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... I had yet another block yesterday. I've been through around 20 of them so far and have never had this happen. As the block was being done I felt a cramping pain across my lower back. It did calm down before the block was done. I also felt a pain in my groin area. ... (2 replies)
... It's been a while since I did the block thing, but I think the numbness that we get after a block comes from the lidocaine or whatever other med they use to numb the area before they do the actual block. ... (3 replies)
... However, within 2 hours of the block, his back and chest started hurting and cramping so bad that we thought he was having a heart attack. After the block went away, it left him with RSD in chest, back, neck, and starting into his right shoulder and arm. ... (2 replies)

... No, your doc didn't do the wrong block. For RSD in the lower extremities, it is common for the doc to do a lumbar sympathetic block which it sounds like you had. They can also do epidurals. You didn't get any relief from your knee pain? ... (5 replies)
... d know what is going on. I don't have the soreness in my injection spot but still have the low back pain. Oh! i was very tense also because i had the stellate block as well yestersday. I had a little trouble walking yestersday because i felt the pain in my upper thigh. Today i am fine. ... (5 replies)
... Did the block help? ... (5 replies)
... Just a quick post. My daughter had her 2nd block done today. When she was in recovery, the doctor was puzzled because both her legs were numb. Her left leg is the one she has the RSD in. ... (3 replies)
... CRPS and I had a similar experience to yours with a lumbar sympathetic block. ... (2 replies)
... I'm on the waiting list for a lumbar sympathetic block after trying numerous treatments and meds for the RSD in my right foot. How effective will this block be, and how safe is the precedure. ... (4 replies)
Second Block
Feb 22, 2004
... I am still having back pain and stiffness in my neck and back since my block on Wednesday. Is this a common side effect of a lumbar sympathetic block? ... (11 replies)
... Thankyou for your reply! I appreciate that! The numbness did end up going away in the middle of the night. I was concerned as that wasn't something I was told to expect. Yes, I found that my back was really sore for most of the week after the first injections, this time tho, they put a freezing in while proceding with the block..maybe that helped because its not so bad this... (3 replies)
... she had a lumbar sympathetic block. She had it Friday and today she actually noticed a difference. She has RSD in her foot. ... (10 replies)
... Are you talking about an injection directly into the ankle, or a lumbar sympathetic block into the spine, which would hopefully help your ankle? ... (2 replies)
... I was always given 10mg's of valium. First time I was scared but after that it was no big deal. The Only block that messed me up was shot number 5. I was tense that day and it made hard to get to the nerve. ... (5 replies)
... Anita I had the lower blocks done also. I only got about three hours of relief. It was nice, but I had severe back pain afterwards. About two hours into it my back would start and would be sore for two-three days. Everyone is different. I was also very tense during the procedure and I think that's what made my back so sore. Did you get any relief from it? How long?... (5 replies)
... Hey Anita, Did you get any pain relief from the block? You might be slightly sore for a day or so but it shouldnt be anything to write home about. I ran the series with them and loved them.. To me the blocks were something I loved. They worked awsome on pain and the warmth they provided was absolutely the best. It was nice to be normal again even if it was just for a few... (5 replies)
... I had my first lumbar sympathetic block today. It was a breeze, I was given virset to relax me and then I felt only pressure. To the teams surprise my foot temp. ... (7 replies)
... area gets numb too....oddest feeling ever...feels like its going to fall off.....check this out which i am sooooooooo sad bout it. not!..I am getting Lumbar Spinal Cord Stimulator and one of the side effects...Ta Da! orgasism.....YAY! me I'll be at WalMart getting down with my ... (3 replies)
... An epidural block is an injection of various meds into your epidural space in your spine. They do it for RSD in the hopes of quieting the sympathetic nerves down. It hurts a little, but from what I've heard, nowadays, they may give you sedation so it's not as bad. ... (1 replies)
... I just came across this forum, so I'm new to all of this. I started having sympathetic lumbar blocks 6 weeks ago. I've had 4 so far, and getting ready for my 5th one. Honestly, I'm not sure I want to continue. ... (3 replies)

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