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... I don't know whether it is stated somewhere above this level but I learned that the difference in Lyrica and Neurontin is that Lyrica operates at the Spinal level, preventing pain messages from getting to the brain. I guess you could say it operates a little like a block. ... (41 replies)
... of my usual dosage of other drugs. Then take 150 Lyrica and cut to half of my other drugs. After two weeks, we will analyze the situation. Have done that today and am not dizzy. We shall see. Laura. ... (41 replies)
... I stopped taking Neurotin for a lot of the same reasons as ya'll about 2 years ago and did not replace it with anything. I have a question? Is anyone taking Oxycotin with the Lyrica? If yes how is it going. I also take Oxycodone for breake thru pain and Valuim. I will be calling my Doc this week and talking to him about Lyrica. If anyone has anything else to offer please... (41 replies)

... t is making me retain fluid and that bothers me....I dont need any heart issues to add to my list. I have thought and thought and I think Im going to pass on the Lyrica retrial...regardless of what they say. If the medication makes me retain fluid...THAT doesnt have anything to do with the dosing.... ... (27 replies)
... re. He also told her for me, that I should take Cymbalta for the nerve pain. Desperate for that magic pill I researched it, it sounds alot like lot he Neurontin, Lyrica etc. ... (27 replies)
... and you guessed it!! my right arm is flareddddddddd up too now. My Dr thinks that the lyrica started it and since my RSD arm has been so painful...its been my sole use almost... ... (27 replies)
... n out a little over a month that it didnt come with that info printed from the pharmacy, since the info is readily available on the site. When I first started on Lyrica there wasnt even a site yet nor was there any info printed from the pharmacy..just a blank page where all info usually is. ... (27 replies)
... I have now been on Lyrica for about a week. I get the high feeling, to top it off, my heart punds and skips a beat or 10 when I take it together with Hydrocodone... ... (41 replies)
... to 200, 300, 300, and put 50 mg of Lyrica in addition at each time. This is for one week. Then next week, he will stop the Neurontin entirely and take 100 mg of Lyrica 3X a day. ... (41 replies)
... Can anyone desribe the "ditzy" feeling when switching from Neurontin to Lyrica? I am finally sitting down at my laptop and trying to sort through the nerve pain meds... A few years ago a podiatrist severed my lateral plantar nerve in my right foot (lawsuit pending) and two surgeries later (3 months post op on the most recent one), we have removed part of the tibial nerve,... (41 replies)
... Wow, Robert, that is great news about your wife! My husband has been on methadone, and started the Lyrica yesterday. ... (41 replies)
... and she had the stellate ganglion block the next day. I think the block has worn off because the pain did start to return a day or two later, but with the Lyrica and methadone she is a changed person. She has her life back! She is smiling and laughing! ... (41 replies)
... I printed out the information on Lyrica and took it to my PMD, he looked at it and gave it back shaking his head no saying "it was something totally different and would not help in all cases for RSD? ... (3 replies)
... YES! YES! YES! I have been on Lyrica for nine days after being on neurontin for over a year. I can't express the change in me. ... (3 replies)
... I'm currently taking Gabapentin. It helps with the burning, but I have brain fog and memory problems on it. Docs have suggested trying Lyrica. I am open to it, but don't want to jump around on meds if I'm just going to have the same issues... I'm pretty sensitive to meds, and it seems like if there's a side effect I'll get it. I'm only 24 and am trying my best to... (2 replies)
... Hi, i've been on both neurontin and lyrica for RSD. At first both drug seemed to help with my pain. But after a couple months, I would start have bad side effects. ... (20 replies)
... Topamax Topiramate, defintly helps with weight loss and some good old memory loss, but it's not as soothing to the nerves as Lyrica, that one of it's best point, I find. I really need to loss weight currently, so I'm going to ask my Doctor for a switch or 50/50. My pain doc's great and my GP just does what he says. Effexor is great for a bit of an energy boost, but... (21 replies)
... lot of side effects of lyrica both did nt do nothing for me tryed everything (20 replies)
... The only time I've taking Lyrica is after surgery. I took it for the first time this past October and only for 2 weeks, but I have to say it helped the burning for the period of time I took it. ... (20 replies)
... Parrotmom, I was on lyrica. It didn't do anything for my pain. I have heard of other people getting great results from it but I didn't. I've also heard of some people gaining weight while taking it. I never had that problem but I wasn't on it for very long because it didn't take any pain away. I hope that you have some luck with it and that it takes some of the pain... (20 replies)

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