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... Thanks for the info, I'm on neurontin and it does help, so I'm probably going to leave things as they are with that sort of med. WOW I'm not on that much though. Maybe I should ask for an increase if it helps that much. I go to my PM on Tuesday and I'm discussing meds anyway. Kim (25 replies)
... DANG Judie, I'm sorry about that. I had no idea or I would have not brought it up. Please forgive me.:rolleyes: :( You will be in my thoughts and prayers from now on. I'm glad you are ok now. I can relate, I've been there where I thought about it, but never acted. This disease is just horrible isn't it? I've read about people doing that because of RSD. Again, I'm SO SO sorry.... (25 replies)
... tally clear yet, they transferred me to a psych hospital. There I went through 5 days of HORRIBLE diarreah. Didn't want them to put me back on Lyrica was started with instant relief.the pain was still ok....about the same levl as the narcotics. The trouble came when he decided to double the dose....... ... (25 replies)

... Hi! Seems we all run circles around the same pills! It's like sooner or later we've tried all the same! I didn't have any luck with Lyrica, but it could have been a dosage mix up. I am on 3600mg of Neurontin daily, and it works great on the legaches. Good luck! LD (25 replies)
... Lyrica is an updated version of nuerontin. They changed a couple molecules in its chemical structure and slapped a new patent on it. Alot of people do swear by it. My PM did state to me at one time that it was superior to nuerontin.. I guess you could take that with a grain of salt or not. Good luck on your appointment! Im going tomorrow and im bringing my better half with... (25 replies)
... Hi,:wave: I was wondering if anyone tried Lyrica? and if so, what did you think? My sister has fibromyalgia and swears by it. I know it is for diabetes nerve pain, but does it help us folks with RSD? I know it's in the Gaba family right? Please send me your thoughts!! Kim (25 replies)
... Karen, where do you live? My neurologist, who prescribed the Lyrica, has a lot of samples and asked if I had any trouble with my insurance to get it... fortunately I can get it, though expensive. So if I were you, ask him/her for enough samples to get you through. Good luck! Mary (16 replies)
... I have been taking the Lyrica since I was dx in June. It has worked for me. ... (16 replies)
... I have been on Lyrica for about a year and has not noticed much side effects. I suppose we all have different reaction to diff drugs. ... (16 replies)
... Hi judie...I also took Lyrica...I was so excited to start taking it...just knowing it was the new drug out there for RSD. Well it didn't work out for blood pressure shot up sky high....gained tons of weight...I tried longer hoping the side effects would go away....but my blood pressure was just getting scary had to quit it. Judie it just isn't for all of... (16 replies)
... Judie, You are definately not nuts. I had the same things from Lyrica. More swelling than usual, bad headaches, and bad dizziness (which led to weird eyesight, and some twitching), but I wanted to give it a chance because that was something that was tried relatively early. I was only on it for maybe a month, enough time to see if it was working (which it wasn't) and then I... (16 replies)
... I need some help. I'm having side effects from the Lyrica.........horrible swelling of my legs & feet, headaches, eye & lip twitching. Not a fun experience. I hope anyone who's been on it would share their experiences in detail. I'm begining to feel nuts JudieV:confused: (16 replies)
... Yes, I have had withdrawl effects when I missed even a dose of Lyrica. I am on 150mg. two times a day and I several times I wasn't able to take it for my second dose. I had the "shakes", felt very restless, felt like my skin was crawling, and even felt anxious. As soon as I took the med, it was only 30 mins. or so and I felt much better. You really have to wean off it... (11 replies)
... HI Amber...I was taking Lyrica...and quit cold turkey...and had no troubles..but wasn't taken that high of a dose...and everyone does respond might what to call the Dr. and let him know what is going on. That had to be an aweful feeling. I do have alot of trouble with sweating..but it is part of the RSD. Hope you are feeling better. Dee (11 replies)
... Just wanted to tell you about my experience with lyrica, boy was it bad!!! I started off feeling like I was drunk. After that, I was singing and dancing in the driveway, telling my kids to come out and have snowball fights with me (it was August and 90 degrees outside). Lastly, I was paralyzed and at one point my daughter told me I quit breathing!!!! This was after taking only... (35 replies)
... As for sleepiness.... Lyrica is notorious for that and the biggest problem I've seen from people taking it. ... (35 replies)
... Barb, I tried the Lyrica last night at bedtime. Maybe cause it was halloween and I ate too much candy, lol. I could not wake up to save my soul. I felt so drugged out all day. ... (35 replies)
... I did'nt really think the Lyrica was helping til I ran out... that won't happen again. ... (35 replies)
... I take 150 mg lyrica am and pm ,cymbalta pm, and 12.5 ambien cr pm and still only sleep 4 hours max per night . ... (35 replies)
... You didn't say why the Lyrica was prescribed for you. It's used mainly to treat nerve pain. I hope your pain isn't very high Mss. ... (35 replies)

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