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... Wendy, Please do not let them fool you, there is no cure for RSD. You may find a combination of things that may lessen your pain significantly but it will never be cured. I also agree with Kelly, do not let the dr do the nerve block if you do not trust him! That is going directly into your spine and they are nothing to fool with. I had one and the dr hit a nerve and I... (13 replies)
... I see alot of people post from years ago. I assume they are not cured. I wonder what drugs there are taking for RSD. New people, what drugs are you taking? In my reading it looks like to me that most people are on 4-6 differents drugs per day. I do my research, see a new name of a drug and look it up. I am going to my doc on monday. I started making a list so we could... (18 replies)
Why not Ketmine
Jun 14, 2011
... Hey Kevscar, I was wondering you have done lots of research, Have you come across any one who was cured (if there is such a thing for RSD) long term from the ketamine coma? I have seen stories about people going to have it done but nothing as far as if it was succesful long term. Have you seen any miracle stories out there? kelly (7 replies)

Sorry i bore you
May 14, 2011
... I'm keep trying to be honest but I know that they care, but just dont' get it. You are right about how everyone thinks it can be cured or a pill can make it all better. I've had someone say that to me....can't they just give you valium to take the edge off? ... (3 replies)
... Hi I have had RSD for over14 yrs. I can tell you right now it startedin my foot and now it is full body I know a lot about this horrible condition. 1st NO MORE SURGERIES!!!! ... (4 replies)
... have pain.. It has spread.. but its different pain.. I've learned what I can and cannot do through the yrs.. That helps alot.. Not knowing if you even have RSD stresses you out.. I remember all of this clearly.. I thought I was losing my mind.. I am sure I did.. lol lol... ... (6 replies)
... months of having it, it can mostly be cured pretty easily. ... (6 replies)
... Trace, Your not going crazy.. Your confused.. I use to be the same way.. until I found a treatment that has put me in a better place then I was in the last 7 yrs.. There is nothing wrong with going to see someone.. I use to when I was about 2-3 yrs into it.. I was thinking like you. I can't say it help all that much. I think it helped a little maybe only for the... (18 replies)
... Hi again, I found a link (I hope I can post this, it's from healthboards) to a thread of this guy claiming his wife was "cured" of her RSD in TX: Is this the one you meant Skooze? (42 replies)
... For those that done remember my RSD affects my left side of my neck, shoulder, arm, and hand. ... (2 replies)
... Yep, it takes a celebrity to bring some medical conditions to the surface or even to bring it to reality. Hope her name brings us more pain relief. (5 replies)
... Eisenberg E, Pud D. Can patients with chronic neuropathic pain be cured by acute administration of the NMDA receptor antagonist amantadine? ... (6 replies)
... n't understand the system. Why is it people with ADD and ADHD, no offense, how they get SSI approved for them. They get medication to help them and pretty much cured as long as they stay the meds. ... (11 replies)
Nov 21, 2003
... It is cold and dreary here in the UK. Very foggy too. Always lots of accidents on the Motorways always. Oh to be in Oz where the sun is shining and Aly's RSD will soon be helped by the stim. I think we should all cruise there after we reach the UK and everyone is cured. Wouldn't you want to go there too? ... (31 replies)
... I know of people with RSD that swear sleeping on a magnetic pad cured them. I gave it a go and found that I was in more pain than ever. Everyone is different so I guess you just have to try it! ... (4 replies)
... I was recently talking to an acquaintance and found out that her daughter contracted RSD at 13 years and was fortunate enough to be "cured" with 1 bier block done in her affected leg. ... (12 replies)
Sep 20, 2003
... Kara, That's really exciting. Congrats! I hope you can take some time to read the post from rsd-free titled "How I got cured". It's very thought-provoking and might give you some encouragement. Hang in there, and keep the beat! (4 replies)
... Anybody just get cured or I guess have permanent remission? ... (14 replies)
... I know rsd isn't cured even if the pain stops. That sucks so bad. ... (5 replies)
... ve a morphine pump and I like it a lot. As I told you before, I also had a sympathectomy and I don't recommend that AT ALL! I have not read about anybody who had RSD and also had a sympathectomy and was cured. There are so many side effects that I wasn't told about and on top of that, it didn't work! ... (3 replies)

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