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... I can tell you that the lumbar sympathetic block isn't horrible. ... (5 replies)
... re good when the pain is still sympathetically maintained. There's no way to know for sure whether it's maintained or gone independent until you have a least one block done. ... (12 replies)
... for my arm. So far, for me, I have had little to no relief. The lumbar injection wasn't too uncomfortable and I found the ganglion injection to be very uncomfortable. ... (15 replies)

... edantary duty. UGH!!! So that this point the specialist referred me to a pain management physician. I saw the physician and was immediately scheduled for a right lumbar sympathetic nerve block and put on Cymbalta 30 mg for the first 2 weeks then 60 mg thereafter. ... (3 replies)
... My daughter had 2 nerve blocks and then the sympathetic nerve block which did stop the pain. The procedure was more involved than the nerve block but was worth it in the long run. It took a few weeks to work. Good luck! ... (15 replies)
Coping with RSD
Oct 18, 2011
... I have RSD on the entire left side of my body from toes to shoulder. At one point, after the sympathetic nerve blocks were failing, I had epidural blocks with intrathecal baclofen. In the event you don't know about baclofen it is for spasms. ... (7 replies)
... Someone who's had one more recently than I will come here soon and tell you how it's done, but because your RSD is in your foot, they'd be doing a lumbar sympathetic block. They inject medicine, similar to novicaine....marcaine, lidocaine which is supposed to quiet down the overactive sympathetic nervous system. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you! I try to keep explanations simple. LOL I know about the block making things worse. Holy cow my experience was.....horrific! I was a wc case and they decided over a year into it that I HAD to get a block done. ... (32 replies)
... how soon should i get relief from pain from a lumbar sympathetic nerve block. I have recently been diagnosed with RSD and just underwent my first nerve block yesterday. I was wondering how quickly I will get relief from pain. ... (5 replies)
... and inject meds around the sympathetic nerves in the hopes of quieting them down. ... (2 replies)
... n minutes of the procedure feeling much better generally. They generally send a needle in your back filled with numbing medication and put it right next to your sympathetic nerve chain in hopes to numb it into submission... The second block you had heard about is a long term epidural block which is done in a hospital. ... (4 replies)
... You said that she was referred to a pain clinic. I am assuming it was an anesthesiologist that did her lumbar block. Why did he refer her to another doctor? ... (7 replies)
... activity which, among other things, causes the blood vessels to open back up again and allows the blood to flow more normally. That's why one of the goals of the block is to increase the temperature of the affected limb. I hope this helps to explain why they want the temp to increase. ... (7 replies)
... two or a few days. Generally, if you've only gotten one block, any relief will most likely not last long. With blocks it takes several of them. Supposedly, each block extends pain relief for a longer period. If you do get any pain relief at all, even for an hour, then your pain is SMP. ... (4 replies)
... y diagnosis 10 months ago. The second nerve block, I had more pain than before I had the block. I had a lot of running to do that day so directly from having the block done, I had to go to the court house to file my exemptions for my house and stood in line for a LONG time!!! I contributed the pain to not resting. ... (15 replies)
... (9 replies)
... just wondering if you have ever had the lumbar sympathetic block done? ... (9 replies)
... I have had many lumbar blocks. I'll try to walk you through it. ... (2 replies)
... Johnathan is right! When they talked about doing surgery on my ankle that has the RSD, the first thing they all agreed on is that they were going to do a nerve block within ten days of the surgery and do a block before starting the surgery. ... (15 replies)
... ain and sensitivity started coming back, my pain management doctor wanted to do two nerve blocks a week apart plus my physical therapy the same day. So I did the block and physical therapy. I had more pain that week after having the block than I did before having the block. ... (2 replies)

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