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... You know it's funny. I was just looking in the mirror the other day and I said to myself, I said, "Self, you look like you have allot more facial hair than you have ever had! ... (64 replies)
RSD in mouth?
Jun 4, 2008
... ive adequate pain control early in the condition. All of the more recent research has shown that aggressive pain management is the most effective way to ward off RSD as a permanent condition. Sometimes this is hard to convince doctors of, as they are concerned with addiction and the DEA. ... (3 replies)
... Michelle, It seems like you know a lot about RSD. I have a question for you. I have read about RSD and hair growth, have you heard of anyone's hair go from straight, bone straight to curly? ... (64 replies)

... to read that others have more facial hair since being diagnosed with RSD. ... (64 replies)
... Hello! I was very interested in your thread. I have had RSD in my left arm and leg for nearly three years now and I too have noticed a major increase in sweat, especially in my facial area! ... (18 replies)
... ds like it. I used to have alot of fire before the meds and what not but now I pretty much have what you are decrscribing as pain. If they have said CRPS that is RSD ... RSD is techincally an "old school" name for the disease. ... (10 replies)
... helps to know your Doc is there. It is not an easy task, but once you find one, you feel comfortable not being alone, because you know someone with knowledge of RSD is there. ... (13 replies)
... I have had RSD for 4 yrs. I am going through facial swelling now for the last year. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Maddy to help ease your frustration I have RSD to my face and head also! ... (9 replies)
... was before I was even dx.. and my nails they grew like weeds. still do.. My hair did change to a different texture.. I already have curly hair so.. I do get facial hair.. this is weird to say but its almost like pubic hair my chin, eyebrows.. and it is curly.. ... (64 replies)
... om the L5. Everything else turned out good. I also have been tested for blood vessel blockages have none. Tested for arthritis don't have that either. I got this RSD from surgery in April this year to remove a bone chip in my left foot. ... (64 replies)
... Thank makes me feel like I'm not alone...I'm sorry that you're having this long have you had it? Are you taking medicine? Because the neurontin/gabapentin is causing all of my hair to fall out....ugh.... (9 replies)
... Iam not sure if this will help. But I do have RSD on my face. I had shoulder surgery. Just within a couple of weeks the burning started in my shoulder, neck and face. But it was my my lower face. ... (9 replies)
... I think this may be much more related to the sympathetic nervous system damage that caused your RSD to develop and not so much caused by the RSD itself.since my initial damage happened after a spinal cord surgery,i have had among other things,many similar type problems on my face. ... (6 replies)
... pec is understanding and is trying to do the best for me, but its all a waiting game, trial and error. I'm going to see him next week and going to ask him about rsd and if he thinks i have that. I feel its taken over my life and am very scared of what is happening to me. Any advise would be appreciated. ... (10 replies)
... hting to get your life back and start learning to live with this RSD. I know I sound like I am in control but let me tell you Maddy I am not. But I refuse to let RSD take everything from me and my family. So Maddy fight. We are here to support you. I can't tell you how much all these wonderful people have helped me. ... (9 replies)
... I just wanted to welcome you to the board. I'm sorry I can't really help you out with your questions, but maybe someone else can. I know that people have had RSD spread to their face but I have not heard of it starting there. ... (9 replies)
... ng, wasn't there" and to me it wasn't the "very thing that would help me the most" as my doctor suggested. Another thing..........when they removed the trial my RSD seemed to flare up because of going thru the trial. ... (18 replies)
... d turning into more cancer. This is why no hormones to help with hot flashes. My gynecologist told me that with the sympathetic nerve being damaged and causing RSD that to keep in mind that RSD affects the limbic portion of the brain and the hypothalmus is located there which is your body's "thermostat". ... (18 replies)
... I have RSD in my right foot, ankle and leg and lower back and i have had profuse sweating since the RSD was triggered. I also get really hot when it gets bad like a hot flash. Its all part of a nerve injury or neuopathic condition.. ... (18 replies)

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