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Rsd & Crps
Feb 16, 2008
... The Lyrica did nothing for me.. Don't ask me why... I know that both neurontin and lyrica are kindof the same meds.. Iam on 1200 mg. of Neurontin.. Maybe you could try looking into it.. How long have you been taking the lyrica for? ... (18 replies)
Aug 7, 2013
... hey snowman. I have rsd in both legs now in fact everywhere below the belt, in both arms parts of my back now and head. It all started in one leg. first they put me on neurontin(gabapentin) boy that one sucked. i was a walking zombie, I couldnt hold conversations at all as I couldnt remeber how to talk, My memory sucked my family said I would go to a movie and not remember... (26 replies)
CRPS moving?
Oct 9, 2012
... I have been diagnosis with CRPS since 2007. I am seeing a Pain Anesthesiologist for a couple of years and he says it could be neuritis too. I have had two implants. ... (1 replies)

... I'm new to the board. I've been dealing with CRPS since March 2010. ... (7 replies)
... I just was told that i cannot finish or get any new tattoos bc of the crps and the chances of it spreading. i am so scared bc it has moved from my side of my foot, to my ankle,now my toe... ... (13 replies)
... I don't live in Idaho but I know the frustration of needing the right doc and unsure of how to get it. There aren't many docs that specifically work with crps but there are different types of docs that you could go to for some help. If you are on wc. ... (4 replies)
... RND is the same as RSD. It's what they now commonly diagnose kids and young teens as having. Why, I don't know but that's what they do. This has come up before over the past year or so. I wouldn't even know if it hadn't. It means Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy which is just another name for RSD/CRPS and the many other names rsd has been called by since the Civil War. I'm... (19 replies)
... ped strange feelings in other parts, ie burning legs, feet, swellings to r hand and lower legs, numbness, burning, tingling in fact the list goes on. I too take lyrica it does help to take the edge off pain in my arms but does nothing to help my lower back and leg probs. ... (5 replies)
... st of my pain is left sided. I do have pain on the right side actually a lot of numbness. But WC only chose to look at one paragraph. It was noted that I have CRPS and that was well documented. I wish someone would have told me about that. And that is what brings me here. ... (5 replies)
New to CRPS or RDS
Feb 28, 2007
...'ll find there are a lot more people out there with the same issues. i had a spinal fusion after a car wreck, left me somewhat paralyzed. i have similar issues with my left arm, that u do with your right. i can't raise it above my head, and it has atrophied to the point where it looks just like a stick. my left hand is always swollen; i sleep with my left arm... (4 replies)
... Hi Doris! There are different dosages and doctor's that prescribe neurontin for nerve pain, but they are not approved for RSD. Pfizer the drug company got slapped with the 2nd biggest lawsuit for promoting a drug for off label uses. It was only approved for shingles and in cojunction with seizure medication. If you read some past posts, some ave good luck , but many do not. I... (10 replies)
Crps from hell
Jul 17, 2016
... Hey tortoisegirl, I've only been going to this doc for 6 wks.and she wants to see me every two wks. She actually lowered my opioid pain meds and started me on Lyrica and eventually she's gonna put me on a 24 hr pain med to go along with the lyrica. I hope this is the answer and I haven't given up all hope yet. ... (2 replies)
... nerve symptoms are in my feet and lyrica helps me so much. I hope that you get pain relief soon! ... (1 replies)
Jan 5, 2011
... hear of ur struggles with this terribly painful condition. Who would have thought something so minor as a muscle tear could become such an issue. I have tried Lyrica with no effect and physio makes it so painful that after 4 weeks the pain was so bad that they dismissed me back in sept. ... (7 replies)
... super post, you really are a great help and i appreciate it. Just wondering about the medication is it enough because i'm getting very little relief, i was told Lyrica can take months to work? ... (28 replies)
Cold CRPS plus
Jan 30, 2009
... What is the difference between Lyrica and the Topamax? ... (21 replies)
... I was just given Lyrica to take for my newly diagnosed CRPS. I don'tknow to much about this drug other than it seems alot of people have alot of side effects. ... (4 replies)
New to CRPS or RDS
Mar 11, 2007
... I agree with you on the Neurontin because Lyrica didn't help me at all. Besides Neurontin is also cheaper and if you read up on both Lyrica has more side effects, especially weight gain that I have not experienced taking Neurontin. ... (11 replies)
... Do you mind if I ask if the Lyrica has made you gain weight? ... (17 replies)
... Do you mind if I ask if the Lyrica has made you gain weight? ... (17 replies)

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