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... hey what is the trileptal. this is the first I've seen it, does it replace drugs like oxycodone? (2 replies)
... Here is my list. Trileptal best for pain however slept constantly. Neurontin- soso on pain soso on fatigue Topamax less that neurontin on pain but 0 fatigue. hope this helps (2 replies)
Rsd medication
Jun 8, 2010
... Hi, I read your email . I live in Ar. and go to a pain clinic. Anesthesiologist and orthopedic surgeons are the ones who diagnosed me. I went through a series of test before a definite decision was made. I have neuropothy in my feet and it is hard to wear shoes but I do when I go to church and then they come off when I get home. Flip flops or socks are what I wear at home as... (3 replies)

... lly work up to my 100mg daily. Best thing I ever took for those headaches. After being dx with RSD my neuro had put me on Neurotin, but switched me to 750mg of Lyrica and was just about to add Topomax. He was thrilled I was on it. Seems that the combo of meds keep your weight down. Ah! Not so! ... (11 replies)
... I am trying yet another med from yet another neurologist, and I have been on it going on two weeks. I was wondering if anyone has tried this med yet and what it did for them. At this time, I am still working up to the 100mg daily dose he wants me to be at, i have been on 50mg for 5 days. I am taking increments weekly of 25mg til i reach the magic mark of 100mg. I am off... (11 replies)
... ankle, I take 750mg Lyrica, Topamax 2x daily and percocet to somehow ease my pain. No way! It has gotten to the point where I can't even wear a sock anymore. ... (10 replies)
... My doc who I still love was doing research and decided topamax might be a good idea. ... (1 replies)
... The burning is much relieved, sometimes gone completely. i can afford the side effect of the weight loss too, since i gained so much wight from the lyrica. the lyrica messed up my thyroid and i have the blood tests to prove it. ... (10 replies)
New to RSD
May 8, 2008
... Hi Rose, the weight gain is one of the nasty side effects of Lyrica as well as the swollen ankles. I know the weight gain is also effecting you stress wise, it did me a few yrs ago. ... (47 replies)
... discovered it early, but not early enough. I wish that I had someone like me warning them about the POSSIBLE side effects and then make my own decisions. I hope LYRICA will not have more serious side effects as people use it, but they should be educated and really know what it is doing to many, many people NOW, not LATER. ... (5 replies)
Jul 11, 2006
... seizure medicines. My husband has tried Neurontin, Topamax and Lyrica. Neurontin made him gain weight and had cognitive side effects. He lost weight on Topamax, but was too sleepy and depressed. ... (11 replies)
... when it was time for me to stop taking it I titrated off of it slowly as I began taking the Topamax that was my replacement medication. It took a few weeks for me to be completely off of the Lyrica and up to the full Topamax dose. ... (5 replies)
... He got very depressed, slept all day, and didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone. He also had a lot of brain fog. He tried it for several months, both with Lyrica and by itself. Now he is back on Lyrica, methadone, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Norco, etc. and no Topamax and he feels much better mentally. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well. I just have a question. When they put you on Topamax is it normal for them to take you off Lyrica? ... (19 replies)
... Hi Chris, I have RSD in both legs too..from foot surgery on my right foot in 2000. We need to minimize sources of anxiety and depression. It's not just a matter of vanity either..being overweight is not good for RSD legs, as it affects our circulation. Weight gain is a cruel side-effect..the pain is bad enough! I tried Lyrica too, and it had very sedating side-effects, so I... (51 replies)
Now taking Topomax
Nov 30, 2008
... ill on frequent occasions turn black. The skin is so sensitive, like a bad sunburn, where even the shower felt like acid was hitting my legs. Thank God for the Lyrica and other pain medicines, the pain isn't quite as severe, until a flare up. ... (51 replies)
... My husband gained weight on Lyrica and Neurontin and lost weight on Topamax. I think that is fairly typical from what I have heard. He is currently on Lyrica. ... (10 replies)
Cold Sweats
Apr 8, 2008
... Judie, both Baclofen and Lyrica are weight gainers. I gained about 70 pounds on them. ... (9 replies)
Botox gone bad
Aug 12, 2006
... e botox.... which I TOLD them when I went there to begin with... but maybe there is something else he has in mind. We will see. At least he is a doc who likes topamax better than Neurontin and lyrica for this. That makes me very happy. I hated Neurontin, and could not take lyrica AT ALL. ... (8 replies)
Now taking Topomax
Jan 24, 2009
... Yes, Topamax helped immensly with my RSD, when I am on it...I am able to move around alot better, and actually have almost pain free days. ... (51 replies)

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