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... At my last doctor's appointment I told my doctor that I really wanted to try Topomax in place of taking the Lyrica that I am already on. The main reason I wanted to do this change was because of the weight I have gained. ... (7 replies)
... with epilepsy. By September, Pfizer had launched Lyrica in the U.K. ... (3 replies)
... I was weaned off the lyrica before starting the topiramate because the lyrica was causing my depresion to go into major suicidal overdrive, it improved as soon as the lyrica left my system. ... (21 replies)

... i would 'imagine' once you go off of lyrica for good,that the weight los may just follow too. ... (11 replies)
... e beginning , i truly am very upset about what it has done to you . today i had an app. with my fm dr. because i was one of many that were waiting for samples of lyrica to try .my dr and i had a very good conversation concerning lyrica and he did have the samples ,but we both agreed that i should not take lyrica . ... (27 replies)
Mar 12, 2009
... I am going pay check to pay check and having to borrow money just to fill my very needed prescriptions.My doctor said that the neurontin was a bit more than the lyrica and I can get a patient assistance for the lyrica,but just lyrica. The burning that I have is not that bad.Even on a bad pain day. ... (12 replies)
Mar 11, 2009
... I took Lyrica for about a year. It was the only drug I had taken up to that point that didn't turn me into a monster. ... (12 replies)
... I have rsd in my ankle and leg and I am on lyrica now. I was on neurotin for 4 months and it was very hard on me, very bad head aches, and many other things. ... (20 replies)
... I too take Lyrica and Cymbalta. I found the Lyrica has really helped me. I also gained some weight from it. I take it at bedtime and it seems to help me sleep. I don't sleep well enough but it does help. ... (4 replies)
... Hmmm. So you had better results on Lyrica. That's interesting. When I ran Lyrica by docs they said that it is in the form of Neurotten. ... (41 replies)
... something...i cant remember what she called it...but anyway..she said she would have to cut the lyrica back to see if that helped...I lowered my dose for 2 days...and waaa laaaa...felt better...still stiff and sore...but nothing like I was... ... (27 replies)
... I think i was probably one of the first on the board to try Lyrica...I too was on the neurontin...and for the horrid side affects couldnt take it....Ive been pn lyrica about a month and a half...have notice a dramatic and i mean DRAMATIC reduction in the burning stabbing pain we all love so much. ... (41 replies)
... tually daily amounts, but it works. I take 150mg in the am then 300mg each at lunch and then dinner. I've gained weight, but don't assume it is due only to the Lyrica cause I take 4 other meds too that add to my gut. Yes, some people will find it helpful and others might not. It is like that with any medication you take. ... (20 replies)
... Hi. Im a rookie..1st time here. I am on Topiramate and Lyrica. I actually have been on Topamax for a while but new to Lyrica. I have been having reactions to the Lyrica (weight gain and moods that switch and are amplified at the drop of a dime) Could it be I need to lower the Lyrica? I really like the effect it has had on me otherwise..drastic change for the better. (21 replies)
... The Topiramate is Topamax. I just started taking it so I will not know the full effects for a bit. Hopefully it will be no worse then what the Lyrica has done to me, but without the weight gain. ... (21 replies)
... My Rx. Dr. just recently prescribed the Topiramate and I am to use this in conjunction with the Lyrica. The Lyrica has been effective, up to a point. The fact that I have put on nearly 40 lbs. since the official Dx. ... (21 replies)
Mar 11, 2009
... So I saw my pain doctor today and he really wants me to try the lyrica again. ... (12 replies)
... I don't have RSD but do have a compressed nerve from multiple foot surgeries. I switched from Lyrica to Topamax because I had gained a few pounds on Lyrica as well as from just being less active the last couple of years due to the foot surgeries. I hate to say that I did not have a good experience with Topamax. ... (7 replies)
... My husband, who has RSD, was weaned off Lyrica and onto Topamax. As I recall, he decreased the Lyrica at the same time he increased the Topamax, so he was not totally off the Lyrica before starting the Topamax. ... (7 replies)
Nov 20, 2008
... PM switched me from Neurontin to Lyrica and I think the Neurontin was better for me. ... (5 replies)

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