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... iods of time and I had to take so many of them to get any relief that I was eating pills all day !!! So maybe it is the wrong mixture of meds for him because the Methadone is really the best medication for RSD becaus it stays in our system longer than any oyher Pain Medication available ....... ... (15 replies)
... Thank you, I was just down last night. I think it was just that I was just me going down on my methadone too fast. It just might be chemical because they are more like swings because they are way up. ... (9 replies)
... Maybe the doc needs to increase the methadone so your husband doesn't need so much Norco. That's what my doc did with me before I had the pump. ... (15 replies)

... Thank you all for your support. Beth, you may be on to something. He feels tired after gets up in the morning, and then falls asleep at breakfast or in the chair watching TV for 1 1/2 hours, but when he wakes up from the "nap" he doesn't sleep for the rest of the day. The before-breakfast set of pills is about the only time that he combines Norco (like Vicodin only less... (15 replies)
... based, I believe. Oxycontin made him too much of a zombie. Right now, he is fine once he finally wakes up, so they say he doesn't have narcolepsy. I think the methadone also depresses the CNS and aggravates his sleep apnea, so that could be a problem, too. But the doctor says that any narcotics would cause central sleep apnea. ... (15 replies)
... They really think the methadone is the problem and want him to try decreasing it by 100 mg for a month, down to 1500. ... (15 replies)
... My husband has the same problem. He tried Provigil and didn't get much benefit from it. Now he is trying Strattera (usually for hyperactivity in kids) and it is actually working. He says he does not feel sleepy during the day. He still sleeps OK at night, but sometimes uses Zanaflex to go to sleep. Are you on methadone? That is notorious for putting people to sleep. (He... (9 replies)
... Right now, my pain is being managed pretty well with methadone and I'm hoping this is a less painful way of turning off my pain receptors. Maybe I can avoid the injections. ... (35 replies)
... seen from people taking it. But almost everyone who has used or is using it reports it helps their burning pain. And, yes, you are right about trade offs. The sleepiness does get better tho. ... (35 replies)
... I have been to sooo many docs. complaining of this and the memory and the sleepiness etc. and guys we are on our own. Truthfully, noone knows for sure what it is, but if lots are having it then it must be part of this monster. ... (9 replies)
... hi michelle. i have been out of work on comp since 3/2000. had 3 c spine fusions and on the last, developed rsd. i filed for ss on 4/06 and won my case on 6/07. still getting comp and a little ss but i want to settle with w/c and then i will get the full ss. i haven't had much luck with the pain. it just keeps getting worse. it's very hard having it in both hands and arms,... (6 replies)
... Hi Sunny, Wow. That must be so frustrating for you guys that your husband falls asleep so easily. I hope they can figure out something to help you guys SOON. Once in a while, they get a two week vacation for Christmas. I think that might have happened last year when Christmas was on a Thursday. I guess since it's on a Saturday this year, it kind of screws that up. For... (15 replies)
... :wave: We haven't seen any change yet in my husband's sleeping. I came home from shopping yesterday and he was just finishing breakfast at 4:00. I had called him at 12:30 to make sure he was awake, but he fell asleep after that! I told him to set an alarm to go off every hour, or something. He is getting really frustrated because there are things he wants to do to get... (15 replies)
... Hi Sunny, So, you like the little ones too. What kind of vacation schedule do you have? You're in CA, right? I'm in NY and their Christmas vacation starts this Friday through the 3rd. I guess yours is different since you're already off. My parents and sister were ALWAYS in desperate need of a vacation when it came near that time. You definitely need that time off to... (15 replies)
... Hi Sharon, I teach kindergarten special ed. I have 12 students with moderate/severe disabilities. I have taught special ed for 14 years. Before that I taught first grade and preschool. I enjoy it but it is exhausting sometimes. I am glad for vacation right now! We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! (15 replies)
... Hi Sunny, You're absolutely right. It is so hard to find the right combination of meds and it's different for everyone, it seems. That is scary that he just falls asleep so easily. That's amazing what your dog did. Animals are so great, aren't they? I have a soft spot for teachers. My parents and my sister are teachers. My parents are retired now, but my mom taught... (15 replies)
... Hey Sunny - Sorry I didn't get back here sooner. My RSD set in from a failed bunionectomy where the big toe bone was cut, slid over and two screws put in. Due to post surgery complications, I had deep bone pain for nearly 8months and could not be up more than five minutes at a time. Due to the deep bone pain, my doc was trying to put me on something that would handle that... (15 replies)
... Hi Sunny - Maybe your husband's body doesn't like the mix more than any one drug. How long has he been on neurontin? Neurontin caused me to sleep 12 hours a night after only needing 7 hours all my life. Also caused me to be lethargic half the day. But if it never bothered him, maybe that's not it. Do an internet search and maybe you can find a site that talks about what... (15 replies)
... Some days it's just so hard to get out of bed and my only options are to sit in front of the tv.... Woo hooo... So of course i'm depressed. I'm 25 and living like i'm 100.... Grrr (15 replies)
... I can TOTALLY relate, Jessica. It really stinks. My depression is MUCH better now (I think it's because I don't take much oral morphine now. That severely depressed me. And, Zoloft helps me a lot). For a while, I was really bad. I didn't eat and I slept all the time. I gained a lot of weight because of not eating (my metabolism slowed down) and that was even more depressing to... (15 replies)

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