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Swelling Changes
Mar 16, 2004
... ken Tegretol so I don't know if it causes fluctuation, but I do know that I never know from day to day if my hand will be swollen or not. The color and stiffness changes daily, too. I have noticed that my hand dramatically changes with weather and temperature changes. ... (4 replies)
... This sounds like me , if I'm driving I have to pull over and wait I usually go to a gas station and eat something and have some coffee my foot gets ice cold on the rite side and my left foot is throbbing in pain and my vision is extremely blurry so it's hard to see or focus and then I'm in pain all over and shut down , I call those flareups but they really scare me (22 replies)
... What do you do for your flareups ? I take a need called nucynta that helps but most of the time I shut down from the pain and it can take hours for it to subside to my regular pain level that's always there (22 replies)

... i do feel that RDS is greatly affected by the weather. Any changes in pressure, humidity and temperature affect my foot adversely. ... (22 replies)
... Thank you for the information ya it all sounds to familiar to me all that you shared is what I go through and yes triggers are huge if one can be aware of triggers to can at least try to avoid them , and flareups are combined with these things that trigger my RSD to have these awful flareups on average for about 3 hours where I'm in such pain I can't even talk so being aware... (22 replies)
... The weather changes are awful. I live in the South and when it's winter, I suffer from the cold. When it's Spring, I suffer from the rain and quick temperature changes. ... (22 replies)
... Hi, A person with RSD gets temp and color changes because the sympathetic system is overactive and causes the blood vessels in the affected limb/s to clamp down or dilate. The symp system does this normally. I guess with an overactive system, it's more pronounced. I don't know why people who don't have RSD would have this. I know it happens with Raynaud's Disease as well.... (3 replies)
... If a person does not have RSD, what could be causing temp changes in a limb? ... (3 replies)
Vision changes
Jun 11, 2004
... ointless because one day is so different than the next, but drug store eye glasses have helped, I have a couple different strengths. As a day goes by my visions changes from not too bad in the morning to worse at night. Things that make you go HMMMM. ... (3 replies)
Skin changes
Sep 12, 2003
... I have had RSD in my right foot up my leg. I got blocks done in the first 2 weeks to 3 months. I haven't had any vascular changes, or discoloration or shiny skin and the temperature change isn't huge. One doctor suggested that I may not get that because we treated so early. Another told me to wait aorund and see. Another suggested that I was in remission since the sensitivity... (5 replies)
Nail changes
Aug 20, 2003
... I've been reading up about nail changes although mine seem about the same with one exception.. ... (7 replies)
... s and some would say your "window" is closed or closing. All the studies I've read say it needs to be caught and treatment begun in the 1st 3 months. At 6 months changes to the nerve endings begin. I'll stress again though, that everyone is different!! None of that means it's "too late" for you! ... (12 replies)
... For a diagnosis of RSD you need 3 of the 4 main syptoms Constant Chronic Pain Inflamation Spasms in Blood vessels Insomnia/Emotional Disturbance They will be acompanied by some or all of the secondary ones which may fluctuate or change Changes in skin temperature (warmer or cooler compared to the healthy/opposite limb. - changes in skin color (skin may appear red,... (36 replies)
... Tropic changes are skin changes. ... (5 replies)
... The skin temp change and the color changes are because of rsd. ... (13 replies)
... IMHO The "stages" of RSD are crap. I've read a lot of papers and most of the highly respected docs who know as much as is possible to know about RSD think they're crap too and discourage someone from trying to focus on what "stage" they're in. Here's examples for you to see what I mean. This is long but I think it will help make things more clear. Stage one is called... (15 replies)
... ion is that you do not need to have full body rsd in order to have problems such as nausea and bowel and bladder changes.. that these could be due to circulatory changes associated with rsd. ... (3 replies)
Is it RSD?
Jun 10, 2013
... I am at a "low simmer" and when it flares up, it feels like somebody just poked the fire in the fireplace and started it roaring up again! I also have the color changes in my foot as well as it feeling either colder or hotter than the other foot. ... (4 replies)
... Ok thank you. I will make sure to ask when I get a PM doctor. (3 replies)
... te of injury. Don't look at just pain only because you do have a limb that is injured and also has RSD so that does change the way how you walk. Anytime you have changes in how you walk, stand, will cause pain in the opposite side. I know for myself, I injured my left ankle and my RSD is in the left ankle. ... (3 replies)

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