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Just Not Sure
Jun 19, 2012
... retty nasty bone bruise but continue to have this pain and swelling, it's been a hard thing to figure out. I noticed maybe about a month after the injury that my knee had some white blotches on it and turned purple if the room is cool. My other knee does not do this. I was at the OS' office last week and mentioned this to him. ... (14 replies)
... As it was explained to me, the nerves endings just under the skin were initially damaged and they are so small that one cannot even see them with MRI. RSD or CRPS set up when for some reason the brain kept interpreting messages from the area, which may have even healed, as pain. ... (6 replies)
... asked him about a knee replacement after PMD diagnosed me and put me on drugs and therapy, my Orthopedic doc said "You will never get a doctor to operate on your knee now that you have been diagnosed with CRPS. If they did you could sue for malpractise as they know the odds are it would get worse. ... (11 replies)

... tor has said, let's try gabapentin to see if that works. The original doctor who suggested I go for the tests had said upon my first visit to see him that it was CRPS and has recently said try the gabapentin. The tests were only to rule out any other potential factors. ... (38 replies)
... n my knee. The exercise is in a pool because I cannot stand for more than 5 minutes partly because of the RSD and partly because I already had arthritis in the knee and can no longer wear my unloader brace which enabled me to walk. ... (8 replies)
... I have damage to the nerve that runs along the inside of the knee and along the knee cap from a car accident. It is only the nerve that is damaged from being rammed and twisted by a brace I was wearing. I did not even have a bruise. ... (2 replies)
... have a good deal of technical information and knowledge about the difference between CRSP 1 and 11. I have nerve damage as a result of car accident in my right knee which already had arthritis. I was wearing unloader brace and might not have needed knee replacement but CRPS II means I cannot wear brace as it rubs on nerve. ... (26 replies)
... I also have a very spunky 4 year old. I have CRPS in my right ankle, foot and calf, but it's slowly moving up to my knee. NOT that it feels so slow. ... (20 replies)
... physical medicine dr who diagnosed crps 1. It is now effecting also my foot and my lower back. ... (23 replies)
Rsd and your eyes?
Feb 24, 2004
... Keratitis Sicca which is due to CRPS at early stage causing pain and irritation in the eye with secondary excessive secretion tears. ... (13 replies)
... pasms. I can't remember sheet. The back of my neck cramps and when I twist it you can hear my neck crack from 5 feet away. I also sustained a torn meniscus to my knee that locks up when I squat and clicks when I walk but to operate and fix the problem would just super charge the RSD and probably kill me. ... (14 replies)
New to the board
Oct 1, 2011
... the result of a knee injury and surgery when I was 14. ... (8 replies)
... I am having serious issues with left knee bearing all of left leg weight that needs to be addressed but can't be fixed or treated at this time. ... (12 replies)
... I like to know WHO I can write to for the very recent lies,schems, and tortcure by my C/M and W/C ordered me to go through. Did not except this at all. 1. I have a hearing coming soon. Reason is to approve treatment were my CRPS travled to (I have it in my left leg knee down and my right knee is getting a workout). The right was approved once then a week later they said... (7 replies)
... that has been going on at this clinic I am at and she had a long talk with them about my treatment. She does, however, still think they do have experience with CRPS and says we need to trust them. I said okay but I do have a couple of questions. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Laura, Thanks for your response to my earlier question. My Doctors are saying that they consider the RSD to be too aggressive and are concerned that any surgical procedure will aggrevate the condition further. I'm at a loss to know where to go or what to try next. Thanks, Elaine (Jenna Mac) (26 replies)
... ion on ankle because it was nerve damage. Did they indicate any specific reason why. i.e do they think it would increase the RSD. Nerve damage RSD is known by CRPS II and I have it in my knee from a car accident. ... (26 replies)
Hello to Whoever
Sep 8, 2003
... s my first time ever on one of these boards. I'm not sure why I'm doing this. I guess because I need to vent out my problems and hostilities. I was diagnosd with CRPS a month ago. My accident was on Feb. 20th. of this year. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you so much, the full body angioedema is gone (thankfully), it was an allergic reaction to my copper IUD. The other symptoms my doctor was concerned about are the angioedema in my ankle, a constant burning pain that feels like my leg was doused in gasoline and lit on fire, the hypersensitivity to touch and pain, a loss of temperature sensation, and numbness in some... (7 replies)
... Hello, all. I am also an artist, though primarily that is only a memory anymore. I am 11 years into my CRPS/RSD progression and am 50 years old. I lost fine dexterity in my "money hand" at year 3 into my CRPS/RSD progression (which at that time only affected my RUE). I applied for short-term medical leave in June 1996, and that became LTD in December 1996. Prior to going... (15 replies)

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