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... i just thought i would throw this in here. i have had a lot of experience with the gaba analogs, and never truely had side effects or problems with them. but one night was different. i drank one beer that night with my 150 mg's of lyrics (doc said it would probably be fine, as i have done this before a bunch of times.) and a couple hours later my hands and face swelled up like... (16 replies)
... Cheryl, My husband takes 200 mg of Lyrica (along with a lot of other meds. He counted yesterday, and takes 12 different medications--not all for RSD--some for cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) 750 mg is a lot! We have had the opposite problem; my husband sleeps all day. He is trying to reset his clock. The Strattera is really helping him stay awake, so the 12th med is... (12 replies)
... Sunny, How much Lyrica is your husband taking? ... (12 replies)

... Hi Cheryl, nice to hear from you. My husband's pain is increasing. He said tonight that the burning pain is constant in both feet/ankles. The stabbing pain is in one at the moment. We see the doctor (I always go, too) on Friday. We were talking about asking to increase his Lyrica (for the burning pain). Taking the scooter on the plane is really easy. You drive it up to... (12 replies)
... n. I should have recovered from the surgery completely in 6 weeks it's been 3 mos. My Dr. said he believes I have the beginnings of RSD and has me on 225 mgs. of Lyrica daily. Ihave pain in swelling in the entire leg and at night up to my hip a very deep pain. I am also taking Vicodin every 4 hrs. as needed for pain. ... (6 replies)
... I have to get to work each day and I know if I don't take one I'll be in more pain later. The pain is the only thing that lets me know I am in control. I am on Lyrica and I know it is holding a lot of it back. I was a "TOMBOY" as a child so have fallen on my knees a lot. Have noticed in the last week or so the burning pain. ... (11 replies)
... Their website was the first I went to. I've looked into getting the med and I don't qualify for anything at all. Hubby makes $1,018 too much for me to get it free from the company and there is no other program that would help me get it low cost. It sucks but we're a class of working poor. We don't qualify for any help from anyone but yet we live from paycheck to paycheck... (16 replies)
... Karen, I use to work for a drs office before I got RSD. Your DR can call the Reps if he really wanted to.. We use to call all the time and tell them if we needed more of something. Just a thought.. Michelle 1 (16 replies)
... I live in Florida. I was just at the doc on Tuesday and the few samples she had given me at my last appointment 3 months ago were all that they had. It was 6 bottle of 30 pills. She says they just wait for the company to send the more samples but from what she said it's not on a regular basis. I still have 2 bottles from the last time and she told me to hold on to them and as... (16 replies)
... turned all sorts of colors.from the knee down..........................then the left seemed have a permanent duky pink color. Being off the narcotics and on the lyrica has allowed me to be much more active. The color is getting lighter. ... (9 replies)
... me for RSD and the PM dr give me just pain meds.. When it comes to new treatments etc. The neurologist is the one who gives it to me.. I am not talking about lyrica etc.. Like I am going in for a lidocaine infushion next month.. The PM dr won't do that only the neuro who specializes in RSD.. ... (9 replies)
... more than before, for almost 2 years now. I take a pain med and a muscle relaxer for the spasms and jerking and if I can get around to affording it, will go on Lyrica which helped me so much during the trial run of taking it. ... (14 replies)
... I seem to be the odd ball that Lyrica works for. ... (9 replies)
... n on Neurontin which turned me into a monster it changed my mood so bad. I tried Cymbalta and it made me mean and also gave me sharp pains in my stomach. I tried Lyrica recently, my doc gave me some sample bottles, and it worked! ... (14 replies)
... Hi Ladybug, I too am curious about pain pumps. My husband has RSD in his right hand and now he is starting to have RSD type pain in his back. We are wondering if this pain in his back is from the Spinal Cord Stimulator he had implanted in February. Or maybe the cervical epidural he had 2 weeks ago. Not sure. He is in a lot of pain. He takes, lyrica, cymbalta, celebrex,... (5 replies)
... It really works for me. Keeps the pain at about a 4 to 5. I've been on it since the middle of April. The lower doses do not have many side effects..........when the dose goes up..........the swelling blossems, and it hurts! My skin has lost it's stretch from the RSD, so I look like a piece of balloon art. I also notice strange "tingling" sensations on the tip of my tongue, my... (16 replies)
Lidocaine infusion
Jul 24, 2007
... Hi Anita, The cervical epidural catheter delivered fentynyl, similar to an epidural when you have a baby, just up higher on the spine. The marcaine was 2 weeks ago...he was diganosed with RSD in March 2006. He nearly amputated his ring finger in a snowblower at work in Feb. 06. I know, I know...who puts their finger in a snowblower? Had he known there was blade in that... (14 replies)
... Michelle, I am taking Lyrica, Ultram, for my pain for the time being. My hands get really painful after i use them. The best moment is right after i get up in the morning. Did you also have that experience? As the day go by, the pain get worse. However, when i take a walk in the evening, my hands pain subsided except more pain on my soles of both feet. Have a nice... (32 replies)
... have a lumb epi 4 weeks ago which apart from ankles have deflated that's all it did for me, i think they want to try another so will see about that, i am taking Lyrica again, 300mg bd as this has helped take the edge off the pain in my right arm but i suffer as usual in all other areas. ... (33 replies)
... Nikki Your marvellous girl! Well done, i knew you'd do it, it looks like that marathon is within the winning post! You know it brought tears to my eyes when i read it i was so so pleased for you, your right who cares about the med's and the rest of it YOU CAN WALK can only begin to imagine how elated you and your loved ones must be feeling. The look on their faces must have... (20 replies)

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