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... Your symptoms sound like they could fall into the category of an RSD diagnosis, but I'm sure they could be attributed to other things as well, like maybe nerve problems related to your surgery. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for the info.This is what is happening......I get those sharp piercing, jabbing pains.It is hard to explain but most of the time it is my whole foot and I really can't pinpoint a certain spot that hurts.I get feelings of like umm bugs crawling up my foot and leg. ... (7 replies)
... p and then called it hammertoe surgery, which really it wasn't. BUT, at any rate my surgery was March 23, 2004. I won't go into the long story, but I had a lot of Physical Therapy, Dr. and PT kept telling me it just takes time. ... (7 replies)

... is machine in 2002 for treating chronic pain. Yes Josh you're right about the research. This machine is still in its infant stages as far as testing goes. Anyone can research this machine at ... (22 replies)
... ere I was diagnosed with possible RSD. The doctors were so uneducated I went almost 1 month before any treatment was conducted. At this time I was given a series of Nerve Bire Blocks with a total of 36 that was given. Along with 16 Epiderals and 16 Turniquet Bire Blocks. ... (3 replies)
Rsd vs raynauds
Apr 1, 2012
... sooo glad you had some success, and also a pretty darn certain Dx too. as long as you simply HAVE changes at all, it's usually a positive dx for RSD. ... (8 replies)
Dec 28, 2008
... the exception of having a burning pain in the back of my wrist when I turned it for any reason. At first, I attributed it to the way I was holding my hand after surgery, but I soon learned this was not the case. ... (6 replies)
RSD Doctors
Oct 24, 2007
... John, Dr Alexander Hersel in Thousand Oaks is who I would recommend. I actually see the dermatologist who shares his office and is the best dermatologist I have seen. Anyway, he brought Dr Hersel in to talk to me about the RSD and I really did like him. He specializes in pain management. ... (5 replies)
... I placed this post in another thread, but thought I'd post some of it here, as well, in case it might help someone else to learn of another experience with a lumbar sympathetic blockade. ... (15 replies)
... I guess I was "lucky" to have all the characteristics of RSD when I had surgery to repair my shattered wrist 1 yr. ago. ... (2 replies)
... Poor thing, you have so much to think about right now. Try to relax as much as you can until you go to the dr. ... (15 replies)
... o female. I was dx'd with RSD earlier this year by my PM doc, 20 minutes into the consult, he said you have RSD. my internist ref'd me to him because she thought maybe it's fibromyalgia. ... (14 replies)
... arms...pain get HORRIBLE even with pain meds. Some days so unbearable. My swelling is quite significant too. ... (11 replies)
New to RSD
May 23, 2008
... I know its all scary.. And I wish I had the magic words so you wouldn't feel that way.. I think once you get the right cocktail of meds that work for you, that fear will disappear.... I felt the same way when I first started with RSD. ... (47 replies)
... It is bittersweet for me to read this post. I have not been on in awhile, but I think it is the rsd. I do because I bet lots of us have it and I feel like a 90 year old and I am 32. I have some days where I can barely move. Docs. blame it on the meds. ... (9 replies)
... My husband also has RSD and is dealing with Worker's Comp. He also sleeps in a recliner because his back hurts too much to sleep in bed. ... (2 replies)
... She does have allodynia in region in question. Bone scan showed no evidence of RSD changes. ... (8 replies)
... Go on a search engine and do a search for rsd and blocks before surgery. This will give you stuff to read up about it. ... (14 replies)
New to rsd
May 4, 2006
... m my surgury, my hell began. my doctor said it was because he took the disc off my spinal cord and the ain would shorly go away. that was 6 months ago and things have gotten worse. i am in constant pain and haven't been the same since. i am moody, forgetful and always want to stay in bed. ... (9 replies)
... Ahhhhh! I hate when Doctors do that. Before you let this guy get your hopes down, go see a Pain Management Doctor, one that SPECIALIZES in RSD. I have gotten more help from one PMD than I have from the other 13 Docs. combined. ... (13 replies)

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