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... I think we need to come up with a possible signing off key. Like when we use lol for laughing out loud or ttyl for talk to you later ect.. ... (9 replies)
... ter coverage with the stim. he had 2 more that he named off but i cant remember them right off... But he said that the last resort will be a sympathectomy both bc of my age and the side effects and the sucess of them. sooo.. ? ... (3 replies)
Oct 24, 2003
... I have had mine since the end of March also!! lol I was thinking the same thing , am i loosing wt or ? ... (5 replies)

Sep 21, 2003
... stim leads nad to get it just to my foot and leg, so i will be able to walk around while i am in there. Unlike the last time i couldnt get up and around all week bc it was set high and the meds were a little to strong , but i needed them strong to try and kick it out. ... (3 replies)
... moles... and i have a flying one in my little 10x10 room.. god help me.. I cant sleep anywheres else bc i have to have my foot in a certian postion and i need sleep!! ... (1 replies)
... hat had the BEST PM doc i konw of and he is the only one in Upstate NY that does invasive and advanced prodcedures for RSD. So i felt soo lucky when i found him bc when i saw him the first time he said that if i waited anther month or 2 to see him that i would have lost my leg due to bone death and muscle and tissue death. ... (12 replies)
... ave been the culprit. I have heard that there was a guy on a nother site that could flip his around in his belly , but then had to ahve it moved to another spot bc fluid collected around it and it would hvae caused an infec.. i would call his doc, just to let him know, and expecially since its hurting him too... ... (30 replies)
New to website
Aug 12, 2003
... pounds bc it will dislodge the electrodes in my spine. I also cant be around any strong elec. current like the power transformers, bc it will surge my stim and make the current wicked strong and it can damage the stim. ... (15 replies)
... ough my ortho doc and like yours mine didnt treat it adn sent me to a Pain mang. doc, who is also a anesthisologist. They have to have that training behind them bc they are the ones that do the blocks and implants adn deal with the meds to help us control our pain. ... (4 replies)
Sep 17, 2004
... Hope to hear from ya!! sorry so long of a post.. lol and hope your doing good. here in NY its raining soo bad and its making the RSD flare something fierce.. ... (11 replies)
... mg , But I think I am still on my meds bc my stim really never worked for me that well bc i was to far advanced in my RSD.. ... (30 replies)
Stick Girl
Aug 23, 2003
... I just saw that info mercial for that Jucier and i was laughing bc his wife is there pushing him around..lmao.. i love it.. he used to do dance videos? ... (6 replies)
... I was standing right there when not one of them guessed younger than "65, bc clearly this is some kind of gimmick or trick. ... (3 replies)
... my foot and ankle enough where i can wear a sock on my foot. that its , but it helps soo much with the wind blowing onit and also taking away the stare's i get bc my foot is soo swollen and purple and blue and hairy.. ... (4 replies)
... eal with them and be more medically dependant at my age then say if i was 40's. I still dont konw how sharon got hers at 15.. wish i had her doc.. i really do , bc right now i need the morphine and the other stuff in her pump... ... (3 replies)
Oct 2, 2004
... at that does.. dont konw what it means if this doesnt work.. im runnig out of options fast and the pain pump is looking good , but my doc wont implant that in me bc i am so young... i dont feel young but he claims i am.. ... (11 replies)
... just had one put in my leg against my sciatic nerve and the generator part is on the side of my leg. I am also going back in to have the leads moved in my spine bc they are not working with the stim in my leg so i will have it opened again, so I am a pro at this ... (30 replies)
... Like the mentioned , they are going to ask you what you do during the day and what your limitations are, like what you cant do. My lawyer also said dont sugar coat it for them.. Tell them that you can only walk so far and then you have to stya put for 20 mins so you can recover or that you only are able to do stuff for you. And they are gonna ask you , in a typical day... (11 replies)
Neuro Stim
Jun 22, 2004
... is like MRI's and certian ultra sounds procedures, defibulation.. but the doc tell s you that. I also set off security buzzers when i go in to certin stores too bc the stim is effected by the secruity devices.. Walmart loves me and i get the whole work up everytime i m there to make sure that i m not stealin stuff.. ... (7 replies)
Omg good NEWS!!
Mar 19, 2004
... lol.. I am still shaking so bad!! and of course now that Im all excited my RSD has kicked up bc of the sympathectic being overloaded... oh well.. just needed to vent a little good news.. I will be geting monthly checks from now on.. ... (11 replies)

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