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... I have been on a catapress patch for the burning. The catapress is a blood pressure medication. The Dr also just increased it a few weeks ago..but no change with to burning. ... (16 replies)
... hich for the burning pain is wonderful, however it only covers my left foot and leg. for the rest of my body parts that have RSD I find that the neurotin with my catapress patch works the best, the neurotin dont work so great with out the patch. and the patch works better with the neurotin. ... (18 replies)
... Ok so you are maxed out on topomax, try switching meds ask about lyrica or neurotin, I use a catapress patch i change weekly, this is clonidine and noramally used to control blood pressure, but also used for nerve pain with RSD. this works wonders, for me anyways. ... (12 replies)

Post lumbar block
Feb 23, 2011
... xs a day and neurotin 300 3xs a day also catapress patch and elavil, with my stimulator I am only on my patch and percocet 7. ... (9 replies)
... Oh I forgot, Your doc should also put you on some kind of med to help you sleep, RSD lives in your sympathetic nervous system, which among other things controls your sleep patterns. Not to mention pain keeping you awake or waking you up. Here is a list of my meds First I have a spinal cord stimulator. I take neurotin for nerve pain, oxycodone for pain, my catapress patch for... (18 replies)
... took 4 months to be approved. I currently have the spinal cord stimulator, take neurotin, percocet, restoril, zanaflex, prednisone eye drops, cyclogel eye drops, catapress patch, and my ketamone compound cream. Try to get in for sympathetic nerve blocks. ... (5 replies)
... I would be very careful with PT and make sure your PT is very knowledgable about RSD. PT can be very helpful when done right or can be very harmful when to aggresive. I would ask about the catapress patch, its not a narcotic, but is very helpful with the RSD, for me, I use it now for the RSD in my right arm hand, so now I wear it on my upper right arm. When I was using it... (12 replies)
... but still needed the catapress patch, my percocets, and the muscle relaxers. ... (10 replies)
... e rsd burn but did not with lyrica. I am glad to say since I had my stimulator implanted in dec. I am not on the neurotin either. I am still on percocets and the catapress patch though. ... (20 replies)
... Hi Msbakely, I am sorry for your husbands pain, I also have RSD in my left foot and leg up to my hip, also spread to my hands. I also had a job that required me to stand on a concrete floor for 10 hours a day, I am now in the process of applying for social security disability, I have tried almost everything, physical therapy, sympathetic blocks, meds meds and more meds, and... (21 replies)
Jan 4, 2011
... the catapress patch, elavil 25 mg at night. ... (7 replies)
Nov 26, 2010
... Kelly, I was diagnosed with CRPS Type II (RSD) in May of '09. Its been over a year, and right now things are manageable for me. The good thing was they caught my condition early. I went to pain management at the Naval Hospital and did two lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks, along with physical therapy, and medication. Things have calmed down for me. I still have numbness,... (7 replies)
Nov 24, 2010
... omeone has peeled back several layers of skin and poured alchohol on it, stabbing pains, tugging pains and the horrible bone pain. I am taking neurotin, vicodin, catapress patch, and elavil. My pain management doctor immediately started doing sympathetic nerve blocks, I got some relief but for 3 days only. ... (7 replies)
Possible RSD...
Oct 20, 2010
... Hi Babybam05, welcome to the boards. I am sorry to hear about your situation, have any of your Drs mentioned nerve blocks? I started with them and lots of meds I am on the catapress patch, neurotin, vicodin, restoril, and elavil I cant imagine taking only 2 2/500 a day for pain I use my vicodin for breakthrough pain and am taking those every 4 hours. Maybe you should find... (3 replies)
... Hi tinamc and welcome, I have only had rsd for 9 months I have had physical therapy nerve blocks and lots of meds, I couldnt handle the side effects of lyrica so I am now taking neurotin which I havent had any bad side affects with it I have also taken tramadol, which didnt help much now I am taking vicodin for the break through pain I am on a catapress patch ( which is... (5 replies)
... s Lumbar then stellate after the RSD spread to my arm and hand, I think I had 5 in my back and 2 in my neck, then of course the meds vicodin and neurotin and the catapress patch for pain restoril to sleep and elavil for depression, thats now my daily routine on meds. ... (2 replies)
... caused my rsd, I wasnt dx until april though. Mine has already spread into my entire left leg and left arm and hand. Right now I am taking vicodin, neurotin, the catapress patch, restoril, and elavil. I still have pain but I can get through the day. ... (4 replies)
Lamictal for pain?
Apr 20, 2007
... The first PM I had gave me a script for some Dmso cream and catapress patch. And told me "That will take allllllll your pain away." liar. ... (3 replies)
... meurontin, 40 mgs morphine, bedtime 900 mgs neurontin, 40 mgs zanophlex, 8 mgs backlophen, 15 mgs morphine, 3 mgs Lunesta. and I wear a Catapress patch all the time. I change up the meds frequently sometimes I take more Zanoflex sometimes less etc. I hope this helps. God bless... ... (17 replies)
... I just now looked up your drug list on the internet. I was unable to find the catapress patch on the site where I looked. ... (16 replies)

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