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... I have read a lot of info on RSD that talks about arthoscopic knee surgery and RSD. I had arthoscopic surgery this past June on my left knee. Now my right foot is looking VERY much like RSD. Can anyone explain this to me? ... (4 replies)
Surgery and rsd
May 1, 2005
... There are three articles pertinent to this subject on surgery which I was also interested in due to need for knee replacement and RSD right in the area they would have to cut. ... (2 replies)
... The original site of my RSD was my left foot after a fracture. I had RSD for three years before it was diagnosed. During that three years, I had one knee surgery. After the surgery, I guess the RSD signs were more apparent plus I went to a doctor who actually knew something about RSD. ... (10 replies)

... RSD. Mine is my knee. If so, would you mind telling me where you went for the deep epidurals, if you can, or at least what city you are in. My first Melanoma surgery on the same leg made the CRPS go absolutely beserk. ... (10 replies)
... I forgot to address your question about surgeries with RSD. I've had MANY surgeries since my diagnosis and for most of them had epidurals put in for a few days after the surgery and I never had a problem. ... (10 replies)
... there seem to be many other threads on this site that indicate the spread of RSD from secondary surgery. It may be that the surgeons did not do a sufficiently deep block. ... (10 replies)
Apr 25, 2007
... i can't say the dr is really looking out for me because the one who diagnosed me with rsd as actually discharged me from his care and sent me to a pm in his clinic. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I am New to this board. I am searching for information on the incidents of RSD after Carpal Tunnel surgery. I have RSD in my right knee after a very traumatic snow skiing accident injury. I have had 3 surgeries on the knee and have had RSD for just over 2 years. ... (10 replies)
... The original problem with my knee was chondromalacia patella. They did a realignment and fixed that, but by the time that was done, I'd had RSD for 3 years and had a lot of atrophy. Everytime he did a new surgery, it was to take out scar tissue. ... (18 replies)
... knee replaced on my RSD side in Jan of 2011. They did a special anesthesia block right b4 the surgery and I had done fine. ... (4 replies)
... no surgery on an RSD leg. My Orthopedic surgeon said to me "Now that you have a firm diagnosis of RSD no doctor will ever do elective surgery on you,." No matter how bad a knee is they still consider knee replacement to be elective. And you have to really exercise which it is healing. ... (7 replies)
... I had arthoscopic then had total knee replacement . ... (7 replies)
... Here's my story...I'm 34 and got RSD at 15 after a foot fracture. I wasn't diagnosed for three years. Knee knee surgery before RSD diagnosis, 11 more knee surgeries to get rid of neuromas, scar tissue, etc. ... (6 replies)
... I had knee surgery and a morphine pump was placed at the site for about a week after. My knee was my original RSD site and it didn't get any worse. With hand surgery, I had nothing and sure enough, I now have RSD in my hand. ... (7 replies)
... I can only tell you my experience because as you know, everyone reacts differently. I've had MANY knee surgeries since my RSD diagnosis. With most of them, they put in the epidural for the surgery and left it there for a couple of days after. It seemed to work pretty well. ... (4 replies)
... I have RSD in my left foot and ankle since last fall. Officially dx'd in Dec. 2010. I've been getting weekly sympathetic nerve blocks and my PM dr. has been great with all this. ... (0 replies)
... I've read the posts about surgery making the RSD worse. ... (9 replies)
... just to help kind of 'clarify' a few things about neuropathy and RSD.RSD IS considered one of many different types of neuropathic pain syndromes,one of the worst actually. ... (17 replies)
... There are three articles pertinent to this subject on surgery which I was also interested in due to need for knee replacement and RSD right in the area they would have to cut. I would be reluctant if it is right at the site of the RSD. ... (4 replies)
... My rsd began after a knee surgery and has since spread to my upper arm. I never had the barely touch, blow on it and it hurts kind of pain. Now, if you put pressure to the touch, I felt pain, but I was not bothered by light stimulation. ... (12 replies)

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