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... I am having a problem with my sister and I would like some input and help from you guys. ... (2 replies)
... ays is not long.. and if your that concerned call me again.. I finally told him.. You know what dad.. Look up three letters RSD.. then talk to me.. In the mean time if can't look them up.. then don't talk to about what I can and cannot do.. and you can also tell your son the same thing.. ... (2 replies)
... I think you hit it right on the head when you said that my sister feels that her cancer was far worse than my RSD so she just doesn't want to hear about how bad I may feel. ... (2 replies)

... I have come to the conclusion that my sister is either an evil soul or a very sick individual and I have resigned myself to cut all ties as soon as our mother passes on. ... (3 replies)
... Please understand that having RSD doesn't mean I'm not still a human being. ... (3 replies)
... Hello! I am sorry for your pain and your family just being mean.....You know take some advie for ole auntie kim? Get rid of the negative and realize you can only control your actions in any situation and you cant control whether someone is going to understand or be grateful of your kindness or loyalty...only do it for your self not other people....rsd take enough from... (3 replies)
... y the way they treated me after I found out our Uncle died and I told them, I was already very upset, then the nasty texting. I'm done and so much better for it! Mean and nasty can't be helped, you just wonder when they go around telling everybody what good kindhearted people they are? ... (3 replies)
... I had been doing some yoga every night for about two months. My sister and a friend of ours would go over to my sister's house and do the yoga with a DVD that my sister had. At first it seem to really help me. ... (14 replies)
Memory issues
May 26, 2008
... e. With my dad, the problems, it stems from the fact he wanted a son and ended up with 2 daughters. I'm the one who paid for it just because I was born first. My sister has always been "his little girl". Me, I was treated as the son he really wanted. ... (14 replies)
... e than we can handle. And change can be good. When one door closes another one opens. I am having a rough time with my 14 year old daughter, who moved in with my sister 2 months ago. ... (5 replies)
RSD Help Please
Jan 24, 2008
... To my sister she thinks well forget it I'm disabled and life is over. I try to get her to understand that there are things that she can do. ... (23 replies)
Newbi Here
Jan 9, 2017
... I am glad ketamine..worked for you. People who think it is in your head, do not appear to be all that intelligent. I have a few relatives like that. They tend to be rather simple minded as if they believe the world is still flat. My doctor explained to me that essential all pain is in your head, thru the brain is how we perceive pain. When the nervous system has such a... (12 replies)
Newbi Here
May 10, 2016
... When I was at my worst back in 2011 my sister took me in and cared for me, I lost all self worth, I still live with my sister I am a prisoner since I am unable to drive I am at her mercy and currently I hate my life. ... (12 replies)
I'm sad
Jan 7, 2009
... Ifeel ya... I am going through heck right now. I have RSD and alsl Gastroic Pereiasis which means my stomache is parraliz..My spelling in not good sometime. I have a Partner of 17 yrs and she does not understand but I love her, How can I get her to understan , when I don't. (14 replies)
I'm sad
Dec 30, 2008
... If the both of us are at my parents house and if my Mom asks how I am doing, I have caught my sister rolling her eyes up and getting up leaving the room we are in. Why doesn't she just come out and say it. Say that she thinks I'm weak. ... (14 replies)
RSD Help Please
Jan 24, 2008
... Guys she sounds so good. She said she is going to move out of my step moms house. They have been very mean to her. Leaving her out of all family gatherings. I told her to come here. Our cousin is going to look for an apartment by where she lives. ... (23 replies)
Remission or not?
Sep 10, 2008
... I know what you mean about working. ... (8 replies)
I'm back!!
Dec 13, 2003
... I know what you mean about talking about growing up, etc. My Mom and her sister were so close before Mom passed. For about two years before she was rediagnoised with cancer and after Daddy's death, they hung out each day. ... (12 replies)
Sharon 1030
Oct 21, 2003
... ill be the biggest house on the lake. There's used to be and someone built a bigger one and he wasn't at all happy. So we will just have to sit and wait. This sister is very, very good at secrets. Won't tell them at all. ... (21 replies)
Im New Here
Oct 18, 2003
... felt sorry for myself and silly for the first leg of my adventure. My sister was my date for the evening, and I actually felt sorry for her too, and expected her to have a rotten time as well, just because she had to go with me... ... (10 replies)

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