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... demosis surgery and they have diagnosed me with Chronic Regional Pain syndrome from my left knee to foot, which was the injury site. I'm currently on oxynorm and lyrica tablets as well as my warfarin. ... (28 replies)
... My Pain med. Dr. has over twenty years experience with CRPS patients and is a licensed practicing Pharmacist. According to her these drugs are used in combination regularly. ... (21 replies)
... ray report I read says that an MRI on my ankle would be very beneficial, and still to this day even with the Dx of CRPS they have yet to do one. I seriously had a Dr. ... (21 replies)

Cold CRPS plus
Mar 13, 2009
... eally, just trying to be funny! Don't wanna scare anyone. By the way I did get to talk with Caorline my Rx doc, as of yesterday I am starting the ween down the Lyrica to switch to the Topamax, hopefully by next Thursday and we will further discuss the Baclofen. ... (21 replies)
Cold CRPS plus
Mar 5, 2009
... he last two weeks. I have been prescribed a mild muscle relaxer for the back pain that I have been having but it has done nothing to relieve the cramping pain. Lyrica is still at the same dose, Efexxor has been upped to 300mg a day for the last three or for weeks for anxiety issues. No other meds. ... (21 replies)
Cold CRPS plus
Jan 30, 2009
... Welcome to the boards... Sorry your going through this.. This board is great.. You will find so much comfort when you hear that there are other people out there experiencing the same symptoms... I don't know to much about Lyrica.. So Listen to Karen and talk to your dr about it.. The heaviness in the thighs sounds to me, just another symptom of RSD.. I use to get that... (21 replies)
Cold CRPS plus
Jan 27, 2009
... First to address the muscle soreness from the Lyrica. Unexplained muscle problems, such as muscle pain, soreness, or weakness. If you develop these symptoms, especially if you also feel sick and have a fever, tell your doctor right away. Muscle soreness is a big warning that you should stop taking it. Call your doc asap about this. With the dose you are on you'll need to wean... (21 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 22, 2008
... wannaBpainfree2, Hi. I'm new to the boards as well. And honestly, your story seemed to almost mirror mine. I broke my foot in April 2007, and was diagnosed with RSD in October. They say I caught it early, so I guess we'll wait and see if that's a good thing. I started a routine with my first pain management doc of weekly nerve blocks in his office (not guided), high dosages... (18 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 16, 2008
... I have been takeing the Lyrica since Oct. Every time I get increased I will have 1 or 2 days of relief but then its pain as usual. It is not helping me. My Dr. ... (18 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 16, 2008
... Yes I'm on 400mg of Lyrica every day. No I have not thought about seeking out another Dr. at this time. ... (18 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 13, 2008
... Have you tried Lyrica or neurontin? ... (18 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 12, 2008
... ers. I sufferred an injury in May of 2007. After a very painfull 5 months of OT I was dx with this horrible disorder and started treatment for it in Oct. The lyrica is not helping me at all. I am going through the process of having a SCS done. This disorder has already spread to my entire left arm and shoulder. ... (18 replies)
... Jousymol have you tried Lyrica? You right about being persistent, don't never give up. Something else I forgot to mention, also have them state how your medications efffect you and how they effect you doing your job. Also keep all doctors appts and try to do whatever they suggest they might help you improve your condition. This is another thing that SS is looking for and that... (27 replies)
... Hello everyone, Sooooooooo glad I found this site. Little bit about me, I'm 33 yrs old and had severed tendons and nerves in left hand back in May 2007. Had surgery 8 days later. Did OT for 18 weeks. Was dx with rsd in Aug. Started treatmen for it Oct. 25. I take 175mg of lyrica ( not helping ) and I take Cardura ( high blood pressure med ) Don't have high blood... (27 replies)
New to CRPS or RDS
Mar 10, 2007
... t once after I'm done I think of something else. I am using my arm always wether it hurts or not. I am also doing some exercise. I do take Nuerotin but I do have Lyrica but it just doesnt seem to help me as well as neurotin. I hope it does go into remission, I was just on the cusp of hitting the second phase. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Nicole, I have had RSD for seven years now. I was in remission about two years ago. But have been out and fighting for the last two due to a work injury and a "small town doc" messing around with a needle. First I have I must say, if you can get your doc to take you off, Nurontin and ask for "Lyrica" it is much better with less side affects, also try to add Clonodine. The... (11 replies)
... First I want to say, I am so glad that there is a sight for RSD/CRPS available. When I was diagnosed with it in May of '05, the devastation was incredible, not to mention the pain. I went throught this (and was also on the Neurontin...made me gain weight and I was very sick all the time) and then my shoulder began to hurt again. Two shoulder surgeries were the apparent... (41 replies)
... and will see how others fare. That's why I posted the thread is Lyrica better than Neurontin! ... (10 replies)
... I tried neurontin for nerve pain. I got up to 1800 mg/day with no effect whatsoever on my nerve pain, but the side effects were horrendous and withdrawal equally so. After much trepidation (because it is a newer medication and variation of neurontin - although different molecule whatever that means), I've started trying Lyrica. It's specifically intended for pain and... (10 replies)
... :wave: Good Morning all, from the Motor City.... What a wild week-end we had here, with all the rain and wind. But, I count again my blessings that we are not like the poor folks who were hit by the Tornado Sunday divesting for them. :( Can you begin to imagine what it must be like to lose a family member or friend so suddenly and then on top of that... (27 replies)

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