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... he'd walk too heavily on his foot once or bend his knee a mm more than he should and the RSD would kick in and he'd be in screaming agony for at least three days and nights. ... (12 replies)
... l. Especially in colder weather,if you over did it and some times it can be swelling that causes it too. You can have swelling behind the patella fat pad in your knee without really knowing about it other than some stiffness. Have the doctors looked for that or tendinitis. ... (28 replies)
... like crap over the whole thing. Even putting on clothes now is starting to bother me, the friction of the material against the skin is very irritating, also my knee is starting to play up a bit, i'm getting slight burning and stiffness in it. ... (28 replies)

... I've had rsd for about 3 years now. It started in my left knee and now it's my whole leg. In the course of the 3 years it's gone from hip down. ... (28 replies)
... Anyway i've had the screw removed from the ankle syndemosis surgery and they have diagnosed me with Chronic Regional Pain syndrome from my left knee to foot, which was the injury site. I'm currently on oxynorm and lyrica tablets as well as my warfarin. ... (28 replies)
... I have severe rsd in my left leg,from the top of my knee all the way down and into three of my toes.Pain is just apart of my life now. ... (19 replies)
... ot. I once had an ex boyfriend tell me I had better legs than most linebackers in the NFL. That might be why I'm still with the crutches, plus my RSD is from the knee down on both legs with the sacro illiac joint on the left thrown in for good measure. ... (19 replies)
... We definitely understand and this is our haven to come let it all out. I've had rsd for 6 yrs as of today, full body. I slammed my knee into a broken handle at work where I was a cook on the overnight shift. 2 weeks after I got hurt the rsd hit. ... (19 replies)
... hi serenity. i am just wondering if during all of the c spine issues if any level of real damage was actually done to your spinal cord at all. the spasms you have been describing really sound much more profound than ones that come from just trigger points or inflammation(i DO have lots of those). there is a particular spinal tract that when damaged or even just certain levels... (5 replies)
... HAHA Heck ya! LOL bumped my knee the other night and squealed like a flippin hog. Even though it hurts It can be interesting at times. ... (8 replies)
New to CRPS or RDS
Feb 27, 2007
... Hi nichole!:wave: Welcome to the boards. I newly Diagnosed as well. Its been a little over a month that I found out I have it in my knee. Yes it is very painful.I truly hope you have a compassionate doc and that he or she takes care of your pain. As far as muscle atrophy goes, I have it and it seems to be gettign worse as the weeks go by, no matter how hard i try. ... (11 replies)
... Hello Jessica While the touch and pressure of the water bothered me when I first went back after the car accident, it was only minor compared to what you are describing and either the drugs Clonazepam and Gabepentin plus Restoril for sleep or the amount of exercise I forced myself to do, started to release endorphins and I can now stay in for an hour or more and really... (10 replies)
... I've had MANY surgeries since my diagnosis and for most of them had epidurals put in for a few days after the surgery and I never had a problem. 12 of these were knee surgeries which is what you might be dealing with. As you know, everyone is different, but that's been my experience. ... (10 replies)
... I'll try and keep my story short. In may of 2007 I was working and had a t.v. slip and fall into my leg. It crushed all my nerves and detached the top of my knee from the bottom of my knee. ... (8 replies)
... a Friday afternoon, I already had pain meds and wasnt my regular doctor but honestly the "Pain Demon" had me in his grips both the CRPS and the knee. So, the doctor examined me and as soon as he found out I had CRPS that was that. ... (3 replies)
New and confused
Mar 19, 2006
... d he had to get the lnee replaced. He started having trouble soon after and thought it was just normal problems with recovery...he has tender spot on his leg and knee where he can't stand for anything to touch it. ... (2 replies)
... This is directed to Josh. I have noted your responses and that you are very versed in the differences between CRPS 1 and CRPS II. Hope you get this as it seems to be your last posting. ... (26 replies)
RSD & falls
Sep 3, 2003
... CRPS Type 1 and CRPS Type 2. ... (7 replies)
... I slipped on ice and fell on my knee in February of this year. My employer uses a clinic with only nurse practitioners on staff. ... (5 replies)
New to the board
Oct 2, 2011
... The problem is that they didn't. I was first injured in 1999. I had surgery and I had ordinary physio and rehab for my knee injury. ... (8 replies)

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