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... years ago I had the Intrathecal Pain Pump implanted and it has helped, however I recently had a terrible experience during a refill. ... (7 replies)
... I am looking for any information regarding why doctors might be discontinuing the use of the medtronic pain pump. My doctor told me recently that doctors no think it is very effective and are no longer taking patients who have the pump. ... (7 replies)
... The only thing I can do is take oral morphine and rock through the pain episode until it is gone. Normally lasts for 8hrs or so but one time I had an episode that lasted for 3 days. ... (18 replies)

... weeks at least the trial then. I am so excited and hopeful at the prospects this could be for me! I know that my husband's cousin had the intrathecal infusion pump and it ended up twice leaking on him. ... (18 replies)
... I have the SCS box implanted for pain in my lower back down through both legs and into my feet. I had the Intrathecal Infusion Pump put in last October to help distribute morphine throughout my body because my RSD had become systemic in all limbs along with various attacks on my organs. ... (18 replies)
... or 8 years now and have done very well with it. If I were your husband, I'd ask the doc about bupivacaine as well. Besides the morphine, I have bupivacaine in my pump and I believe that helps more than the morphine. ... (38 replies)
... I got my pump 3 yrs ago and it's been an up and down thing for me. I started off with Dilaudid since I'm allergic to Morphine. At some point we switched to Fentanyl. ... (38 replies)
... i am going thru pump trials right now and mt doc is having a hard time finding a med that will give me good relief. ... (38 replies)
... t to 3 means. He said the dilaudid gets increased to 3 milligrams as does the bupivicaine and the clonidine is increased to 3 micrograms. We had no idea that the pump had 3 drugs in it. The doctor said he uses dilaudid instead of morphine because it is more potent. ... (38 replies)
... thanks for the quick reply, that sucks that its not helping much for him. when you say he is up to 12 i assume the bupivicaine or can they give that much in dilaudid? thanks again for the info, mike (38 replies)
... My husband hasn't had any good relief from the pump. He is up to a dosage of 12. He started at 1. The pump drugs are, dilaudid, clonidine and bupivicaine. The doctor prescribed Tramadol orally for breakthrough pain but it doesn't do anything. ... (38 replies)
... Every pump has an alarm and when the pump gets low, it will beep. Once you hear the beep, you've got about 3 days to get it refilled. ... (38 replies)
... my brother has had a morphine pump for over 4 yrs, recently it was replaced with a new one, it was overdosing him and he has been back twice in january for adjustments. even when it was working properly, when it would dose him, he would immediately beocme high as a kite, and when driving he would fall asleep!! well i guess the second pump did its thing he died... (38 replies)
... My original pump was running fine. ... (38 replies)
... I've had my pump for 10 years now and I've done well with it too. I hope you'll have as good results with yours. ... (38 replies)
... elling you...that bupivacaine helps me immensely. I wish that your husband could at least try it. When I was going through getting the last dosage right after my pump surgery, I got to feel all over again how bad the RSD pain really is. I'd forgotten because it had been gone for 8 is HORRIBLE!! ... (38 replies)
... They have to order the meds for the pump from a compounding pharmacy in advance of your needing the refill, too. ... (38 replies)
... You were right...the doc does not give him a printout. When we first asked about a pump several months back, this doc said he has never heard of a pump working for RSD, so we let it go at that time even thought we didn't believe pumps don't work for RSD. ... (38 replies)
... I did get your answer about the refills. Thanks. He had the pian pump implanted today. At the moment his stomach is really swollen and he is in pain. Hopefully the pump will help. ... (38 replies)
... years I opted for the pump because I was always so out of it from all of the oral drugs. The pump was implanted in December of 2003. I take Dilaudid for the breakthrough pain, along with Atarax to stop the itching. ... (7 replies)

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