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Re: RSD vs. RLS
Jan 11, 2015
hi weirditch and welcome. sorry you have rsd. even though rsd can go into remission it can still come back again. the symptoms you are describing sound like rsd symptoms. you don't need to have all the symptom of rsd or have the symptoms be in the same spot for it to be rsd again. if i were you i would check with a neurologist and pain management dr to help you manage your pain. i don't know much about rls but i never heard of it causing pain to the touch. it sounds more like rsd is back but i am not a dr so check with drs who know what rsd is and how to treat it so you don't suffer like you are with your pain in your leg. if its waking you up at night then they can help you manage your pain with meds and maybe pt combined. i have had rsd for almost four years. it started in my right wrist and hand after i broke my wrist and then spread up my arm to my shoulder to all of my limbs, stomach and mouth. though i have had the initial swelling go down a bit i have lost movement in my wrist and partial in my fingers. my pm dr and physchiatrist prescribe pain meds and antidepressants which help me manage my pain and depression from rsd a little better and also helps me sleep a little more at night though the pain sometimes wakes me up still too. i hope your drs can confirm what you have and help you manage your pain and that you feel better soon. i'm here if you need to talk more. sending soft hugs your way.

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