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... Hey guys! Dee, please get me the info on that guy regarding the Ketermine treatments I am very interested. I do remember you having that problem with your SCS and I very sorry it isn't doing what it should. ... (20 replies)
... But I have to say I tried the Ketermine cream on my leg, but I was told it would burn. Yes, it did. My leg was on fire and I couldn't even run water on my leg to try to remove it. ... (20 replies)
... Ben It's good to hear from you. I've read alot about ketermine treatment. Doesn't sound like they do alot of them. ... (20 replies)

Ketamine compound
Feb 21, 2008
... Wow, I am happy that this compound is working for you. I was able to get m PM dr to prescribe a Ketermine compound for my foot/leg, but he did warn me that it would possible burn. BURN!!! That was an understatment it should have removed skin off my leg and I couldn't stand the pain. So for those of you out there where it works......congrats! (6 replies)
... Ben, The creme I have has at least 6 different meds in it, not just ketemine. I believe some of the meds include... neuronten, lidocaine, ketemine, cortizone and 3 or 4 more I can't remember. The creme is compounded by a local pharmicy and sent to my home. I am supposed to put on 3 times a day...That is impossible. It makes you tired due to all the meds in it. I was waking... (20 replies)
... Uhm, that is very interesting and I thank you for the information regarding the two med combos. I was taking Alavil (sp?) and the pharmacist wouldn't fill my Ultram ER do to the two combos, so I would have to say that they already knew about the interactions. But I find it funny that I am coming down with a chest cold and my dr prescribed Mucinex DM. I spoke to the pharmacy... (20 replies)
... Ben: Coadministration of Cymbalta and Ultram (tramadol) risks serotonin symdrome - a rare but serious and potentially fatal condition. Ask your pharmacist for advice regarding this combination, just to be safe. I am on tramadol and was prescribed Cymbalta. After reading about the interactions, I did not take any Cymbalta at all but instead contacted my physician and... (20 replies)
... Skooze, Sharon, Dee and Scruffys Dad... Howdy yall, Aloha, whats up and etc... Scruffys Dad... the device is Medtronics also. The Medtronics rep tested it and watched the skin turn bright pink and go up from under 90 degrees to over 106 in just one hour. This can be normal says the Tech from Medtronics... Uh yeah:confused: Anyway, My doc says yeah yank it out and replace on... (20 replies)
... Hi Bernie!:wave: Yes it has been ions since you last posted, but I'm sure your excuse is very valid--in fact it sounds horrible. Cooking on the insisde, reminds me of something that happens when you go to too many tanning booths! :eek: I don't know but I'd push for the ketamine treatment. I asked my doc about them and no one does that work here in Maui. If I was you I'd be... (20 replies)
... Hi Bernie, It's nice to see you back here! That's something about your stim. YIKES! Hang in there. Sharon :) (20 replies)
... Bernie, Wow way too hot for me! I have a SCS and I don't have that kind of problem. What manufactuer do you have? Mine is Medtronics. As far as Ketamine infusion, my wife was able to speak with a dr who has had success with it and I could be seen as earlier as August for a consult. We are still reading up on case history, but if I could have 50% improvement then life... (20 replies)
... Hey Guys, I haven't posted in quite a while, sorry. As for the ketemine Infusion, it was offered to me and W/C said no way... My AME said yes and If I still want it I can have it. He said it would make me like a wet noodle for about 6 to 12 hours then the pain should be gone for a while. How long??? No telling, could be months, weeks days or not at all... So until I am... (20 replies)
... HI DEE:wave: I have some insight to your dilema---why not post on Jay's site about the healthboards here, and have her become a member here too as well. We are not allowed to post other websites or emails, and you don't want to be banned:nono: We all could benefit from her presence here as well a win win situation you might. Sorry you and Ben are both having problems... (20 replies)
... Ben ... I know you would like to talk with Jay. But I don't know if I am allowed to post the group that I belong to so you could post to Jay. I did post to Jay earlier and ask about her next treatment. And I hate to say it but I forgot what it I know it's not funny. But I think she said it was in a few weeks. And I can't log on for some reason. I know she would talk... (20 replies)
... Wow, that is interesting. Of course, I would have questions of my own to ask Jay regarding her treatment. Dee, my wife has been in contact with a dr out of state regarding such treatments. According to them they have had from 50% relief to 100% relief with all of their patients with no additional treatments needed after the first initial injections. We are gathering most... (20 replies)
... Ben Here is an update from Jay regarding the Ketemime . I have asked Jay when the next treatment is...I think she was to have a series of treatments. I will keep you posted. Dee fyi for all i am at one week from the infusion - i have gone from 50% relief to 25% relief but it is still wonderful i cannot remember feeling so well and happy i know it is not a... (20 replies)
... Dee, Thanks so much for that information. Okay, so now that my wife has read this thread so is much more eager to get me an appt. She feels that if my pain level was split in half, then I would rest more easily and function better. So on that note I can see what direction my life will be taking me shortly. LOL Thanks for everything.....Ben (20 replies)
... Ben...Here is Jay's post about her first ketemine treatment. I hope this will help you out. Take care, Dee Sorry I need to be brief - but I am oh so happy Hope all of you get a chance 50mg total of ketamine 10mg fast - it was very mind altering but not scary (20 replies)
... Thanks Dee for the info. I will wait patiently. No I am not currently in talks with my PM for the treatments, but my wife is starting to push me to consider this as an option. I really don't know if I want to go thru with this. So much info that is needed. She is trying to get in contact with a specialist in Arkansas to see what the wait time is for a consult and see if I... (20 replies)
... Ben....The lady I am talking about is having his first ketemine treatment starting Feb. 1st. So as soon as she post again I will talk with her. Are you and your Dr talking about doing ketemine treatments? I know this this man is doing the 4 hour treatment...if I remember right. He has RSD full body. I just got approved to have a cat scan& some x-rays of my SCS to see if... (20 replies)

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