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... d and I think you will love and welcome the change. Keep me posted on how you do with it as well. I am also lowering the Cymbalta right now before I begin on the Lyrica again but I have to say things are good considering all the change that is going on in my body. I really think you will be happy though...If this applies... ... (21 replies)
... Just percocet and lyrica for me!!!!! ... (17 replies)
... Hey yall, When i had my injury at work, i had 2 areas affected on me. When i stepped in the hole, my ankle turned, and i twisted my back. So i am in pain from middle back down..........That burning pain all over is awful. I took a nap last nite, and the pain in my knee woke me up. I have only learned i had RSD about 3 months ago....if that. I have had 3 nerve blocks... (11 replies)

... good early morning eveyone:wave: For my RSD pain I used to take: Lyrica 75mg 3xday, Ultram 50mg 4xday, Cymbalta 60mg 1xday, and Ambien cr 12.5mg at bedtime Then a few months ago I had to switch doc's (the doc I had moved to florida at the end of December) so I started seeing his assosiate I'm starting to think that was a mistake. the pills I was on weren't really... (17 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
... You dont have to go to p/tif it hurts you you can cancel it at anytime and tell your dr,its makingyou worse. Theycant force you to take treatments or meds if you dont want to. Or if you get a bad side affect.i went to p/t for 24x it did nothing for me , i even went toa hand specialist and she made itworse whichcaused me to go out on comp again. I was at the point where i... (18 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 16, 2007
... Im on lyrica and he finally gave me percocet. ... (18 replies)
... Hey!!! I am doing so much better. It was really a big difference in the beginning, but I am starting to feel the pain again. It has been out for a couple of weeks now and I can tell it is better than it was, but still taking ultram for pain and using tens unit. Pain Doc said he would probably put Epi cath back in sometime in may or june. yay. But I can tell a difference... (11 replies)
Hand spasms/cramps
Apr 14, 2007
... They worked for me. Lyrica also helped for a while. Dr. Anne Oaklander put me on those from the Mass. General Hospital in Boston. ... (18 replies)
Tomorrow shot 2...
Apr 14, 2007
... Hey Jon, I am glad to hear the blocks give you alittle first block gave me alittle...maybe 2 days worth...but only in right area of back and left side still hurt. The 2 and 3rd block.........notta......worse pain!!!! I tell ya.......a month ago i was saying i would not go with the i would. I cant believe how the pain is spreading and... (13 replies)
Morphine Pump
Apr 14, 2007
... et a pump.......but im changing my mind as time goes on. I cant sleep more then a hour or less, the pain has NOT let up at all, seems constant now even thru the lyrica and percocet. ... (7 replies)
Tomorrow shot 2...
Apr 12, 2007
... I am on Lyrica 600, cymbalta 90, clonadine .5 two x daily, and methadone 5mg. It is a great combination for me. I have been doing very well for several months. ... (13 replies)
... s are a joke. You need something for nerve pain. Narcotics are the worst thing. Ask about Lyrica It has done wonders for me, cymbalta , and clonadine. I have been at a low pain level for several months now. I would definatly also get an RSD educated doc too! ... (17 replies)
... All I know is taking all these meds is slowly doing us more harm then good. Right its helping but who know what its doing to are insides. Right know I take as the following: 1200 mg of nuerotin 3xs a day 150 mg of lyrica 1x a day 30 mg of pamelor 1xs a day 60mg of cymbalta 1xs a day 350mg of soma 2xs a day 25mg of fedeline 2xs a day 10-325mg of perrocet every 4 hrs... (17 replies)
... ough this week, so I am getting an increase as to how much is going in. All the medications I take on top of this make me tired too....they are switching me from Lyrica to Topomax and I'm hoping that wont make me sleep.....the Zoloft I take already does a good job of that! ... (11 replies)
... Hi Nichole - I have been on another thread with you. A drug that did the most for me is Clonazepam. My doctor went to a Convention in the US and got one of the leading RSD doctors (name starts with an R) to tell him to use it. It took away 60 percent of my burning pain and continues to do so. I take 3 tablets a day at .5 mg of the active ingredient and it works. I also... (12 replies)
... en I first got hurt and my doctors thought I had RSD a few years ago... it did absolutely nothing for me. When I was hurt a second time last year, I began taking Lyrica about 6 months after... and it too, gave me no relief whatsoever. Not with the burning, the pain itself, the sensory and temperature changes, nothing. ... (12 replies)
... Hello Nichole72: You should monitor your health closely while on these drugs. The use of Pamelor and Cymbalta together can sometimes cause a rare but potentially fatal condition. Also, Pamelor, Lyrica, and Neurontin all can suppress the central nervous system, so be careful and notify your doctor if you have any problems or concerns. Regards, Lil (16 replies)
... Nichole and Dee - I think you both sound like you would benefit from water exercise. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it has been. It has kept me limber, helped my sleep, and decreased the pain and meant that I have not had to increase the drugs I am on. I know how bad the pain can get. I was house bound for 6 months and it took ever bit of energy I had to go to a... (16 replies)
... Hi Nichole...I'm sorry to read you are having so much pain. I know what you mean about the burning. That is one of the biggest problems I deal with. I must tell my Dr's if you could get this aweful burning undercontrol I just might be able to get on with some kind of life. Let me first say I have tried nerotin lyrica..etc. And I just can't deal with the side affects. In... (16 replies)
... Just wanted to chime in that in the beginning my RSD foot and ankle were very flaky, whereas the rest of my skin was fine. My foot just looked awful. It goes through that every now and then and I was told that I need to get more water into me. My memory is foggy, I want to say it had to do with me tearing the nerves in my foot when I fell. Darn Lyrica. Cant remember anything. (7 replies)

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