hope you get relief. I've been in communication with the staff at FPH for a few months now (working with insurance and waiting for the next inpatient program to start) and they have been a DREAM to work with....always returning calls, answering emails, etc. Good luck on Sept.8th...I'll be praying for you!
[QUOTE=Wiired;5311854]I have only used Ketamine as a topical, it did seem to help a little, but the results wern't worth the expense for me. I have not tried IV Ketamine, my insurance won't cover it.[/QUOTE]

Same with me my ins won't pay for it but they will pay for lumbar injections at 6 k a pop I was doing those every week for 9 months in hopes of being cured but it spread to my other foot and both legs and now next week I'm getting a scooter from my ins after a mobility test as I can only walk about 50 feet then I'm on severe pain I hope that when I get new ins that ill be able to try the ketamine infusion as I have heard good things from this I'm out of options

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