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... good luck with the Dr Schwartzman visit. he required us to do a weeklong lidocaine infusion, before being put on the list for ketamine infusion. we were constantly reminded of his patient load, when asking "time consuming" medical questions. ... (27 replies)
... Your dr is right about the lidocaine infusion.. They do come with Risk but the risk is low. and you are monitored very closely. I can see when he means by last resort.. ... (32 replies)
... l you will need is to see a Cardiologist prior.. at least I did.. and the reason for that is obviously to make sure everything is ok with your heart because the lidocaine does lower your blood pressure.. During the infusion, you are hooked up to around the clock heart monitor. ... (65 replies)

... I broke out in hives and they sent me home after 3 days.. I was so upset.. I cried. I knew that they would never allow me to have it again. I went in for my infusion in Sept. My follow up with Dr Schwartzman in May 12th.. What a long wait for a follow up.. ... (6 replies)
Sad news
Nov 2, 2007
... able and thus i want to use another one who will do the blocks under guidance. I will focus on treatment for now. I actually had a very short course out patient lidocaine infusion only about an hour and a half. My pain including my pelvic was all gone for about half an hour. I felt so good to be pain free. ... (11 replies)
... I just wanted to let you all know that Joey was given his second Lidocaine IV Infusion at the Pain Management Center yesterday, which they tell him is a 'New' procedure. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for your reply about the lidocaine. We've definitely talked about it before, I am just concerned because all that is offered is a one hour infusion every few weeks. I know you found a difference with lidocaine, but you got the inpatient infusions that were significantly longer. ... (5 replies)
Jul 7, 2008
... bout.. The whole things just makes me nervous.. ITs 10 days, everyday for five hrs.. Then you go for a series of boosters starting 2 weeks after.. During the infusion I would also take Midazolam this helps with the side affects of ketamine. and I would also take clonidine.. ... (16 replies)
... Sorry it took so long to get back to you... The answer to your question regarding the lidocaine infusion.. Yes.. They do give this treatment to pts with SIP.. Thats the kind I have.. I had no response at all from the blocks.. ... (32 replies)
... All it is is an IV infusion..of lidocaine and they start you out slowly.. Each day the turn it up until you up to I think its 21 I can't remember.. Your start at about 8 depending on your weight.. ... (65 replies)
... The lidocaine is a five day in patient infusion.. So your in for five days.. All you do is sleep.. Its nice.. Your pain free.. ... (65 replies)
... to go back for another treatment.. Each pt is differant.. Some can go as long as two yrs before another treatment.. From what they told me.. Its just like the lidocaine infushion.. It makes you very tired.. Its does not damage your heart.. ... (19 replies)
... For me.. Infusion all the way.. nothing compares to it.. I've had three blocks.. nothing but trouble.. I would just have more pain afterwards.. Gave up after that.. ... (5 replies)
... m limping around and lying awake at night. The problem is that my doc says this is only masking my pain and it is going to continue to spread. He wants to do a lidocaine infusion for two weeks at home. ... (14 replies)
... Michelle, I have more questions re:lidocaine infusion. Did it actually get rid of your pain all of them or partial? When you see Dr. S next time, can you ask him about the marcaine infusion? I read some one had marcaine infusion. I wonder what is the difference between the two. Does D. S offer the katamine awake procedure? I would be nice if you can find out for me. I... (21 replies)
... I pretty much see my doc every month. At my February appt, I'm going to discuss the Lidocaine infusion. Just my opinion, but I think the Lidocaine gives much better results and longer lasting results, and it seems like it might be safer. ... (13 replies)
... Let us know if you do the lidocaine infusion. ... (32 replies)
... mail over the weekend to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and they called me back today. The woman told me that their PM clinic does offer Lidocaine and Ketamine infusions. ... (65 replies)
Not good news
Jun 18, 2008
... Hi Michelle, Lidocaine infusion sounds like it's helped you a ton -- I'm unfamiliar, but I'll ask my doc about them. He's really into the research of RSD. Told me the future is probably headed in the area of ketamine infusions. So, are you able to walk since the lidocaine? You mentioned you were in a better place since you got those infusions, but wasn't quite sure what... (8 replies)
... ve in.. you need to get better treatment.... I am not an expert to this.. but I have met alot of pts with RSD while i was being treated in the hospital for the lidocaine infusions.. I know a young girl who has RSD so bad she ended up on a feeding tube. She layed with a tent covering her body cause anything that touched it hurt. ... (18 replies)

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