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... One doctor wants to put me on Neurontin and Celebrex. The other doctor wants to put me on Topamax, Lexapro, Celebrex and occasionally Norco when needed. To be honest, I am the type that absolutely despises taking any kind of medicine. ... (4 replies)
New to board
Nov 16, 2004
... Hi, my name is Melissa, and I am a newbie. Was doing some googling to find out if there could be a connection between RSD and headaches. And I found this board. ... (17 replies)
... rible condition that is called RSD. It is really hard for family and friends to fully understand what we suffer through. It really takes someone who suffers from RSD to fully understand the kind of pain we have to deal with on a daily basis. ... (24 replies)

Bone pain
Aug 5, 2008
... Hi Patti, I suffer from bone pain as well. I suffer from both RSD and arthritis and between both conditions I suffer from deep bone pain. ... (4 replies)
... It takes away the burning pain but it also has allowed me to decrease my Celebrex for Arthritis by 100 mg so it helps both types of pain. ... (4 replies)
... then the epidural which did not hurt too much at all. Had to curl in a ball, knees to chest to make it easier to get it in the right space in the spine. I have RSD in my knee but was have a melanoma removed from the same leg which is why I had the epidural. ... (1 replies)
... anyone with RSD in their legs should get a power chair or a scooter. Amazing how uplifting it is to be able to go through an art gallery or go shopping. ... (5 replies)
... since January of 03. I underwent a manipulation and arthroscopic surgery on Nov 24 ,2003 and am so glad I did. The doctors don't agree whether it was initially RSD that gave me my problems or if it was a frozen shoulder all along. ... (7 replies)
... tremes of heat or cold is very common with RSD. For me, my leg goes completely ice that point very little can be done to warm it up. Although I have RSD in my right leg...I am able to put a sock on my foot...although absolutely nothing can touch the area between my thigh and my ankle. ... (2 replies)
Sep 21, 2012
... As to your other question, there is really no magic bullet for RSD pain. Reading here you will find what works for some does nothing for others. I can only tell you what works best for me so far. ... (5 replies)
... I hope that soon they will be able to do more for your pain as well. Also it's not uncommon for any doctor that WC recommends for you doesn't doubt you. I've had RSD in both of my feet for a very long time now alot of those yrs no one even knew what was wrong with my feet and legs. ... (4 replies)
Please help
Jun 4, 2006
... I started with 3 times a week, and now, 8 months later, I go once a week. After I had RSD 6 weeks, I got my "real" diagnosis and went for my first block. The morning of my second block, I went for a massage first. ... (15 replies)
... I had 4 stellate ganglion blocks in the first couple of mos. of RSD that I think helped to attack the disease early. What has really helped me though is swimming. I try to swim about 3 to 4 times a week which relieves pain. ... (6 replies)
... They are moving my 1st appt. up to Nov. 1st. instead of the 7th. Sounds like he may know something about RSD if he's moving my first appt. up. I'm getting hopeful about seeing him now. ... (4 replies)
Newbie here
Apr 15, 2004
... that gave me relief. My doctor required me to come in every six months for blood work to make sure I wasn't causing damage to my kidneys. I know some people take celebrex which is supposed to be easier on the body. Of course, there are a lot of other high power neuropathic pain blocking meds that a neuro or PMD can help you with. ... (6 replies)
... mes when I go in and tell him that I am having breakthrough pain and when it gets that bad the stimulator just dosn't cut it. He tells me well just increase your celebrex which does not touch my pain. It would be so great if there were such things as RSD clinics where the DR does nothing but treat people with RSD. ... (6 replies)
... These are the meds I am on doxepin, celebrex, xanaflex, zoloft, neurotin,darvocet,and I am still in constant pain. my pain dr. does not like to give strong narocotics. I have heard someone say once there is no such thing as addiction when you are in horrible pain. There is no reason for anyone to suffer with pain when there is so much out there to help. There is a big... (5 replies)
... I would worry about the amount of Tylenol you are taking. Your dad may not want you addicted but my sister was taking this level of Tylenol for several years and when she went for tests before surgery they told her she her liver was failing. Lucky they did the tests. She was told she can never, every take actaminiphen again, not even a cold tablet containing it. The other... (17 replies)
... I've taken Celebrex in the past, but now I'm taking Vioxx and I like that better. I feel it works better for me than Celebrex. ... (2 replies)
... t prescribed for me. The dosage is the only thing that has changed like for instance I started out taking 600mg of Neurontin and I now take 3600mg. As far as the RSD spread is concerned there's not really any spot on my body that is affected by RSD, I even have it on my scalp. ... (19 replies)

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