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... If a patient refused to go, then that patient was in noncompliance, and benefits would be terminated. Group Therapy was mandatory in the clinic I went through. If one did not attend, then the clinic would notify Workman's Comp, and the patient was in noncompliance. ... (5 replies)
... marcia, I agree. I started 2 clinics in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Area, only to leave them both. Both were very much in the “embryo stage,” and I felt not the urge to be some kind of “baseline.” Both hadn’t a clue what to do with me. That was obvious to me rather quickly. Also, anesthesiologists directed both of the clinics I left. I now strongly believe that... (5 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jul 21, 2004
... tand why for so long! To me that's absurd. I also agree with Julie about anxiety meds. I'm on Xanax 1mg. 2x daily. Having kids, RSD, the thought of going to pain clinic would give me anxiety. ... (12 replies)

... She said, "I've had my share of injections." She then told me that I was the ONLY patient at the clinic that gets sedation for SGB's. ... (10 replies)
... g doctor who has been treating me for my RSD however I feel like we're running out of options and it's not getting any better. My Mom suggested going to the Mayo Clinic to see if they have any ideas. I live in Chicago so the closest clinic is in Minnesota, there will be a lot involved to go travel there, get off work, etc. ... (1 replies)
... There are some very BIG differences in pain clinics.some good,some bad.some will try and basically "brain wash" you in to just living with the pain.You know, the "just deal with it" method?and some(if you are lucky) will actually believe that you are indeed having some real pain and will treat it appropriately.unfortunetly, these types of pain clinics seem to be much more... (5 replies)
... just wanted to put in my two cents? RUN run as fast as you can from this so called pain management clinic,honestly.there are many clinics like this one out there who really don't have a clue about the wonders of pain meds to treat pain,period.these are the ones who actually believe that someone who has pain running at like a 15+ for some reason just have to 'live with it"... (16 replies)
Pain Mgmt clinic?
Nov 25, 2005
... ked what I was taking for pain. I said nothing. We talked about what was being done for me. They said they think I should look into going to the pain management clinic run by the hospital that their occupational therapy is part of. That their RSD folks that go there seem to be getting more help than I am. ... (16 replies)
... I was just wondering how many of us have been through a “Pain Clinic." I ended up going through a 4-week, 8-hour per day “Pain Clinic" (the name of which I choose not to mention). In some ways, it was good. In some ways, it was not good. I HATED Group Therapy. (5 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jul 22, 2004
... With regards to the Neurontin, I haven't been on it for over 3 yrs and my brain is still screwed up. A lot of the things I have looked to blame on meds and I can't because it started when the RSD started, and hasn't wavered regardless of medication. About the pain clinic, I guess it all depends on what the goal of your individual clinic. The one I went to didn't mess too... (12 replies)
... Hi everyone. I posted a couple of weeks ago about my husband. He is still waiting to get for his appointment with the pain clinic doctors. He was told they do work with rsd patients and that he should have someone drive him because they will probably do a pain block when he goes. ... (10 replies)
... said it all...... "Don't forget that nice nurse said to you that they don't offer sedation. You have to know to ask. You might be the only one that goes to this clinic that knows to ask. ... (10 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jun 18, 2003
... That's a lot of mollah!! But I've known people who have gone to pain clinic before for other aliments and it worked amazingly. I'm just wondering if anyone here has or is thinking or knows anyone who's gone to one. Please write. ... (8 replies)
Pain Mgmt clinic?
Dec 20, 2005
... My RSD brain forgot to ask my dr. all about the doxipin cream when I saw her last week. In fact I could hardly move in there. Everyone in the clinic asked me if I was OK? ... (16 replies)
... You sound like you have the same type and area of RSD that I do. For one this clinic doesn't know beans. Who are these Yeyhoo's? ... (16 replies)
... The pain clinic I went to just gave me my blocks and managed my meds. I didn't do any group therapy. I would not be into that at all. ... (5 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jul 22, 2004
... Hi Kyma, I did the contrast baths in PT. The thing is, the temperatures are not supposed to be drastically different between the two when you first start - basically slightly cooler than room temp and slightly warmer. Over the weeks they are supposed to progressively become farther apart in temp. The idea is to make your RSD limb more tolerant to temperature change. I don't... (12 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jul 21, 2004
... in pain clinic 3 yrs ago. At the last minute I didn't want to go, I thought of all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't. Thankfully my family made me go. ... (12 replies)
Pain Clinic
Jul 20, 2004
... Has anyone went throught he pain clinic program? ... (12 replies)
... Joke: :wave: I can emphathize with your plight because I am also catchining hell with Workers Comp./Employer :mad: . Both of them have been standing in the way of my treatment(Blocks,OT,PTin pain mangement clinic). The only difference between you an I is the region where the RSD started which in my case is my right dominant hand. I agree with you 100% about the... (10 replies)

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