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... Hi Natalie, I suffer from both RSD and Cervical Dystonia. Cervical Dystonia is severe and uncontrollable muscles spasms of the neck. I have full upper body RSD in both arms, neck and shoulders. My spasms started in my neck and then moved down my left arm. ... (2 replies)
... the answer to your question is yes. I have severe muscle spasms in both my left arm and neck that have left them contorted in a way that can't be fixed. ... (1 replies)
... I've heard of extremities going numb, in fact when I first had RSD, went into the ER room once because my whole left side was numb, they ran an EKG on me thinking I was having a heart attack! ... (10 replies)

... back. My test in that first year was, is this pain in another part of my body just going on and on. I waited 2 months and when it was still hurting just like the left leg, I knew it had spread there. ... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
... Hey Jaxobean, Since August 30,2006.......i have not been on many meds. One doctor gave me meds for least 4 different types. Got pawned off from doctor to least 8 times........Now i am with a doctor who doesnt know a thing about RSD...or how to treat it...........DONT YOU JUST LOVE WORKERS COMP?????? Im on lyrica and he finally gave me percocet.... (18 replies)
... Hi Excowgirl, Cervical Dystonia is severe and uncontrollable muscle spasms of the neck. The freezing up my came from a combination of both the RSD and Cervical Dystonia due to the pain in my arm and the spasms running down my arm. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Delta, yes it sounds like spread to me, ask for a lumbar sympathetic nerve block right away! When my RSD spread to my left hand and arm I got a nerve block just a week later, and it really helped. my left hand has RSD but I do not have any bad symptoms there. ... (12 replies)
... years. It quickly spread all over from my right foot to my right leg to my left foot to my left leg and then to my hands , eyes and mouth...I was so bad that my neurologist recommented I try on "off label " drug called Thalidomide... ... (6 replies)
... First I had bad spasm, needling pain, and aching pain on my left hand and two weeks later on my right hand. ... (6 replies)
A note....
May 2, 2004
... My first one really helped my left hand, it might help you too. ... (19 replies)
... symptoms, I don't have a whole lot of swelling or color changes like some do. I can sympathize with you on the issue of your arm and shoulder becoming frozen. My left arm is locked in the position where my left hand touches my left shoulder and the only time I can extend it is to put my clothes on. ... (19 replies)
... The palm of my left hand has been hurting since the accident , but there has been so much pain to the foot area that I continued to disregard the hand pain. It continuous to hurt daily. I was bending over with a snow shovel to get a scoop of snow when I was blind sided. ... (3 replies)
... t happened to me, it took 15 years of suffering before anyone would believe that something was seriously wrong and by the time someone finally figured it out, my left arm was permanently left disfiqured. It all got started when I had a very bad car wreck when I was 19. ... (8 replies)
... mg 4 x a day, Soma 350 mg 4 x a day and Celebrex. I also suffer from arthritis and cervical dystonia which is severe muscle spasms in my neck. I suffer from nerve damage in my right arm from where it was broken into and severed the nerves. ... (25 replies)
... My left arm is now locked in a position where my left hand touches my left shoulder and can only stretch it out long enough to put my clothes on. I wish you the best of luck and hope you win your appeal. ... (8 replies)
... n't show up on MRI, Xray or Cat scan as such, but now we know was the RSD setting in. It stops in the fleshy part of my forearm just below my elbow, although my hand is where the symptoms show. So, no, I don't have problems with my wrist. I have no pain in my hand, but it gets all red and swollen and shiny. ... (6 replies)
... but had pt to get range of motion. Then moved to other shoulder and more pt. Then had an injury to hand in 2001 and lost range of motion along with the swelling pain, etc. Became stiff like a board. Was diagnosed with rsd and started pt. tens unit. ... (36 replies)
... ry, that is a very good idea about taking pictures of when it actually turns colors. Along with RSD, I have cervical dystonia which is where I have severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder. ... (10 replies)
... Michelle i would love my ortho Dr. to meet you. He is so ignorant to RSD. He says RSD doesn't spread and that it only was documented once in the 1960's! He also says how it is not chronic that is just gets better and goes away! He has no clue. I am looking for documentation/articles to take in for my next visit. Donna (65 replies)

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