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... Kim. I am not going to a pain clinic yet. ... (13 replies)
... Hello Julie, Hope you are doing well. I'm not sure about the dark spots, she just told me to compare my right metatarsals to my left and l could see the dark spots. I think they are demineralization(Osteoporosis) though. I get my bone scan Friday. And yes I'm sick of going to dr. and dr. one telling me this and one telling me that. I can't believe it's been 4 months with... (14 replies)
... Hello Katie and Welcome! Sharon is right about CRPS I & II and RSD. You can read a little about this at the Mayo Clinic CRPS web page (the link is in a thread which is a sticky note at the top of the page). Whatever they label it, it's a painful condition and I'm sorry you're dealing with it. I hope you find some relief. Hi Todd. Are the dark spots areas of... (14 replies)

... The mayo clinic website can be very helpful too. They have a lot of good information on different treatments that can be done and the results people get from them. ... (28 replies)
... available therapies, at best, oftentimes only make the pain bearable for many CRPS sufferers," said Ronald E. Harbut, assistant professor of anesthesiology, Penn State Hershey Medical Center. ... (24 replies)
... Here is a controversial recent Mayo Clinic study abstract. ... (6 replies)
... For more information on tests and treatment available for RSD I recommend you go to the Mayo Clinic thread that I started and go to the Mayo Clinic CRPS document in the link. ... (1 replies)
... Have you tried Epsom salts in your bath? Also, sometimes a heat pad will provide some relief. I was diagnosed about a month ago and am awaiting to be treated via Calmare. I was fortunate to have a great pain management doctor and orthopedic surgeon who were able to diagnose me immediately. My husband and I were also calling their offices nonstop regarding my pain, which was... (4 replies)
... WEBMD and the Mayo clinic agree that stage one is 1 to 3 months so that would put me in stage 2. Will this get worse or will it get better? ... (4 replies)
... We'll see how this nerve block goes today. This will be her second. I am pretty sure I'll be calling The Children's Institute and maybe the CRPC at the Mayo clinic later today. I am too worried that these incompetant dr's here are just making things worse. ... (4 replies)
... There is a sticky thread at the top of the page titled "Mayo Clinic CRPS link". It has a lot of information about diagnosis and treatment. ... (16 replies)
... There is a lot of great information in the Mayo Clinic CRPS aticle that you can get to by going to the sticky note thread at the top of the page. ... (6 replies)
... There is a thread I started with a link to a CRPS article by the Mayo Clinic. It outlines the different treatment options for RSD and it might help clarify things for you. ... (10 replies)
Apr 28, 2004
... article published by the Mayo Clinic. ... (8 replies)
... I am not in that area, but I am sure that there are several that do. There may be a Mayo clinic up there that can help you? ... (14 replies)
... p a journal and take it with you to doctor appts. It's easy to forget things with RSD. Educate your family and friends about RSD by printing out information. The Mayo Clinic CRPS document is very helpful with this. The more they understand, the more support they'll give and that makes a difference in recovery. ... (14 replies)
... If you check out the Mayo Clinic CRPS link I posted you will find lots of helpful information about treatment options and a sequence of treatment chart. To a certain degree your doctor is correct. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Sarah, Sorry you have been afflicted by this monster, but I'm glad you found your way here. There is somewhat of an algorithm that doctors tend to follow in treating RSD. It usually starts with drugs and PT, but if the PT is too painful even with the drug therapy then blocks should be started. There is a thread with a link to an excellent article on CRPS (RSD) from the... (5 replies)
... Hi Robert, I'm sorry to hear that another young woman is being afflicted by this monster. I don't have much to add to the really good advice everyone has given you so far. I agree that one unsuccessful block shouldn't deter the doctor from trying again. He may have missed the mark. I would definitely recommend that your daughter is seen by a pain management... (7 replies)
New in IOWA
Feb 15, 2004
... I bumped up a thread that has a link to a great RSD article published by the Mayo Clinic. It should answer a lot of your questions. Research all you can so that you can make informed decisions about your treatment. ... (6 replies)

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