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May 23, 2012
... Hi there -- welcome ! What medication are you on? I am titrating upward on Neurontin. I have a conservative titration schedule -- adding 300 mgs every fourth day, essentially, and my fatigue has been manageable. Here are other treatments I am using: lumbar sympathetic block, acupuncture, physical therapy (upcoming appointment, hard to find a practitioner), and... (5 replies)
... March, and I am scheduled for my second lumbar sympathetic block next week. I am also titrating up my neurontin, receiving acupuncture, and I have finally gotten a physical therapy appointment. ... (3 replies)
... Glad to hear you are making progress -- hope the new doctor can get you in quickly and is more responsive. I had a lumbar sympathetic block on 4/16. Though the doctor told me I would remember nothing, the Versed did not have the expected amnetic effect. The pain management fellow located L3, but the needle did not end up in the correct location. They had to take it out... (10 replies)

... The only reason I decided tI continue trying the blocks is to open the blood supply. Due to the progression of my osteonecrosis, I wanted to try something that could help slow that down. My femur bone is dead in multiple areas due to the trauma from when I fell and messed my knee up. I never realizes it was as bad as it was, that is until I got a call from my PCP and I heard... (3 replies)
... New to this whole thing... looking to kick my CRPS and have been responding to treatment so far, but am looking for some advice. I have CRPS in my right foot from an injury on 3/18 at work. Because it's workman's comp, I have to have a "Primary Treating Physician" (PTP) that's kind of my "gatekeeper" and refers all of my other treatment. I currently have a Primary... (4 replies)
... I'm going through it right now however I have only had a total of 2 done so I have little to which I can compare it. I experienced a muscle spasm in my back during the procedure as a reaction to the needle and the entire process was highly painful. It wasn't just a feeling of pressure as one would expect, but an excruciating cramp that is still there even now as I am at... (2 replies)
... So I have my first of 3 lumbar sympathetic blocks done today. They did both legs. It helped and my feet are not hurting right now. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, I think now that I am finally being treated for CRPS and have an actual diagnosis it will be easier to accept the reality of my future and not continue to hope that I'm going to be cured every time I go to a new doctor. I had to leave my job a year ago too since I was an Exercise Physiologist. I got a sedentary job, and had to leave that too since the only way I can get... (5 replies)
... Hi, I totally get what you're saying about the emotional rollercoaster. I did that to myself for years. I had been told that I wouldn't have RSD for longer than 10 years (where that number came from, I don't know) so I continued with nursing school thinking that I would be better in the near future until I had to stop because I couldn't walk without crutches and couldn't do... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much to both of you for your kind words and support! It's encouraging to hear that you are able to live with this pain, I have had a hard time thinking about dealing with this for the long term and living like this. I feel like every doctor I go to I get my hopes up that maybe it will be the answer and I never get anywhere. It's quite the emotional roller coaster... (5 replies)
... Hello, Welcome to this Board. I was diagnosed in September of 07 and I have found people on this board to be very helpful and very kind. I was on 3600 mg of Neurontin, along with 60 mg of Cymbalta but the neurontin wasn't helping me much so the doc switched me to Lyrica. Right now I take 650 of Lyrica, and 120 of Cymbalta and I'm struggling to keep my 3 hour a day job at a... (5 replies)
... My RSD started in my left knee, following MVA in January 2006. I had lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks done and had the lower back pain after, as well. It's fairly common to have pain because it's invasive. ... (5 replies)
... As you know I was just diagnosed this week with it... I'm waiting for approval on having a lumbar sympathetic block... I'm totally clueless on what to expect next in all of this... ... (2 replies)
... The nerve blocks are also used to determine if the source of the pain is sympathetically maintained or sympthetically independent. Pain relief following a nerve block is evidense of maintained pain. If thats the case they may do additinal nerve blocks.. ... (8 replies)
... Rae You were lucky to be diagnosed with this disease so soon, although i am a little concerned at just how quick. You say you've had various tests, scans etc so soon since your initial accident, you must have good health service where you live, 3 years on since i initially had my disc prolapse i am just about to have my 2nd epidural in my cervical spine, the 1st about 7 weeks... (3 replies)
... Nertz- Yea I'm early in my RSD I fell at work almost 4 months ago and just 2 weeks ago got diagnosed with it. I had severe pain and all the other symptoms and my foot was huge from the swelling and it was purple.The doctor was confused why I was in pain and said there was nothing more he can do for me and I had several tests done x-rays,bone scan, EMG, and finally an MRI. So... (3 replies)
... Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had the following side effects from a lumbar sympathetic block- nausea, vomiting, grogginess and feeling sleepy? :eek: :confused: Thanks. :p JennyLynne (2 replies)
Tomorrow shot 2...
Apr 12, 2007
... clonadine .5 two x daily, and methadone 5mg. It is a great combination for me. I have been doing very well for several months. I am going in nextmonth for a 4th Lumbar Sympathetic Block. As when we try to decrease the meds my symptoms return and the pain goes thru the roof! ... (13 replies)
I had the block!
Apr 4, 2007
... Just would like to let you know I have had 4 lumbar sympathetic blocks. I too, have had to get stuck 3 times with a couple of my blocks. ... (4 replies)
... I am so happy for you! It is so nice to finally have someone validate what you know is right. As for the injections (I am assuming you are having a lumbar sympathetic block), I have had about 12. Here is my experience: 1) You want the sedation. Some injections are not as painful as others, so you might see people not getting sedation. When you are getting an LSB, sedation... (5 replies)

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