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... hi everyone..I've never been on a message board before so please be patient with me...I'm not sure I'm doing it right. ... (4 replies)
... The screen of the computer showed something like "we have flood control activated and you cannot post within 30 seconds of your last message" and posted my message twice, so I erased the 2nd version. I see "flood control activated" all the time. I wonder what that could be. It is sickening to see this all the time. ... (18 replies)
Note to mimi7
Feb 2, 2003
... Uh-Oh, we got in trouble! thanks for answering though. i went into profile and told it to show my e-mail address(i think!) so if it shows up please write me there....rose (1 replies)

... ile to find a place where I could learn and read about others and their journeys into the Abyss of Hell. So I had a lot of reading to do when I first found this message board. it took me some time, and I still haven't read it all since it does go back quite a while. ... (5 replies)
... splotchy kind of color, there's not enough blood flowing. The swelling stays with some people because, again, the body hasn't gotten the right message and has no message telling it to stop swelling now either. ... (5 replies)
... Already done, Jon. I just got through editing my posts, I think I got them all. If you see one let me know and I will comply. I even edited where I said my doc's name. I had a feeling it might be that so I'm ahead of you on that. I was getting a little paranoid though that she called you and said,"Why did you refer this lunatic to me??:dizzy: She told me they don't treat RSD... (18 replies)
... Its on page 2.. Its your thread so you should be able to find it.. just look at your message and click edit and just remove her name.. all you need to do is just bleep out the names not the whole message as it wont allow you to erase the message. ... (18 replies)
New to RSD
Jan 23, 2007
... until Monday, so I called my pm and left a message. He called and I did not answer because I was driving and very tired. By the time I remembered to listen to message it was past five. Well message said that he would not fill rx if I was not having blocks. I thought he was a "pain mgmt dr". ... (24 replies)
... s in this province that know about RSD. Even the Pain Management types are sketchy at best. However, the Pain Clinic at St. Paul's Hospital quoted in the above message is experienced with RSD and Dr. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, Aly, i had to delete the old link in favourites, and click again when in the new board format. Or rather i did it the other way round !!!!! Hugs, Edna (4 replies)
... I just hope that everyone can find us here. When I click on the link I had in favourites for this forum I still get a message telling me that the message board is temporarily offline while they do some quick maintenance. ... (4 replies)
RSD Migration
Oct 14, 2003
... I was thinking about the bit where Ron has gotten into trouble and his mother sends him a "Howler" message via owl express. When he opened the message it was his mother yelling as loud as could be going on and on about what he did wrong and how could he etc. ... (101 replies)
... Hello everyone, I found a new therapy for chronic pain. STS or Sympathetic Therapy. I started today. It is new, but FDA approved. Not covered under medicare yet. This works well with pain associated with the sympathetic nervous system. It was invented for rsd patients. It works for other chronic pain too. God bless :angel: Stitch (4 replies)
... ng for personal stories on RSD for a possible topic on their show. Please keep your ears and eyes open for this because this is all the info I can tell you. This message is preapproved by Mod1. Thank you Mod1. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Liz and Sharon, Let me see if I can get all the questions answered. The study was on antibiotic use for IBS. It was published in The Journal of Gastroenterology in 2000. I just went there looking for the study but the sight wasn't very user friendly. Maybe you'll get better results. You can read current reviews of it by just doing a search for Pimentel and... (7 replies)
... Sorry, but I've had a bad week. First, the catapres patch made me sick as s***, so I took it off for good the day before yesterday. Flucuated my blood pressure and my pulse was zinging from here to mars, plus headaches, nausea, etc... Second, Monday I had called my doc's office to get my next series of sgbs scheduled, and hadn't heard anything back, so i called back today... (7 replies)
... Hey I just wanted to let those of you from Washington know that there is a new RND/RSD doctor at Children's in Seattle. She is wonderful and I now have hope for recovering. I have some questions for those of you with RND/RSD. Have any of you found that there was some kind of emotional issues involved with your condition too? I mean I have some severe alcoholism issues at my... (10 replies)
... Hi I have recovered from the SCS that was implanted back in feb but its only helping about 25 percent was it worth it yes as I have yet another tool it's been a tuff 6 months but summer is here finally so hoping to get out and enjoy please message me on private message anytime I get those notifications and can respond ASAP hope your doing well and thank you for asking about me (7 replies)
... e the pain totally away but it doesn't make it increase like cold weather does. If you EVER need to talk I will more than happy to converse with you here. This message board has been a lifesaver for me as well as an outlet. I find it really helps me just to talk to other people who are going through what I'm going through. ... (38 replies)
RSD and sedation
Jun 9, 2013
... they know this infact before each injection I have to sign a release form so they are off the hook incase something happens but ya come Monday ill leave another message that if you can't talk to me and figure out what to do then I need to stop the injections . ... (6 replies)

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