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... hello...bare w my keyboard that i just broke out of anger from mypain , hahahaha anyway...same thing, crps/rsd in my foot and now toe, climbing up so scared...ugh. meds: i recently went on lyrica- and i am not having the heat anymore as bad so i think it is beginning to help? as far as the scs- that is the next step for me- scared is an understatement...trial 1st,... (15 replies)
... until it was out of my system. Have heard cymbalta or lyrica may help? ... (2 replies)
... Most doctors do not fully understand RSD or CRPS so you have to get someone who has treated patients and understands what to do and not do. There is nothing wrong with a psycologist seeing her. ... (5 replies)

... mg per day. Started LYRICA 75mg twice a day. ... (7 replies)
... ready underlying condition a little stressful is making it overwhelming. Now that I think about it, I might have lost a few lbs on it. Ever since being on the lyrica and gaining the first 20lbs, I don't like to weigh my self anymore. I know I've gained it, but when you see those numbers flash in your eyes. Makes me sad. ... (51 replies)
Pain Levels
Oct 6, 2008
... I have CRPS Type II and I was wondering if anyone ever has days with out pain if you are are Lyrica or other drugs of that type. I can find alot of info on Type I but not much on Type II. Will Type II go away because it is different from RSD? ... (25 replies)
... I have CRPS in my knee from a car accident - can never have a knee replacement. We tried accpuncture before I was diagnosed (along with many other things), and i would not let the therapist put the needles in the area of the burning pain. It did seemed to lessen the pain somewhat. However, the therapist kept wanting to put them in the center of the nerve pathway as she was... (23 replies)
... Deb and Chris, Letís see if I can answer all of your questions. I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS on June 1, 2007 after I broke the 5th metatarsal in my right foot (technically a Jones fracture). I was non-weight bearing after the fall and developed the condition right along with the break but just didnít know it until about 2 months later when my orthopedic doctor diagnosed it.... (23 replies)
... Michelle thanks, its good to hear from you too. Have you been diagnosed with central sensitization? Its very much like crps, i'm confused by it all to be honest with you. I looked up about Ketamine, my hubbies just read your thread and was quite taken aback to see how alike we are. He said thats funny Alison my pm spec mentioned Ketamine, i'm like you very weary, having read... (3 replies)
... Hi, I've had RSD/CRPS for almost a year now, and it's not excruciating anymore...I've had three nerve blocks, am taking Lyrica, Paxil, Klonopin, and Lortab (on bad days), and I'm able to work. I'm managing it. But it has taken away my joy in life. Not due to depression, really...just knowing that it's always there, even if it is managed. And that my life will likely never... (9 replies)
... Michelle You asked about the Lyrica, i do take it 300mg per day, i don't think the swellings were made any worse through these meds (i am overweight to start with!) but i do believe it has contributed to my weight gain in general. I was tested for anaemia some time ago and that came back ok, at least something is right! I wish i lived in a single level house (bungalow) as we... (18 replies)
... The edema is getting worse in my right hand, and I wonder if any of you have found any simple remedies that help. I'm taking Lyrica and both hands are swelling a bit, but the right hand is worse than the left, so I know some of it must be the CRPS. ... (3 replies)
... I went to a new pain clinic yesterday. I just have not been happy with the treatment from the "big" places that supposedly have the best of the best to help with RSD/CRPS. SO yesterday i had an appt with a smaller clinic, and i really liked the staff and the docs. Im just gonna take my time tho, he wanted me to attend classes next month for a spinal cord stimulator and he... (6 replies)
New Diagnosis!
Aug 24, 2006
... Also just out of curiosity, does anyone else sweat all the time really bad for no reason. I cannot control it. I am sooo frustrated. Doc wanted to put me on Lyrica but my insurance said no way they would pay for it and it cost 195.00 a pop! Figures! Well I hope all of you are doing better than me. ... (6 replies)
May 21, 2006
... Sheri - I have RSD or CRPS in my case in my knee - it was horrible at first and spread to other knee and after a surgery for melanoma on same leg, increased to point I cried constantly. Long story but eventually I was put on Clonazepam and Neurontin (switched recently to Lyrica which is better). Now for the cold. When I have a bad day, knee gets very hot and swells - no... (10 replies)
... I am going to cal the pt place and ask if they are familiar with CRPS and set up appointment. My surgeon says all this is related to spinal nerves. ... (14 replies)
... ck wrapped in a thin towel or cold water for 15 minutes in my experience is helpful not harmful. But in any event it does not cause it to spread. I got RSD or CRPs six years ago and had extreme sensitivity to heat. ... (14 replies)
... I am so sorry you are feeling this bad. Why don't you call around to the Phsysio Therapists and ask if they have ever treated someone with RSD or CRPS. Once you have found someone who has experience in the area, go for one appointment and see what they say. Lay it on the line as far as money goes and if they are good, they will tell what their experience is. It was my... (14 replies)
... to a cool pool and do mild exercises with a good Kinesologist to start and then just the regular deep water therapy program. It will help your back and keep the CRPS from spreading. Blocks did not work for me but Lyrica, not Neurtonin, Clonmazepam and water therapy have done wonders. ... (14 replies)
What Do you Think?
Mar 22, 2006
... Sorry you are suffering with this. If you are a newly diagnosed RSD or CRPS patient, and you feel it is spreading, from my experience, a block and water exercise to keep the muscles and tendons from shrinking and the blood flow going. ... (7 replies)

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