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... Although it was caused by the drug itself, your rsd started because the Achilles tendon most likely tore a bit. Anything that results in damage to bone,joints,tendons, is an injury. ... (6 replies)
Lidocaine infusion
Jul 30, 2007
... inflammatory meds.. only non steroidal meds. I've heard of some RSD pts who have taken just ibuprofin for the swelling to others usuing celebrex, Daypro.. ... (14 replies)
Lidocaine infusion
Jul 24, 2007
... The marcaine was 2 weeks ago...he was diganosed with RSD in March 2006. He nearly amputated his ring finger in a snowblower at work in Feb. 06. I know, I know...who puts their finger in a snowblower? ... (14 replies)

... stimulation is in the right location but your husband no longer feels pain relief, then you need to increase frequency. There are several studies out there where RSD patients have been able to recapture pain relief by increasing frequency. However this depends on the system your husband has. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Rayefaye:wave: Sounds like you've been thru the ringer on many aspects of your life--not to mention your health. To me is sounds like the original accident was the the origin of RSD, but the subsequent ones added too it. I can't believe they only gave you Celebrex for the pain:eek: :blob_fire I had a dr. do that and walked out and tried one sample and thru the rest in... (8 replies)
... he has had 3 Stellate Ganglion Blocks which provided little relief. He has been taking different meds, current ones being cymbalta and celebrex and percocet and dilaudid for the severe pain. He also had the cervical epidural catheter for 4 days which was great while it was in. ... (18 replies)
Pain Mgmt clinic?
Nov 25, 2005
... ruely believe it is the exercise more than the pills that have made me as mobile as I am because if I stay away from the pool for 3 or 4 days I stiffen up and my RSD pain increases tremendously. ... (16 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am 42 and last Aug. I had my left foot crushed under the driver seat of my car from the back seat, I thought it was broke went to emergency they said no just contusions, which is bruised, I followed up with my medical doc, he said i am sending you to a foot specialist, so i went he looked and put me on ibuprofins for the swelling which i took for several days... (24 replies)
Newbie here
Apr 15, 2004
... Hi Coleby, and welcome to HB. I can not believe that your doctors are such horse's behinds! They had NO RIGHT to keep information that could have helped you get the treatment you need in a timely manner, and because of this, they just may have blown your chances for going into remission. Did they bother to think that withholding this information could be far more detrimental... (6 replies)
... Went to othopedic surgeon yesterday. Didn't get a definite rsd diagnosis yet. He said it could be. He has some of the symptoms and his physical therapist thinks thats what he has. ... (4 replies)
... Vioxx and Celebrex are used to treat arthritis and to treat mentral cramps also. They also contraindicated if you take herbs or vitamins for supplements and if you take advil too. ... (7 replies)
Feb 5, 2003
... you and your husband have been through alot. I have had RSD for 2 years in my wrist and arm. ... (2 replies)
Tendinitis anyone
Jan 10, 2009
... LOL they tried to give me Celebrex on Monday and I was having none of that! ... (6 replies)
... I had surgery on my left shoulder, it was frozen ( adhesive capsulitis) in Oct. 3 days later a doc attempted to place a morphine pump in my neck upper shoulder area, he hit a nerve. He discontinued the procedure and I did not rec. the pump. I woke up with EXTREME burning and stinging from the shoulder to the fingers! I was left with them doing nothing until mid Dec. Finally my... (15 replies)
... my neck and I take Soma 350 mg 4 x a day for them. So far in the past 4 yrs the only thing that has been increase from the begining is the Neurontin. I also take Celebrex for arthritis. In the past yr, I have finally gotten to the point where I can get a good night's sleep. ... (12 replies)
... r yrs before anyone realized how much nerve damage I had suffered from. Therefore, by the time someone diagnoised it the damage was done and irreversible. Due to RSD and cervical dystonia, I have now lost all the use of my left arm. ... (25 replies)
... What works for me? I take Neurontin, Soma, Norco and Celebrex. I also have a wonderful husband who helps me due to the fact I have lost all use of my left arm and only have about 30% usage of the right arm. I have two wonderful daughters who give me a reason to live everday. Because I know they would be lost without me to lean on. What am I grateful for? Thanks to the Good... (5 replies)
... My husband developed RSD in his right hand after a partial amputation fracture and to his ring finger in Feb. 06. ... (12 replies)
Mar 2, 2007
... I now take Clonazepam like Brad, Elavil and 300 Neurontin as well as Celebrex for arthritis. ... (11 replies)
... r comments meant so much. I have researched this horrible disability to the point where it actually makes me feel ill! I am probably one of the luckier ones with RSD although I am in constant pain, it's not as visable on me as the photos I have seen on the internet. ... (4 replies)

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