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... I have read that if you have rsd a lumbar block should work. I only had one back in January. It did not work for me according to the pain managment doctor. ... (3 replies)
RSD/Lumbar Block
May 16, 2010
... very poor rom. Any way I had my first Lumbar Block last Friday and wondered if anyone else have had these and what results they got. ... (3 replies)
... act as if all of us should know as much about rsd as they do sometimes!! they forget!! ... (6 replies)

... Hi, I had surgery on my rt foot about four years ago and I had RSD that started in my foot and has now migrated up my leg. Getting good treatment early is the best option for possible remission. ... (10 replies)
... I agree with the advice given you already. Your daughter is very lucky that her team doc picked up on this and sent her to a pain clinic so quickly. RSD is not curable, but it is treatable, and there are several treatments out there, but the blocks are the best way to try to get it into remission. ... (7 replies)
... A sympathetic block comes in 2 kinds. A lumbar block and a stellate ganglion block. The lumbar block is a block that put into your lower back. ... (11 replies)
... NO ICE! That is the biggest thing that needs to be stressed. Ice will hurt more and, at least from my research, possibly help RSD spread. ... (5 replies)
... CRPS and the many other names rsd has been called by since the Civil War. ... (19 replies)
... o have sensitivity to touch to have rsd. I didn't at the start of it all. All the other symptoms sound like rsd. You also don't have to have color change either. RSD effects everyone differently. It's the biggest reason I wish docs would stop reading the dang books!! ... (13 replies)
... Sorry to hear that you might have RSD. I really hope not! I have hand and wrist RSD so I get a different block than what you will get. Hopefully somebody will come along who has had a lumbar block and share with you. ... (10 replies)
... I had a third lumbar sympathetic nerve block yesterday...I had the first in August, the second in Septmeber and a third leg warmed up a bit after the block.. ... (32 replies)
RSD/Lumbar Block
Jul 10, 2010
... Pleased to here that you can get some relief from the lumbar sympathetic block. ... (3 replies)
... is it normal for your Dr to want to do a tunneled epidural catheter right after he did a lumbar sym block? ... (6 replies)
Lumbar Block
Jul 5, 2007
... Gene, what great news! I wish you the best and hope the block works for you. Yes I too have heard the earlier in your condition you get the blocks the better your chances are in getting your RSD under control. ... (7 replies)
Post lumbar block
Feb 20, 2011
... I have just been diagnosed with RSD and received my first Lumbar nerve block on Friday. Is it normal to have only had relief for 1 day? ... (9 replies)
... It is so hard to know about the possible spreading. I don't know about the lumbar block causing arm problems since I get the stellate block. Perhaps somebody else knows that answer. ... (5 replies)
Post lumbar block
Feb 23, 2011
... I was on the vicodin 10/660 4xs a day and neurotin 300 3xs a day also catapress patch and elavil, with my stimulator I am only on my patch and percocet 7.5/325 I didnt like the neurotin it made me feel kinda hungover foggy. I also wanted to hold off as long as i could with the stimulator, but my rsd pain quickly spread for me and after a few good flares i was begging for it,... (9 replies)
... compression sleeve every day for this time period. After reviewing all my records, and giving me a steroid shot with no results and put me on elavil , the term RSD came up for the first time. I had never heard it before. ... (0 replies)
... no is ice. Do not put ice on the rsd limb because it just causes further constriction of the blood vessels and also more pain. Epsom salts in the bath has helped the pain for a lot of people. ... (11 replies)
... ankle RSD had turned into full leg RSD after the TEC. When I woke up I couldnt figure out why my leg hurt so bad and why the pain was so high up my leg. ... (6 replies)

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