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... Every bone and muscle in my body ache. My RSD has flared up back to a 10! It's even spreading now into the left leg as opposed to the left extremity. ... (6 replies)
TENS treatments
Feb 26, 2006
... g but brutal attacks!!!! When I tried the STS machine for the first time, I couldn't function. I couldn't drive, let alone walk, with my cane! But I saw how it cured 2 of my closest friends with RSD., so Ikept going. ... (12 replies)
RSD Migration
Oct 5, 2003
... dventure. You bet you better get that Neurologist and tie him up. He can say like "By the authority in trusted in me, I pronounce the crise ship and all aboard cured of the migration of RSD" And the crowd went wild. I bet "Sky News" will be there. W must practice our speeches. ... (101 replies)

RSD symptoms
Aug 14, 2002
... From all my research I have learned that either of your two factors could cause the RSD to develop in your arm. Also once you get RSD you are never really cured, the disease just goes into remission, like cancer does. ... (3 replies)
... My husband was also diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both hands,but he has RSD in his right arm because of a soft tissue injury he got when he was working as a macanic. ... (5 replies)
What next?
Mar 16, 2012
... RSD first must be diagnosed, which is not always an easy task. It is one of those things where the symptoms will be managed rather than cured. This can involve modalities such as physical therapy, medications, nerve blocks and "psychosocial" support. I think the most important thing you can do right now is to find an interventional pain management doctor that has... (18 replies)
... and sprung it on me 20 minutes before they had planned on us all leaving. Okay heres my problem I have RSD in my left foot and leg and right arm and hand, my foot even with the stimulator is very hypersensitive. The only shoes i can wear are crocs. ... (9 replies)
... I have rsd in my foot and ankle and it has spread up to my knee. I also have pain in both knees, both hips, and sometimes one elbow. ... (14 replies)
... uropathy nobody has ever even heard about it, and it's an very difficult nerve condition which requires surgery that is only available in Europe! Even if I check RSD forums it's not often mentioned! Why is that, if it's so effective? ... (42 replies)
... Hi Janchi:wave: Yes my friend that I helped had neuropathy in her neck from 6 steel pins. When I first met her, she was reading the obits everyday, and knew the tv program by heart. She had no life. She didn't have RSD, we discovered later on. After about 1 month of treatments,3 times a week, she started walking the beach. After 2 months, she was too busy with her... (42 replies)
... not sure on the spelling, but that's how it's pronounced. My car mechanic told me it cured his mother who had 7 months to live and moved to Hawaii and stopped her chemo. You take 3 drops a day. ... (3 replies)
TENS treatments
Feb 26, 2006
... hours is all the relief I get, even then the pain is not completely gone. I am not sure where they will go next. I have a new doc who is very nice and treats RSD quite often. I even have spoken to people in the office who say that the STS and her treatment has tthem practically cured! ... (12 replies)
... for any infections or whatever..I had such high hopes for this injection to work and now I hurt soo bad I can't tell what is what!! I hope out of all of this my RSD doesn't spread..My PMD told me he had a patient that was in a auto accident and it cured his RSD.. ... (1 replies)
What's Next??
Aug 14, 2004
... Eisenberg E, Pud D. Can patients with chronic neuropathic pain be cured by acute administration of the NMDA receptor antagonist amantadine intravenously? ... (20 replies)
... a fire. Go elsewhere, some of us are getting tired of arguing with you. Your point has been posted, ours has been posted. Now lets brake away nice and easy. You cured your RSD, and since we won't take your advice and follow your treatment we won't be cured. ... (20 replies)
Liz and Sharon
Oct 6, 2003
... mail in all the dictation and it can be edited at the office. The other thing I was thinking of was Sharon working as a counselor with RSD teens. I think that contact with Dr. H. could provide this for her. Sharon, before you call think about this really hard. ... (24 replies)
Sharon 1030
Oct 2, 2003
... Been thinking about the cruise. I think we should rename the ship the RSD Migration. The Captain could be Captain Causalgia. We could do games like shuffle board for RSDers with lower limb problems. ... (75 replies)
Plane advice
Sep 18, 2003
... My husband has been in contact with a retired doctor in Florida who had success treating RSD patients with something called a TENS CAM. He invited us to his office for a demonstration. ... (3 replies)
Jun 18, 2003
... oman with the international cross sign through it. it's pretty nasty stuff, used mainly for leprosy, although one woman has been reported to have been completely cured from RSD symptoms, by using it. ... (2 replies)
Number of blocks
Jun 17, 2003
... answer. Some people have had 15 and no remission yet. Dr's can only hope, my Dr at the beginning was hoping after 3 mine would go into remission but I still have RSD as bad as the beginning. ... (10 replies)

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