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... I remmebered a long discussion on "fingertip pruning" (RSD hand wrinkling in water) and managed to find it. There are some interesting articles part way through the post. Sunny (27 replies)
... the exaggerated pruning doesn't look as healthy but is more likely an indication of an exaggerated sympathetic response. ... (27 replies)
... noticed some pruning on the fingertips but haven't otherwise seen this mystery mentioned. ... (27 replies)

... Sunnycal - Thanks for bumping this thread up for me! To All- I also have noticed the reverse - significantly more pruning of the hand and fingers on my RSD hand as compared to my non-RSD hand. I just started a new post about this when Sunnycal referred me to this post and bumped it up for me. Great info on this thread guys! Thanx! (27 replies)
... cold or in a tub or shower of water. My fingers prune so tiny that it looks very scary. My left good hand prune but very big. In the begining of my RSD I had no pruning it stayed a smooth surface. I am living in Central Florida and my Doctor is Dr. Hasmi who worked with DR. Hooshmond. ... (27 replies)
... ed the it pruned a little sooner. I never timed it so I don't know what the improvement actually was, but it did get better. It still lags behind my good hand in pruning time. ... (27 replies)
... I had the opposite pruning problem. My RSD hand wouldn't prune no matter how long I soaked it. ... (27 replies)
... Hi there! :wave: I noticed in one of your posts (I think the one on "fingertip pruning mystery") that your RSD started the same year and by the same exact injury as mine. I was also diagnosed with RSD in 2002 after I crushed my fingers in a metal door at work. How weird! Since our injuries were the same and occurred at the same time, I was wondering a few things: 1)... (0 replies)
... Cindyluv777- Weird. I also contracted RSD in my right (dominant) hand in 2002 after crushing it in a metal door at work. What is your date of injury? (27 replies)
... I bumped up a thread for you on "fingertip pruning". Sunny (3 replies)
... Hi Thanks Cindy, hope all has improved in your part of Florida. Will you be seeing Dr. Hashmi soon? I have heard his outspoken colleague Dr. Hooshmand can be quite opinionated when it comes to RSD/CRPS treatment but I found his website interesting. Well I read the article "Skin wrinkling for the assessment of sympathetic function in the limbs" from yr 2000, still... (27 replies)
... Glad to hear you're OK Cindy. I also intend to bring these issues up with Dr. Schwartzman when I see him in Oct & let the board know. -Keep in touch ! :bouncing: (27 replies)
... Hello Josh I am sorry I could not get back to you but I was in the hurricain and we lost power. I am thanking God we are OK. I will talk to him again soon and let you know. I hope all is well with you I find you articles very interesting. I will let him know. God bless Cindy :wave: (27 replies)
... -Cindy, how'd it go with Dr. Hasmi ? - Did he have thoughts on these issues ? :bouncing: (27 replies)
... - Cindy, one last thing I'd be interested to hear Dr. Hasmi's perspective on is perhaps just as or more controversial (in part due to historical stigma) than prolonged IV ketamine for chronic intractable RSD/CRPS-1; i.e. the increasing reports of modern ECT (ElectroConvulsiveTherapy) totally resolving or greatly improving long standing RSD-including pain& vascular dysfunction.... (27 replies)
... -Cindy, Perhaps you could ask Dr. Hasmi about all this & let us know his thoughts. I've read much of their stuff at their website, they seem to support sympathetic blocks (but vocally against sympathectomies unless your life expectancy is <5 yrs as they've seen permanent disruption problematic-e.g. denervation supersensitivity), some antidepressants & anticonvulsants. I... (27 replies)
... Hi Josh, Thanks again for your diligence in researching this part of RSD and sharing it with us. And good luck with your appt. with Dr. Schwartzman in October. He's the one to ask about the ketamine! I keep hearing good reports. Take care, Julie (27 replies)
... -Hi Sealover-, sorry to hear about this. Spasms can be part of RSD, you may want to ask your doctor about a trial of baclofen &/or Klonopin-clonazepam. If it's very localized I've also heard of botox being used but I don't know how well established that application is...I have read cortisone injections can cause atrophy as a side effect (most commonly when done excessively... (27 replies)
... You are right, but right now I can't remember. I have searched the web for three years and have to much links ;) One day I will sort it out. :o Sorry T (27 replies)
... Hi TUBA, I think I remember reading that you noticed the exaggerated water immersion wrinkle reflex & that you had read about it in the context of RSD? If that's so or anyone else has this topic in the context of RSD I would be interested in the reference. Also if anyone personally noticed after a successful sympathetic block or other treatment a change in their water... (27 replies)

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