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... won't do surgery on knee due to CRPS I have had referral for spinal stimulator trial buy WC will not approve any of these treatments. ... (4 replies)
... support group of people going through simular things as me.I'm 23 and I live in the pacific northwest. In early 2007 I had an accident and partially detached my knee cap and compressed one of my main nerve clusters in my left leg. ... (19 replies)
... gery in April the anesthesiologist informs me he has to do a block before surgery while I am awake. He does it under ultrasound. He proceeds to do this behind my knee area to numb my leg and foot. ... (0 replies)

... ould you mind telling me where you went for the deep epidurals, if you can, or at least what city you are in. My first Melanoma surgery on the same leg made the CRPS go absolutely beserk. ... (10 replies)
Apr 10, 2013
... Hi there I was diagnosed in 2010 after a workplace injury 2009.Multiple fractures to my right foot which didn`t show up on xray. 4 months later Nuclear scan diagnosed RSD/CRPS. It has been horrendous. I have had 4 children and would prefer childbirth pain to the burning spasmodical cramping pain of RSD. I have taken Pain killers, Lyrica, Endep, had a spinal block which... (12 replies)
... Hi - When I read a post like yours it takes me back to the early days of my CRPS - knee also - spread to other limb - pain unbelieveable - PT also did not work - nor accupuncture, but as I have said many times water therapy in the deep end of a pool with a belt on along with drugs (clonazepam, elavil, gabapentin and Lyrica) has stopped the spread and even reversed it and now... (6 replies)
... that the surgeons did not do a sufficiently deep block. I know I had a small office procedure done on the side of my leg in the doctors office and it caused the CRPS to go wild for a month. Then because it was a melanoma, they went at it again, only this time they put me in the hospital and gave me an epidermal. ... (10 replies)
... I too have CRPS or RSD in my knee as the result of a car accident and also have arthritis which would have lead to my needing a knee replacement. Therefore, did a lot of research on the possibilities as part of my claim against the insurance company. ... (4 replies)
... though pain started in October 2011. It had already started to spread to right foot by then but docs blew that off and just concentrated on left leg. From knee down was freezing cold and hurt so much.. Couldn't have covers touch it, being outside in cold weather made worse. I was just miserable. ... (22 replies)
My Knee pain.
Aug 29, 2012
... I've had knee pain for 8 years and most recently they are thinking possible Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease. Related to having RSD? ... (1 replies)
... My CRPS is in my left foot and now apparently the left knee so I get my blocks in the lumbar region. I feel pretty yucky the day of the block but usually much better the following day. ... (17 replies)
CRPS ===Advice
Feb 16, 2014
... ice cold lower limb , altered sensations, tapping feeling . hypo extension of knee tremor of lower limb analatic gait . I am with a pain specialist. At last consult , .lower limb was 3.5 deg colder than other extremities. ... (2 replies)
... After I fell on an unsalted icy sidewalk on my way into work, I had 2 weeks off but my knee still wasn't better. ... (36 replies)
Dec 18, 2010
... s in physio, I was finally diagnosed with a torn soleus muscle in March. I have a large dent in my leg. Starting in May my leg started to turn colors from my knee down, from red to purple and mostly when i sit down. It is also very painful at all times, a really deep burning pain. ... (7 replies)
... I just was told that i cannot finish or get any new tattoos bc of the crps and the chances of it spreading. i am so scared bc it has moved from my side of my foot, to my ankle,now my toe... ... (13 replies)
... control the pain, but unfortunently that is only working to control the pain caused by all the other damage done to my ankle. It is not really helping with the CRPS pain. ... (14 replies)
... hi back,i still think the type of pain and what you mentioned in your posts in the spinal board really do sound much more like the central pain syndrome than RSD.considering you DID have the spinal cord compression and do have myelopathy,this alone could really explain the type of syndrome it appears you may have.the fact that you just do not appear from what you have stated... (5 replies)
... cane any more. Then by the third day Jun 18th I was unable to walk at all and having burning spikes feeling from mid thigh all the way down my left leg. My right knee not able to take the force of the weight. ... (7 replies)
... I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you're having. I can feel the pain . I was out of my mind with pain a few days ago and the doctor who referred me to a specialist for a sympathetic nerve block gave me Gabapentin, he even called it in to my local pharmacy. It will be a little over 2 weeks till I get the block whereas next week this specialist just wants to meet me and... (26 replies)
... ain specialist. My Dr. refuses to prescribe me any medication at this point. The pain I have is unbearable. I have been bedbound for 10 weeks now. I had a total knee replacement in January of this year. While doing physical therapy I noticed that the pain worsened with activity. ... (26 replies)

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