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Right before ankle anthroscopy surgery in April the anesthesiologist informs me he has to do a block before surgery while I am awake. He does it under ultrasound. He proceeds to do this behind my knee area to numb my leg and foot. During this procedure all of a sudden I get this excruciating pain throughout my body and both my left arm and leg flew up simultaneously. I knew something happened but wasn't completely sure what or the extent of the injury. I knew it hurt in that moment, but I thought that was it. Soon after I'm getting a local, had the surgery and I wake up feeling cool. Of course I'm completely numb from just below the knee to my toes and I'm in a cast. Finally when the numbness starts to wear off I'm having all sorts of painful things going on in my foot and leg. 4 mos after this injury, I have test done and they reveal that it was my sciatic nerve he hit. That's problem #1 Now that has apparently turned in problem #2 CRPS. I'm very angry and confused.

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