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... e beginning , i truly am very upset about what it has done to you . today i had an app. with my fm dr. because i was one of many that were waiting for samples of lyrica to try .my dr and i had a very good conversation concerning lyrica and he did have the samples ,but we both agreed that i should not take lyrica . ... (27 replies)
... Ok so you are maxed out on topomax, try switching meds ask about lyrica or neurotin, I use a catapress patch i change weekly, this is clonidine and noramally used to control blood pressure, but also used for nerve pain with RSD. ... (12 replies)
New to RSD
May 8, 2008
... Hi Rose, the weight gain is one of the nasty side effects of Lyrica as well as the swollen ankles. I know the weight gain is also effecting you stress wise, it did me a few yrs ago. ... (47 replies)

Nov 20, 2008
... I've been gone for a while because RSD and back pain has been so horrific that I can barely function. I hope everyone is hanging in there and coping. Me... ... (5 replies)
Mar 12, 2009
... I am going pay check to pay check and having to borrow money just to fill my very needed prescriptions.My doctor said that the neurontin was a bit more than the lyrica and I can get a patient assistance for the lyrica,but just lyrica. The burning that I have is not that bad.Even on a bad pain day. ... (12 replies)
... wanted to write to both of you because I can relate to what you both had to say. Gaollan, my doctor wanted me to get the spinal cord stimulator also. I have had RSD for 13 years since my first knee surgery in 1996. I have had 6 more since then and therefore my RSD has been constantly acting up. ... (64 replies)
Oct 28, 2009
... what did you do" i would say nothing. weining me off lyrica my pain got worse. sent me to pain dr and he said you have RSD! ortho didnt believe it so sent me for EMG of ulnar nerve. EMG dr was also a pain dr. ... (2 replies)
... rsd :wave: happybunny, i haven't tried the drug lyrica myself as yet but i was at my gp's office this wk and he brought up the subject of me taking lyrica he told me that he has another patient with rsd that is on it and she is very happy being on it and she is 80 yrs old lolanyway the drug is supposed to decrease rsd pain by 50 percent so i am considering changing my meds... (3 replies)
... The Topiramate is Topamax. I just started taking it so I will not know the full effects for a bit. Hopefully it will be no worse then what the Lyrica has done to me, but without the weight gain. ... (21 replies)
... At my last doctor's appointment I told my doctor that I really wanted to try Topomax in place of taking the Lyrica that I am already on. The main reason I wanted to do this change was because of the weight I have gained. ... (7 replies)
RSD and Suboxone
Mar 26, 2013
... ore and more, without doctors knowledge and then would not have enough for next appt. In last year and half taking suboxone the medication still works, though my RSD has got worse if I was taking anything else it would of not been working at all by now. Also for me the lyrica has been a big lifesaver. ... (2 replies)
... I also have RSD in my left foot because I had foot surgery in July of 07. Diagnosed in September of 07 and I see a Rheumatologist who specializes in treating RSD. ... (39 replies)
... s all in your feet, which isn't t he origin of the RSD I'd be real leary of retrying it again. ... (27 replies)
... compression sleeve every day for this time period. After reviewing all my records, and giving me a steroid shot with no results and put me on elavil , the term RSD came up for the first time. I had never heard it before. ... (0 replies)
... s. It's supposed to help the burning and pain. Other options for that class of meds are cymbalta which, according to a lot of other people really helps anything. Lyrica helps, as with most things, not for everyone. Both neurontin and lyrica cause weight gain. ... (13 replies)
... no is ice. Do not put ice on the rsd limb because it just causes further constriction of the blood vessels and also more pain. Epsom salts in the bath has helped the pain for a lot of people. ... (11 replies)
... if he is familiar with RSD and sends you to someone who understand it that is good. As far as I know you should take the Neurontin on a scheduled basis. Lyrica is better but you might have to pay for it. I find if I miss one dosage of my prescriptions, it takes hours before it settles down again. ... (12 replies)
RSD or not?
Jul 2, 2012
... I was told the bone spur is too small to be causing any problems. So then they sent me to a neurologist who did and emg which was normal. We talked about rsd and he said it was possible, but he doesn't diagnose that condition and referred me to a pain management dr. ... (5 replies)
... Forgive me, if I'm incorrect, but isn't your RSD all over like me? ... (25 replies)
... My dr. just gave me a sample of Lyrica to try, but told me not to get my hopes u, because her other patients with nerve pain have not had any success with it. ... (35 replies)

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