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... HI,JODIE,Jan,Michelle What a surprise to hear from 3 of you THANK YOU! THANK YOU!--very much-do you really think this is what I'm dealing with I have had the sensitivity for 4yrs. Burning the last 1yr. I think it is getting worse every day only one Dr. has mentioned RSD-I just got back from a UNIVERSITY-pain clinic and a neure-Dr. What a wasted trip they don't know... (6 replies)
... :dizzy: It ok to ask me what meds. I am taking. I forget a lot on thing too. It's the meds. Well are you ready for the list: Lyrica 150mg,Opana ER 10 Mg,OPANA 10MG, Valium5mg,Keflex 500mg, Lortab7.5-500,also I have Lidoderm Lidocaine patch 5%. So as you can see I am on alot of meds. So I can't remember everything. I am not sure if asked you or not. How far do you live from... (11 replies)
... strating I went through it too but I do not know how to get the words out to you... I hope you get a bit of the jist. Have a good day and I had to get off of the Lyrica too. It started working good and then went downhill...Goodluck... ... (44 replies)

New to RSD
Jul 2, 2007
... just don't like the feeling I get from the Vicodin. I work fulltime and sometimes feel a little funky. I have noticed a difference in the swelling with the Lyrica have been taking it for over a month now. My response to the pain is what clicked for my doctor after my last negative Lyme test. ... (13 replies)
New to RSD
Jul 2, 2007
... I should have recovered from the surgery completely in 6 weeks it's been 3 mos. My Dr. said he believes I have the beginnings of RSD and has me on 225 mgs. of Lyrica daily. Ihave pain in swelling in the entire leg and at night up to my hip a very deep pain. I am also taking Vicodin every 4 hrs. as needed for pain. ... (13 replies)
... Also, the Pregabalin which is generic for Lyrica is a great drug for RSD. It fairly new.. Thats a anticonvulsant drug.. something on the lines of neurotin.. which has been very successful for RSD.. ... (21 replies)
... Wishing you the best with the works. Back to driving with pain meds. A few years back I would drive if I felt ok & I hadn't taken my pain meds. Well one day I did this so I could run a couple very local errands. When I came out of the parking lot of the butcher, I made a right.I can still remember the sound of the crunch. I had misjudged & slid across the... (19 replies)
... I got a steroid shot almost a year ago and it caused the entire upper right portion of my arm to artophy to the bone, it ached and burned then. As it has filled in (with lots of free therapy) it has hurt worse, to the point I have been prescribed Lyrica, Amithripwhatever, Soma, Neurontin, lets just my cabinet would be a junkie's dream. Bad part is that I don't like that... (8 replies)
... Looks like we all fight the same battle! It's either the pain or the drugs! Right now I'm feeling quite humble. I did a rapid detox off of my pain meds and Xanax. They found a non-narcotic substitute. I'm one of the lucky ones that has a very positive response to Lyrica. I'm going off subject (once again):dizzy: I would not take my pain meds so I could drive. The thing... (19 replies)
... Hi, Sorry to hear about your friend. This disease is awful at it's best, at it's worst it's undescribable. I have had it for 13 years and have been through many, many meds.For me, each med that worked seemed to have a end point. My biggest regret is stopping the Methadone and changing to Morphine. I changed because I was hospitalized 4 times for various reasons and had to... (16 replies)
... Hey guys, Going to the pm doc tommorow afternoon and want to get the lead from trial removed and want to ask him about drugs I have not tried before to see if they work can you tell me any that your on that have helped besides pain meds- I am all set in that area...thanks for your time... I have tried...Amitriptyle, Nortriptylene. Desiprimene, Neurontin, Prednisone, Lyrica,... (16 replies)
Semi-good news
Jun 18, 2007
... Amber, Good to know, did they put you on it for the rsd? Do you know what they put Paula Abdul on? I think it was a drug for arthritis but it worked for her and I thought I would mention it to the doc. I have tried all the norm. stuff but I need to try something else. I've tried- Amitroptylene, Lyrica, Neurontin, Flomax, Desiprimene, Nortriptylene, Cymbalta, and I am sure... (21 replies)
... disease. It actually took getting off narcotics and onto Lyrica to get me 4 to 5 hours of decent sleep. Which does not stop waking up with the joint pain........or never knowing which joint it will be. ... (6 replies)
... Dee, It has been a long, long time since I have posted and yes I am still around reading up on everyone. I have been taking Lyrica 750mg daily, Oxycontin 60mg daily, Cymbalta 60mg daily, Ultram ER 100mg daily, Topamax 100mg daily and that should be enough. ... (16 replies)
... hat Ultram was harder to detox from than heroin. That is just what heard from her and I have never done heroin so I can not compare. Doc. wants me to start up on Lyrica again but I a holding off because it did nothing for the hand and did not like how it made me feel. ... (16 replies)
... Jeanne, Thank you for your kind words. It was nice to come home and sit down and hear the nice words. I appreciate them. I am so sorry you are riddled with this disease. For now I have only had it in one area at a time. The scs took it away in my hand and then about 2-3 months it went to the foot/knee. I do not know how I am going to handle it if it shows up all at once. I am... (20 replies)
... michelle, hope your having a good day, hi, i'm having a pretty bad day today, but then again everyday is a bad day!. . i go for my epi on 15th June. I've started taking 600mg pregabalin (lyrica). It makes me feel like i've had 5 pints!...I'm very drowsy and clumsy. It's not making the pain go away in fact i think its accelarating it a bit, my arm, hand is very painful and... (19 replies)
... Hey yall, I wont have anything done that CANNOT be reversed. Im waiting to get into my new DR. 9 months of agony and only taking percacet and lyrica. I cant hobble 10 steps without my back screaming. The pain is so bad i want to cry. I just cant wait untill i have a pain treatment that works. I can handle pain........i cant handle this cripplin pain im in. If only... (4 replies)
... My Pm just put me on that and it has been the only thing to help with the pain. I was on Lyrica and they took me off because we kept increasing it and it did not work. They tried everything and nothing worked. ... (19 replies)
... Cold makes my RSD hurt even more. Im going thru hot and cold treatments at phyical ther. omg does the cold hurt..... heard you are NOT suppose to use cold treatments....and it will make the RSD worse. My right foot is red and purple & stays swelled. Anything touching my foot hurts, even a sheet. My back has hurt and burned since i stepped in that hole 9 months ago. I... (19 replies)

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