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... Little update on my hubby's RSD aka The Disease from Hell...haha...Well he has had 3 lumbar blocks and 1 rhizotomy which all four were basicly "unsuccessfull".. ... (9 replies)
... ht you might want at least one positive response to your question. I guess I was fortunate that I had a good exeperience and outcome from my procedures. I had 3 sympathetic nerve blocks with progressing results with each. ... (9 replies)
Jul 7, 2003
... My doc used the example of a boxer getting a punch and then reeling from that punch until he stands up straight. He said that with a lumbar sympathetic block (which I have had) they hope to have the nerve/s "reel" a bit and if you are lucky after they "reel" a bit they will go back to the way they were before RSD. Unfortunately, I've discovered at least in my case that didn't... (3 replies)

... Hi Soxy. Thank you for replying. It sounds like the lumbar sympathetic blocks work really well. ... (6 replies)
... tibial nerve block in the office and wants to see me back in a week for another one. She said to keep record of how long the block lasts. ... (6 replies)
... reading your post, I now realize that your primary questions seem to be about the nerve block, so I can give you more information about mine. ... (3 replies)
... A sympathetic block comes in 2 kinds. A lumbar block and a stellate ganglion block. The lumbar block is a block that put into your lower back. ... (11 replies)
... epileptics but for some help the burning nerve pain we deal with. Personally, in my opinion, Neurontin sucks! It did a number on me with some major mood swings and I was a beast myself! ... (5 replies)
... your tear is, if it is tolerable or not I think is the issue. If you are in bad shape, I would take the chance of doing the surgery. You can always do an upper nerve block or bier block prior to the surgery, or part of the surgery to shut down the abnormal sympathetic firing. ... (6 replies)
... athetic lumbar nerve block for the lower limbs and then told my orthopedic doctor when the optimal time for doing the surgery would be as well as having him do a nerve block when doing the surgery. ... (6 replies)
New to the board
Mar 24, 2016
... way.. my CRPS will start to flare as soon as the change in weather starts long before the first raindrop falls. Anyway my Dr during my early treatment was doing nerve blocks you didn't mention where your CRPS was so I'll tell you about both types. ... (2 replies)
Tomorrow shot 2...
Apr 13, 2007
... Hey kat, The blocks so far only provided a short amount of freedom for the day so I use them to my advantage... Take my fiance out to lunch go shopping whatever... you know be a normal human being before they wear off. so far it is the same effect... Temporarly pain relief with a nasty back lash. Please keep post as im curious about you too! :) Yes im nosey LOL jon (13 replies)
Tomorrow shot 2...
Apr 12, 2007
... I have had 3 sympathetic lumbar nerve blocks. The first one i had about 2 days of only 50 percent pain...the 2nd and 3rd ones didnt do anything...i think i was in even more pain after them. ... (13 replies)
... :wave: everyone , I just spent hours off and on today reading whole years posts regarding scs. I'm questioning weather this is even a realistic option for me . I had 4 sympathetic lumbar nerve blocks 1st-6hrs. relief ,2nd 4hrs, 3rd less than 1 hr and 4th about 7-7.5 hours . I'm reading wear some of you had relief of several weeks. I am sooo :dizzy: confused:dizzy: thanks,... (2 replies)
... I know what you mean about not giving up work and sounds like they are not sympathetic to your situation adn they should be there and help you and would fight for they help you need if you want to stay in work. ... (6 replies)

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