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... My husband, who has RSD, was weaned off Lyrica and onto Topamax. As I recall, he decreased the Lyrica at the same time he increased the Topamax, so he was not totally off the Lyrica before starting the Topamax. ... (7 replies)
... My husband was on Neurontin, which made him have "brain fog", then switched to Lyrica which seemed to help with the pain, but made his hands shake, so he switched to Topamax. ... (11 replies)
... I don't have RSD but do have a compressed nerve from multiple foot surgeries. I switched from Lyrica to Topamax because I had gained a few pounds on Lyrica as well as from just being less active the last couple of years due to the foot surgeries. I hate to say that I did not have a good experience with Topamax. ... (7 replies)

... Hi. Im a rookie..1st time here. I am on Topiramate and Lyrica. I actually have been on Topamax for a while but new to Lyrica. ... (21 replies)
... The Topamax has been a disaster. ... (9 replies)
... Can tell you that I gained 27lbs on Lyrica and my blood pressure got real high. So the Dr. stopped it. And started me on the Topamax and I am slowly loseing the weight. But at this point the pain is this here...just increased the Topamax. I know that wasn't an anwser to your question... ... (2 replies)
... The good about the Topamax is you have no appetite and so you will probably lose weight. I stayed the same, but didn't have to try to not gain weight. I loved that part about it. ... (3 replies)
... I have had a couple blood tests, my primary care physician is the best and does the best he can, and the Lyrica messed with my Thyroid. Hence the weight gain for me. ... (11 replies)
... I also haven't lost any weight on it, but I haven't gained much either. I think it is definitely better than Neurontin and Lyrica in that regard. ... (21 replies)
... to lyrica, and topamax literally sent me out of my mind. The times of withdrawal were horrible. I can't take NSAIDS. ... (17 replies)
... The Topiramate is Topamax. I just started taking it so I will not know the full effects for a bit. Hopefully it will be no worse then what the Lyrica has done to me, but without the weight gain. ... (21 replies)
... or Lyrica because it doesn't seem to cause the same weight problems. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about it? ... (11 replies)
... I have been on Lyrica for about 4 months now, and gained 25lbs. I have tryed to research side affects of Lyrica, and found weight gain as one of them. ... (2 replies)
... at wasn't the way to do it! He is now on Lyrica, and that seems to be working the best. He also takes Strattera to counteract the cognitive side effects of the Lyrica and methadone. That has helped his concentration and reasoning powers a lot. ... (20 replies)
... I take both meds...100mg topomax daily and 750mg Lyrica daily. Have I gained or lost weight or stayed the same...................since November 2005 I have put on weight. ... (2 replies)
... ct from it. I got what was like a severe case of arthritis over night. I woke up one day and litterally couldnt get out of bed..couldnt move. I was taken off the lyrica and after about 3 months I was fine... ... (11 replies)
... Another side effect I have noticed is muscle aches.... I found that on a site about topamax along with other information about it too. Like how some people call it dopamax because it makes you dopey.... ... (11 replies)
... Topamax Topiramate, defintly helps with weight loss and some good old memory loss, but it's not as soothing to the nerves as Lyrica, that one of it's best point, I find. I really need to loss weight currently, so I'm going to ask my Doctor for a switch or 50/50. My pain doc's great and my GP just does what he says. Effexor is great for a bit of an energy boost, but... (21 replies)
... I'm glad if I can help. What would I recommend? Well, I'm a scientist, so I read everything in the medical literature that I could find. Somehow I cope better when I know the worst that could happen, as well as the best. I don't think any of the lyrica/ topamax/various antidepressants did a thing for me. I had massive migraines every time I took them. I refused to take... (3 replies)

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