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Hand spasms/cramps
Dec 31, 2006
... Hey everyone. for the people who have rsd in there hands. do any of you get hand spams or cramps. my hand will start twitching and then without notice just kind of clinch up. making a really tight fist. it takes awhile for it to stop. ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Feb 11, 2007
... It not every day, but usually on days when I have had the worst nights, I get cramps in my wrist and my hand. My doctor put me on quinine for it. ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 13, 2007
... Yes, I have RSD and my hand cramps up really bad. Have to pull my fingers out. It looks like my hand is crippled. ... (18 replies)

... tremors in my hand and arm. Sometimes my arm shakes uncontrollably and I can bearly use it. ... (18 replies)
... thanks for reading scs thread. yeah it was more of a question about the rsd in extremities only. i wasnt sure thats just what i read a few places while trying to do research. so do you think it could be possibly spreading to my back? ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
... Hi,ihave Rsd In Both My Hands, I Get Spasms Up And Down My Arms. ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 14, 2007
... I said in about 3 posts back i was going to lay down........well i know yall can relate when i say......i also made it there, but the pain was to bad to lay down. ... (18 replies)
... ds clench up on me but my arms and hands and legs used to spasm and twitch really bad. I told my pm and I was put on baclofen. It is awesome! It cuts way back on spasms and the twitching as well so even when it does happen it's not bad at all and instead of happening a few times a day it happens a couple of times a month. ... (18 replies)
... Those cramps can be so painful.. I have them in my feet.. It comes and goes. I know when I went for my lidocaine infusion for the RSD.. They took blood work constantly.. ... (4 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
... such a stigma that goes with this because pain pills are involved. Do you think that the doctor's we go to would suffer with this pain. I don' t. I was lucky in that in 1997 my primary doctor who was also a neighbor had a wife who had it in her knees. He knew exactly what it was and sent me to a rehabilitation hospital. ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 14, 2007
... They worked for me. Lyrica also helped for a while. Dr. Anne Oaklander put me on those from the Mass. General Hospital in Boston. I had great luck with Amitriptylene which I am not sure if they still prescribe but the two later drugs are the newer ones. ... (18 replies)
... Only you really know what's best for you and it's your body and your future. I've never had surgery since I got RSD but I think I'd be really scared too if I was in your situation. Just think about it carefully and do what you think is the right thing. I'm here for you anytime. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks for replaying so quickly. To be quite honest with you im scared. If this spreads, then i will be 18 years old with rsd in my arm and my back. Its crazy. But wow i couldnt imagine having it all over my body. ... (18 replies)
... ore then the other. He will be doing something as simple as turning the volume up on the T.V. and his hands will get really hard and they start to twist and turn in unnatural ways and they put him in an extreme amount of pain. ... (4 replies)
... It's possible it could be in your back. My test in that first year was, is this pain in another part of my body just going on and on. I waited 2 months and when it was still hurting just like the left leg, I knew it had spread there. ... (18 replies)
... I can at least look at trading in and getting an auto at some point. Have you considered other means of transport? ... (7 replies)
... t to my left leg and then to my hands , eyes and mouth...I was so bad that my neurologist recommented I try on "off label " drug called Thalidomide...It was used in Canada by women when they were pregnant and their children were born deformed.. it's heavy duty stuff. ... (6 replies)
... First I had bad spasm, needling pain, and aching pain on my left hand and two weeks later on my right hand. ... (6 replies)
... first started I took baclofen to help with the spasms and cramps, clonidine to help with the pain and burning, and nortriptylene to help with pain and depression. I used demerol for any breakthrough pain. ... (9 replies)

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