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What's next?
Nov 20, 2008
... Neurontin and the other drugs like it can help the burn,zaps and the "regular" pain all at the same time. Like each person is different,so are the meds we take and what it helps or doesn't help. One person can take neurontin and it helps the burning but nothing else, the next one burns but has less or no more zapping, the next has burning and zapping and it only helps the pain... (5 replies)
What's next?
Nov 20, 2008
... I know it would take some time to slowly get off the Lyrica and then build up theTopomax, you might not have the adverse affects you had when you tried it a couple of weeks ago? ... (5 replies)
... Since it's the lyrica putting the weight on you, it doesn't matter what you eat or don't eat. You won't lose any weight at all. ... (14 replies)

... so that's how I want to preface this. I started out on Lyrica and even when I titrated up to the maximum dose for my weight it never helped my pain and I had terrible side effects. I am now on Topomax. ... (51 replies)
... Tigerlilly, I take Lyrica three times a day. The only side effects that I have had are more relatered to RSD than Lyrica. The Lyrica just increases the tired feeling. I work a full time job with an hour commute so I can not afford any side effects. ... (7 replies)
... First tried neurontin but didn't work. The Cymbalta is being used to help with nerve pain, along with Lyrica for nerve pain. Have gained alot of weight. ... (6 replies)
Not good news
Jun 19, 2008
... n.. close to the lyrica.. I myself Had no problems with weight gain.. I actually have the opposite affect.. I have read alot on pts who have gained alot from lyrica and neurontin.. Not quit that much.. Some of it my be cause your less active also. which slows your metabolism down.. Have you tried taking any other meds.. ... (8 replies)
Hello im new
May 16, 2008
... f last year after having foot surgery. I have found caring and kind people who can help us through this journey. If I understood what you said, you were having Lyrica injections? ... (10 replies)
Rsd & Crps
Feb 16, 2008
... The Lyrica did nothing for me.. Don't ask me why... I know that both neurontin and lyrica are kindof the same meds.. Iam on 1200 mg. of Neurontin.. Maybe you could try looking into it.. How long have you been taking the lyrica for? ... (18 replies)
RSD Help Please
Jan 22, 2008
... HI just wanted to mention I've been taking Lyrica twice daily for approx. 2 months, along with Vicodin, I was a little foggy for the first 24 hours I started taking the Lyrica. ... (23 replies)
RSD Help Please
Jan 20, 2008
... and is taking those levels of meds.well,all of the meds including the lyrica can all have some pretty profound effects on a persons son has bi polar.he has a horrid senstivity to all SSRIs. ... (23 replies)
New to this board
Nov 11, 2007
... Sept....nerve pain on right increases and now mild nerve pain in left calf and foot. First ESI, continued PT. Still taking Lyrica and pain meds. ... (5 replies)
... does it make you have swellings ie, feet, ankles etc, i have horendous swellings to me lower extremeties, i think the lyrica is a contributory factor, however i think the rsd has alot to do also. ... (17 replies)
... ad! i'm gonna ask if this is the med's, my ankles are starting to swell again but not as bad and b4 when i was on 600mg bd Lyrica so i definately know it was the Lyrica making them so bad, if you do go on this medication, take it very slowly up, i did, it makes you dizzy, piles on the pound! ... (3 replies)
Jun 27, 2007
... I've kind of run out of options. If the Lyrica stops working I'm in deep poo! ... (44 replies)
... I would worry about the amount of Tylenol you are taking. Your dad may not want you addicted but my sister was taking this level of Tylenol for several years and when she went for tests before surgery they told her she her liver was failing. Lucky they did the tests. She was told she can never, every take actaminiphen again, not even a cold tablet containing it. The other... (17 replies)
... Hi again Dee - Lyrica tends to put the weight on me also which is one reason I exercise in the pool, (I gained 10 but lost 5 of it and still going down) but the main reason is I found that a workout in the deep end of the pool with a floatation belt on allowed me to work all my joints and get my heart rate up.Because the water is slightly cool but not cold, it helped with the... (16 replies)
... nd I feel wide awake during the day, exercise in a pool etc. If I don't get the sleep I feel truely zoned out so sleep is necessary. Without the Clonazepam and Lyrica I was in terrible pain, but then the water therapy has had a great effect too. ... (16 replies)
Feb 19, 2007
... ica....neur was making me breakout, i think.....but also, my hand is swollen now, and wasn't originally after acdf surgery......i am maybe thinking it is due to lyrica after ur feedback.... ... (5 replies)
... I just wanted to say that the nerotten and lyrica are made by the same company and with similar side efeects as you mentioned. I tried Lyrica for about 3 days, but to me it was worse than the nerotten. I felt like I was drunk on the nerotten, walking into walls and slurring my words. ... (9 replies)

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