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... Tigerlilly, I called my RSD doc this past Monday and he got back today and we played phone tag all day so should hear from him tomorrow. Not sure what will be offered, and it is very frightening reading about all the complications from our options. I definitely want to stay away from the scs -- I know it can work, as I've read on here from people who had success with it but... (32 replies)
... Great idea with the vitamins! Taking them at the same time with everything else will definitely interfere with the absorption of them and probably haven't given you much benefit as a result. Taking them at least 2 hours after is your best bet. Most people probably don't know when you take iron pills, they shouldn't be taking them with calcium as this pretty much renders the... (32 replies)
... Karen, You are so nice - thanks so much for your reply. I took your advice and ate some saltines this morning instead of gulping down my pills with coffee and running out the door. It definately helped. I also put my vitamins in my pocket and will take them a little later instead of mixing them with everything else. Scio Lady - good luck with your contraption - I hope... (32 replies)

... Meds will mess with the tummy for sure! Sorry all of you are in so much pain from the weather.....snow....brrrrrrrr. Do you eat when you take your meds? I try and make sure I get something in me that will help "absorb" the meds so to speak. I'm not big on eating till a few hours after I wake up so if nothing else I eat crackers or lightly buttered toast, a biscuit if I have... (32 replies)
... The rep obviously didn't know a darn thing about rsd!!! Geez....keep it from spreading. Pffftttt Ah well......if they want to take it out then tell them, sure take the stupid thing out but don't think for a minute you'll be "repositioning" it and leaving it in there!!!!! Nope....far, far better to leave it out because "messing" with it won't accomplish anything and will lead... (32 replies)
... Hi Karen; I agreed to go ahead w/the neurostimulator because the company rep said, "it would keep the rsd from spreading in 99% of the time" - well, now...most days I have to turn the dang-gone thing down to near off as the "comforting vibration" they promised turns to a spiking jagging ....not near anything comforting ...stupid expensive machine; yeah, yeah, they reprogram... (32 replies)
... Hello again Tigerlily, I forgot something so I'm writing again. I was talking with my RSD doctor my last visit about the lidocaine infusions and he said he'd be willing to send me to an anestheologist to see if they would do one so I'm hopeful you're able to get more info and maybe have 1 done. Michelle swears by them. A flare for me is a very painful turn where I have to... (32 replies)
... I don't burn a lot, thankfully but it does whack me once in awhile. When I talk about a flare I am talking about pain and achy feeling. If I'm "lucky" haha, I get all the joy of sharp, stabbing,shooting pain all over, jumping hither and yon and also bone deep pain. It feels as if some little being is inside my bone marrow with an axe chopping away. I also will feel pain deep... (32 replies)
... I doubt though that you will get much relief from the lumbar block, but you never know till you try. Go into it with an open mind and pray that it helps. Good luck and keep us posted. ... (12 replies)
... I've had one done. My experience was done in a surgical suite next to the docs office. They started an IV and gave me some Versed. Once in the room they put me face down on the table near the fluoroscope machine, he leaned over and injected some really nice knock out medicine so never knew what happened till I woke up in the recovery cubicle. :) Let's just say it was... (2 replies)
Quick question
Sep 15, 2004
... started because of surgery on my RT foot to remove a mortons neuroma. Interesting fact. Anyways my RSD is in my right lower extremity. I've had a series of 12 lumbar sympathetic blocks. They were absolutely nothing. ... (5 replies)
... Welcome to the board although I wish we were meeting you for different reasons. I have lumbar sympathetic blocks about every 6 weeks. I have no sedation. It is uncomfortable, but not overly painful. ... (11 replies)
... Anyway, your questions...I also have it in my legs and I've had many lumbar sympathetic blocks which is what I think you're talking about. ... (11 replies)
... and he'll have another block on the 21st, but the Dr said that will be an Epidural instead of a Lumbar Sympathetic...not sure of the difference...will he be paralyzed like a woman in labor is? ... (19 replies)
... Hi Soxy. Thank you for replying. It sounds like the lumbar sympathetic blocks work really well. ... (6 replies)
... Stickgirl is right regarding the lumbar sympathetic blocks. If you get no relief from the block, then the diagnosis is not CRPS. If you get relief, then the diagnosis is CRPS. ... (16 replies)
... She numbed the skin surface with lidocaine, then inserted a needle into my back. I felt pressure and some pain as the needle was pushed into the front of the lumbar spine. ... (3 replies)
... There are sympathetic blocks that can be done to interrupt the constant pain signals you brain and body are dealing with. ... (5 replies)
Hi, New here.
Oct 14, 2004
... rotin and Keppra along with Ultracet .However none of the medications gave me any relief, they made me very sick.So the doctor took me off the meds. I have had 2 sympathetic lumbar blocks and I am somewhat confused and very frustrated. ... (3 replies)
... one thing i have foud,since the RSD itself is usually originally triggered by some level of sympathetic nervous system damage,anything that the SNS actually governs,like hair and nail growth,or the fight or flight response all can get pretty screwed up too. ... (64 replies)

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