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... I did'nt really think the Lyrica was helping til I ran out... that won't happen again. ... (35 replies)
... Hi Skooze, Just to let you know, Warmnsunny is a different person; I post as Sunnycal (as in California). But thank you for thinking about us. My husband is the one with RSD. He switched from Lyrica to Topamax because the WC insurance doctor said that the Lyrica might be causing his hands to tremble (and refused to authorize him to go to a neurologist to check it out). ... (9 replies)
... They all seem to think that because it had such positive benefits for me in the beginning, that maybe we should give it another try! ... (27 replies)

... Xavier - service is service -you chose to serve our country and for that I still thank you. Regardless as to how you were injured the fact that you must now deal with the VA system which is often very slow (even more so than Work Comp) is why I am sorry that you must often feel frustrated. I am not casting disparaging comments about our system - just commenting that parts of... (21 replies)
... I've been taking Lyrica for about a week (75mg twice a day) and have just now gone up to 75 mg three times a day. So far I haven't noticed any obvious side effects, and I think it's helping. Has anyone been using it long-term and found it to be of continued benefit or does side effects overcome the benefits? Linda (41 replies)
... ecurity benefits, which might include assistanct such as housekeeping. With disease processes and pain conditions such as many endure, social security disabilty benefits will include such aids. I have often thought of applying for some, but my husband is very helpful and with the two of us, housekeeping isn't so bad. ... (35 replies)
... to check into that myself. OMG! At this point I'm starting to cry begging them to do that for me as I can't take anymore of trying to navigate the mental health benefits system. They said they "might" be able to get to it sometime today. I am crying at this point and they just let me leave. ... (21 replies)
... Their website was the first I went to. I've looked into getting the med and I don't qualify for anything at all. Hubby makes $1,018 too much for me to get it free from the company and there is no other program that would help me get it low cost. It sucks but we're a class of working poor. We don't qualify for any help from anyone but yet we live from paycheck to paycheck... (16 replies)
... to me. Luckily by this time I was able to tolerate medication again and was able to take my Pamelor which took the edge off the pain. My next visit he prescribed Lyrica and scheduled my first block for the following week. I started taking Lyrica and stopped taking Pamelor which was a big mistake. ... (1 replies)
... it waiting to go. I really have to but for some reason I just can't.Some times it takes a few minutes to start. I am on heavy "in my opinion" pain pills.I was on lyrica for several months last fall but didn't see very good results with any pain so I was taken off of it because their were more side effects then benefits. ... (4 replies)
... I've been on Lyrica 750 mg daily since the Neurontin didn't give me good results. ... (4 replies)
... was 16 went through 16 surgerys. I rather go through that again then go through something like this.. I told him I am scared becaue what happens when my medical benefits are done.. Who pays my bills then.. I can't get insurance, no insurance co will cover a preexsisting disease. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Lyrica for 5 months with absolutely no side effect and much greater pain relief than Neurontin. Lyrica acts at the spinal level so in effect it is doing much the same as a block by not letting pain messages through. ... (10 replies)
... My husband has been on Lyrica for a month, now. ... (5 replies)
... and I've tried neurontin, Cymbalta, and am now on Lyrica instead. I also tried a few spinal injections, but because they only provided very temporary relief, we stopped those. ... (3 replies)
... For RSD to control the pain correctly you need it in 4 day intervals with your breakthroughs in between that. But, Maybe you should get off the Oxycodone and on to something else if it's not working for you. All narcotics wear off after a few weeks or so and you have to go higher and higher on them. I know I was there myself at the beginning once. I kept having to go higher... (2 replies)
... hi Martha, i also have rsd and cant walk following a fell at work on 8/8/10 i do have swelling on and off i do have the sensitivity to touch i am in pain all the time it feels like someone is shocking me and then stabbing pain , the n burning it all the time i am on dilaudid which is like morphine , anti drepressions , neurontin , but it doesnt seem to help i was hospitalized... (19 replies)
... I have Lyrica 75mg morn and midday then 150mg at nite. I am also on Mobic 15mg, Efexor 225mg. ... (0 replies)
... I understand neurontin and lyrica are for the nerve and burning sensation which I have so much of it, now moving to my upper back...does that mean is spreading? ... (19 replies)
... Hello everyone, my name is Martha and I was diagnosed just two months ago wit RSD. I just will like to share my story and mabe get some advice. I was in an accident back on Feb. 08 (not my fault) and have neck injury an right shoulder injury....I immediately started with PT and my neck started to get better ( have two buldging disks and a staigth neck) but my shoulder never... (19 replies)

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