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hi Johnathan. i have had rsd for almost four years and have been taking gabapentin (neurontin) and a pain med for most of that time that my pain management dr prescribes to me. your dr is wrong about the pain meds. there are pain meds that help in combination with gabapentin (neurontin) for burning pain and advil for imflamation and xanax and zoloft for depressiona and anxiety from rsd. percocet is one of those pain meds that help with the intense and constant pain that rsd causes.

if i were you i would find another dr who really knows how to treat rsd so that they can help you manage your rsd pain better. i am living proof that these meds help manage my rsd pain a little better. i hope that you can find someone to help you soon so you don't have to suffer unnessasarily. take care my friend. i'm sending soft hugs your way.

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