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... I know depression sucks, but it's part of the package. Maybe try calling your attorney every other day, and then your PM dr. ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone Depression and the holidays go hand in hand ....then throw pain and six months of lack of sleep in there and away I go......I vowed to make it as stress free a holiday as I can. (keeping in mind that somethings are beyond my control) Stress for me makes everything worse. I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow, she always seems to give me a new way of... (10 replies)
... life. But I am with you. I can't imagaine going through all this and trying to raise children. I have been to treatment for relaxing and biofeed back...back the depression still is ort of controll...I take cymbalta...but I am same as you...I am so anger at times I just hate the whole world.... ... (10 replies)

... Hi again Jeanne:wave: I guess I read the tru the old er posts than work my way up to the newer posts. I see now that you have a family and your RSD is in your hands. Neck or shoulder too? One arm or both? I'm happy that you are seeing a shrink. It helped me sooooo much at first to accept that this is my life. That is half the battle. ;) So you print info for people who... (10 replies)
... Hi Dee:wave: Must be that RSD brain of mine. but at least you gota chuckle. :D I can't sit through a movie either. I even brought pillows, but it was too much strain on my neck. I haven't played Bingo either lately, but I want too. :jester: I guess I get some goofy ideas in my head sometimes. But given the chance, I'd try it. The problem is I need to keep changing... (10 replies)
... Hi Skooze...You made me have my hubby mixed up for Jules hubby. My hubby could never be a drill seargent...hes a big softy. When he comes homes and asks how my day was is just the way it was for 18 years...and I could talk about my day at work. Thanks for all the ideas for spending some of my time..but all my friends and family work...even my parents still work.... (10 replies)
... Hi Everyone!:wave: Yes pets are excellent therapy for us. Cats are easier because they are more self sufficient, but they hear us cry and moan and curl right up to us. I guess they have a lady here, who takes her dog to the hospital to cheer people up and help recover. And listen to this, The Ritz Carlton adopted this dog, and when regular customers come they can request... (10 replies)
... Eunie....You made me laugh. Your comment about being at home with your kitty Kats...I have two black labs. And let me tell you I have told them my whole life story...I talk to them like they are my best friends. They know everything. But them I tell myself how sad it is that my pets have become more involved in my life then anyone else...because I'me home all the time. I sure... (10 replies)
... ((((Jules)))) oh honey we all know your pain and boy oh boy do I know the "SUCK IT UP" term in more ways than one..Skooze and Dee gave you some really great advise and support. I'm on my 4th yr of having RSD but not till 2 yrs ago did my discoloration start to appear on my foot and leg. RSD is very snicky so don't let anyone get you down just because nothing is showing my pain... (10 replies)
... Thanks Szooze and Dee. I really appreciate you responding to my post. As for my family I think there are done being supportive to everyone I should be healed and as good as new now. They can't see an injury no blood, guts or cast. So they just don't understand. My husband is retired Army and a Army Ranger at that so all he knows is "SUCK IT UP SOLDIER AND DRIVE ON". My Mom... (10 replies)
... I have been in pain for 10 months now and not working since April I am beginning to go crazy. I cry all the time especially when my kids play sappy Country songs. I am short when my family tries to talk to me I am unable to have a conversation w/o sounding mad at the world. I spoke to my PM doctor and asked if they could give me a refferal but of couse they can't get me in... (10 replies)
... t's overwhelming, your pain probably increases your adrenalin and cortisol levels because of the stress you are under. Pain also buggers the serotonin and causes depression in a lot of people. Things that I find help. ... (7 replies)
... Lefty, Thank you for the kind words and your info on my question about the sympathectamy. I am starting to feel like there is no hope and can I just say really think this F#$%&** RSD crap sucks!!!!! I dont know about anyone else, but after all this time I am really sick of feeling like I have to explain even to my family still sometimes that RSD is real, not that they dont... (16 replies)
... I am at the end of my rope. There has to be something to at least take the edge off. The pain is causing depression. The depression is causing no will to live. No will to live is causing me to go back to square one and try to find the right drugs. RSD sucks, I hate it, I want it to go away. ... (18 replies)
... seems after the first month or so, the depression is back if not worse. I know I have to call them about this but I've gotten to where it's difficult to even talk about any of this with family, doctors, anyone. ... (39 replies)
... When I google CPS or chronic pain syndrome it does not say its related in any way to CRPS or chronic regional pain syndrome it describes it as a separate entity ( pain feeding on pain) (33 replies)
... spruce up cell phones with....and I named my cane...I call it Ilene. Yes, I do have a warped sense of humor but this disease will put you in the deepest, darkest depression if you let it! It is ranked one of the highest suicide yes, I keep a sense of humor!!! ... (33 replies)
... No problems understand totally. I knw about the little things we do causing extreme pain. All I can do in PT is rub different textures above my right knee so its not touching the extremely sensitive part & that is causing flare ups & pain. I just don't understand it (22 replies)
... JonathanM- sorry I haven't wrote back. I did have ups and downs with the temperature of hydrotrac. The jets hurt to have them on so I would have to have them turned off which decreased the temperature. Sometimes it was too hot for me, just the heat on my legs would make it burn more. I would also use a styrofoam noodle to hold my arms up to do other exercises.. That became so... (22 replies)
Crps & PT
Jul 21, 2012
... Mine pretty much has stayed the same level for the past year. There are some days it is worse, and there is a rare day that I have a little break. My flare ups will make my whole arm turn purple, I get a 5-7 degree temperature difference between my hands as well. I also have had numbness in my pinkie and ring finger since the surgery. I too have had some serious memory... (29 replies)

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